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Hospitals and your doctor will know everything you buy

and then may call about your health. Why did you drop your Gym Membership, why are you eating out at McDonald's or Starbucks?

First they recommend CCs to increase the debt of most (must have CC to have good credit score ratings), now this.... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-26/hospitals-soon-see-...

Does anyone know if this also applies to Paypal or a local bank Debit card?

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I read a story many years ago about purchase habits

This goes back to the 90's I believe, that some outfit determined that if you purchase little sticky felt feet for your chairs, that you were more likely to take care of your stuff and less likely to default on personal credit (or at least if you defaulted, your collateral would be in better shape)

Crazy eh? This type of tracking & profiling based on credit card purchases has been going on for DECADES... YOU ARE BEING JUDGED BY WHAT YOU BUY.

I can't believe it is NOT done for debit cards, because it is the same network running the transactions.

Cash only - and do what is suggested below for the store discounts - don't submit your real info (and pay in cash)

Back to the future.

Ordering Pizza in the Future:

Free includes debt-free!

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I always knew those grocery store cards would go this way

or some other malicious Big Brother way eventually, and even further. That is why I have always gone through hell and high water, acting, lying, scheming, or "honest promising" (*crosses fingers*) or whatever it took to acquire them without ever divulging my information to the store.

My cards have either no filled out paperwork at the stores, or totally bogus information on them.

me too!

I purposely did the bogus information thing.

I am not sure if this prevents what the article is talking about, though.