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Sometimes it's the Little Things

Ok, so if any of you are like me, being a Paulitier can be somewhat hard. I spent so much time at work and with my family trying to convert them. I’ve not had as much luck getting people as enthused as I am on the subject. I try to stay with the good fight but it is hard not to get discouraged. I can only assume that I am not the only one out there that feels this way so I am offering to some tactics that may put some cheer in your day.
First, tele-marketers, since joining the revolution, I find that I am overjoyed to receive a call from people trying to sell me something, conduct a survey or convince me to vote for a someone specific in my local elections. I usually start out with an ultimatum, I ask if he or she has access to the net at the moment and request that he or she check out Ron Paul. I of course act as if I’m am so delighted they called. I am very courteous and after I get my entire pitch in, the favor is returned. It’s quite fun, my own personal revenge on call harassment.
Secondly, the good deed. I typically open doors and assist people where I can. Like today for example, there was this man walking around in the grocery store with a bewildered expression, clutching a list. I saw him walking back and forth in dismay. I politely stated that he looked lost and offered my assistance. Then directed him to his needed items. He responded with, “Thanks I own you one.” I replied, “No prob, but if you look up Ron Paul and consider him for president, I would be grateful. Youtube is a good place to start.”
The man stopped looked very surprised and said, “Sure” with a big grin on his face. I do this as often as possible. You would be surprise, how good it makes you feel and it gives off a good message about Ron Paul and his supporters.
So far my list of deeds include: picking up hitch hikers, lending money to my brother (be careful of that one), I gave change to a guy at a gas station, opened doors, bought cookies at a fund raiser (yeah they didn’t know I was going to buy them anyway), did favors for friends and co-works. After all of which I say, just check out Ron Paul. Last week when I went to the bank, I announced to the all the tellers and four customers that if they wanted to keep more of this green stuff they should check him out. It usually puts a smile on people’s faces and keeps my spirits up as well. So when your not canvassing, make the effort anyway, trust me –it’s in the little things too. Thanks …….Jill Robertson, Hazard Kentucky
ps -please throw in your own ideas

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You are sooo right!!

A little bit does go a long way. Remember passion is contagious. Never give up. Keep spreading the word. I do the same thing every chance I get. As long as you feel good about what you are doing, don't be discouraged by others who are a little too slow. Hopefully they will catch on before too late and they regret it.
I live in Florida where he placed last and I am still totally committed to this fight. We may lose the battles but we can win the war. All your efforts will never be in vain because you will have no any regrets. Be optimistic and continue doing what you are doing. And.......do it with passion. Even if they don't agree with you, they will listen. Who knows, some will change their minds, hopefully many. People will be inspired by his dedicated supporters. Dont forget to donate to one or all of the money bombs. Thank you for being a Ron Paul supporter. From one to another. ;)

"Every generation needs a new r3VOLution"- Thomas Jefferson