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Tea Party leader arrested over photos of Sen. Cochran's wife dies, suicide suspected.

"A tea party official charged with conspiring to take photos of U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran's wife inside a nursing home apparently committed suicide Friday, police said, days after Cochran won a nasty Republican primary.

The body of attorney Mark Mayfield was found Friday morning in the garage of his two-story, brick home in a gated community outside Jackson. A gun was found nearby, Ridgeland Police Chief Jimmy Houston said."

I may becoming more cynical of all these high profile "suicides" these days.
But I think I smell a rat.


Defend Libsrty.

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I feel for Mr. Mayfield's family in their time of grief and mourning. As a lawyer myself, it sickens me to see a man criminally indicted in the manner he was. Even if all the allegations were true, which I seriously doubt, the only crime here would be trespass. The criminal offenses for which Mr. Mayfield and others have been charged seem to me to be only tortious conduct, which should be redressed in a civil court. Another example of modern America's belief that any and all alleged malfeasance should subject one to incarceration. Mr. Mayfield deserved better.

I knew Mark Mayfield

I knew Mark Mayfield personally. He was a good man. I highly doubt he had any serious involvement with the nursing home scandal. They never released any evidence against him. He was a prominent attorney from a "good family" who was otherwise "establishment" except for the fact that he chose his principles above a comfortable lifestyle. He was dangerous to the establishment precisely because he was cut from the same cloth as they were but chose good over evil. They drove him to this. This is a reminder as to how serious the fight for liberty can get.

what the heck is a "tea party official"

what the heck is a "tea party official"
anyone know?

I've never heard of one. Are they incorporated?

Can we call 1800-tea-party, and ask to speak to an official there?

msm narrative


My first thoughts.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant


what a coincidence

RP R3VOLution

Gun was found nearby ?

Let me guess, he shot himself in the back with a shotgun?

The whole story is crazy, with the photos of the sick wife and all.