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A 500 Mile Free Market Road in Alaska

A 500 Mile Free Market Road in Alaska

I have claimed many times that this road shows how a Free society could work.
The 500 mile road was built by oil companies back in the '70s to access Alaska's North Slope oil fields, and to build a pipeline along the corridor.
When the road was completed, Alyeska pipe line services maintained the road for years, getting paid for their services by different oil companies on the Slope, so heavy trucks could haul the needed freight to the North Slope. The road was in perfect condition during this time. Eventually the State of Alaska took over maintenance of the road, and now the road sucks for the most part. The State employees have no incentive to keep the road in good operating condition, they are only required to keep the road passable. So pot holes the size of trucks are very common, and this year stretches of road have become so bad, that 15 mile an hour travel is almost too fast over a 150 mile stretch of the road. A friend of mine hopped into a State road grader and did a 30 mile pass on the road last week, and this 30 mile section is the best part of the whole road. The State got a little pissy over him using this equipment, but no one will rat him out, so he is in the clear.
There is little to no law enforcement on this 500 mile stretch. I have gone months driving it and not seen a cop. There was one cop who took it upon himself to "enforce the law" last year, and he was a pain in the butt for a few months, actually, he was a real asshole to everyone, but when his vehicle broke down in -50 weather, and not one trucker would stop to help him, he got the idea and no longer roams this road.

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I lived in Fairbanks for

I lived in Fairbanks for years. Alaska is truly one of the "last frontiers". There is way more liberty in Alaska than in the lower 48...

When did you lived here?

There is a anarchist radio show in fairbanks on Saturdays from 9-10 am

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20 years ago...

20 years ago...

The state itself is pretty socialist though

But we can ignore the state a lot of times.