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The Faint of Conscience!

I have made the choice to abandon my submission to the local newspaper as a letter-to-the-editor. Over the past year I have submitted numerous letters in the hope that they would spark or help assist the liberty movement so often spoken of here at the DP and so highly regarded by us all. In the end my contributions have materialized into mementos, rather scribblings of a man who feels his anger at the system has been exhausted. It becomes more difficult each day to remain driven by anger and it has served of little appeasement when considering those who may have read my submissions are quite honestly faceless and unknown to me. I am satisfied with the work I’ve done in trying to promote causes to reign in the Federal Reserve, disseminate information on the 9/11 Truth movement (A&E911Truth), bring awareness to Water Fluoridation, spread my knowledge regarding GMO’s and the need for Organic foods, confront the tyrannies not only facing my generation but the generation of my children.

I am happy with the work I’ve done. That is not to say I am done with advocating for causes that are against oppressiveness, but as for expecting others to experience my plights in care for a more civil, compassionate and empathetic world as I wish it to be, I’ll leave that well alone from now on. It has come to be a fruitless endeavor. I’ve come to realize that I’m happy with being awake! I’m happy with being open-minded! I’m happy with what it is I’ve allowed myself to see and learn in order to realize the state I’m in today: alive and awake!

Peace and Love always my fellow Patriots, DP’ers, friends, countrymen.

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I can only hope...

my words in the past have inspired one person.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Thanks for writing and your

Thanks for writing and your time writing probably did a lot for liberty.

Ah, Grasshopper, you have become wise

Be the Change.



Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness