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John McCain - Al Zeihmer

yeah that's the ticket.

During the debate all candidates were lamenting the deficit.

Ron Paul said (to applause) we can't afford empire.

Two minutes late McCain says that as the worlds only superpower, we will have to police the nation and to add insult to brain cramp, cites the extended presence in Kuwait and Korea....

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And what about when.....

.....McCain got laughed at by the equally-evil Romney when McCain was rambling about Romney's achievements and attempts to belittle him in the process?

Issues aside, McCain was just absolutely disgraceful in his speaking/energy. I am in shock that he is actually getting as many votes as he is. If it's really true, this nation has basically ended - or deserves to end.


Patrick G.
Polk County, Florida



I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more. The big picture is if McCain ultimately gets the nomination, the Democratic nominee will win hands down. It won't matter if it's Hillary or Obama - they win. There is NO WAY McCain will win a general election. And, frankly, I'd rather a democrat be in the white house than John mcCain. He scares the bejeesus (sp?) out of me.