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Abel James interviews vegan guru Rich Roll, call for unity among Paleos and vegans

Fat Burning Man, Abel James interviews Rich Roll. Both call for unity among Paleo folks and vegans, citing that the two are more similar than they are different. I personally find Rich to be much more calm, confident, open minded and palatable, if you will, compared to many of the old guard, PCRM/PETA connected vegan gurus. Watch the interview and see what you think.


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"Does that food really have control over you...

"Does that food really have control over you, or are you just a puss?" LOL!

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good stuff

i enjoyed it, and i didn't know about roll.

teaser for his podcast

I agree with what Roll said

I agree with what Roll said about everyone, no matter what they are doing, probably needs to eat more vegetables. It's easy for Paleo folks to eat too much meat, nuts and other Paleo "snacky" things. And it's easy for vegans to eat too much bread, pasta, beans, nuts and other vegan "snacky" things. With everyone missing out on the benefits of fresh and cooked veggies.

That said, that podcast with Campbell kind of took some of the luster off for me.


i like to listen to a lot of these nutrition guys and gals. i don't always agree, but i usually pick up something that speaks to me, even if it's just inspiration from an upbeat attitude.