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It's not "Mexicans." Expand your vocabulary. Short history lesson included at no extra charge.

With some apology to my dear friend Jeff Treubig whom is not so much the catalyst but the straw that broke the camel's back...or in this case the drug mule...

The reality of the situation has changed.

We used to see lots of illegal imigration from Mexico but now we're seeing much more THROUGH it. What we have here is an inter-American migration happening here. Inter-American you say with your voice rising in interogative? Yes, there are 3 americas: South, Central and North (which includes Canada). We are all, by definition, Americans. We inhabit the Americas.

This is the second major influx of immigrants (refugrees really) from Central America in my lifetime. The first was in response to Ronnie Reagan's bloodbath against communism in the region but they were accompanied by persons for South America proper. Most recently the game changer is this influx of people from Central America, primarily Nicaragua and Honduras but also Guatemala. The two influxes are tied together.

The "Dirty Wars" left Central American governments a shambles but Nicaragua and Honduras in particular were left with brutally repressive and corrupt regimes. Honduras was and to an extent still is a military depot for our military forces in the region. The governments we prop up never had nor will have any desire to govern well, they are rich along with everyone they know. All they do is keep anyone with any ideas of change away from the table. There's no real governance.

This left an ideal power vaccume for some more highly organized inner-city-derived drug gangs in the USA to move in and set up shop at the street level. They have inserted themselves in the drug-value-chain in a way similar to the historic "cartels" that control vast areas of production along with distribution chains, they just do it from the bottom up. Drug gangs now rule much of daily life in Nicaragua and Honduras. If you think Mexico is hell, imagine it on acid.

Forget what you hear about Mexico, forget Venezuela, forget Brazil for violent places, Nicaragua is now the murder capitol of the world. And this is a primary driver here. This is why all these kids are coming up: their parents are that desperate to get them out of there. Think about it. What would it take for you as a parent to send your 13 year old child on a thousand mile trek across deadly deserts surrounded by criminals for the mere CHANCE to make it into the USA? You'd have to figure they are as good as dead at home.

Is there a concerted effort to use these kids as a shield to position forces and materiel inside the USA?

You betcha there is. Yup, this is coordinated. This is an INVASION. This is a major, major problem and it seems all our DHS wants to do is chase preppers around and bust pot heads. These gangs have other agendas than the cartels. These gangs want more real estate and they want it here. They have REGIONAL ASPIRATIONS.

Does any of this make any difference in terms of our position? Well I guess we might start agreeing that this is much, much larger than "Mexicans". In order to deal with this we have to understand what it is. It's much broader in scope, in impact and in history.

The gang and drug factors at work here are large enough and established enough to be considered systemic.

But I suspect this is of ideologial significance to purists who would abolish our borders and allow free travel and commerce. Like MAYBE NOW IS NOT EXACTLY A GOOD TIME. Something along those lines perhaps.

And maybe for once it would be nice to have, oh I dunno, something like an ACTUAL MILITARY GUARDING OUR ACTUAL BORDERS AND NOT SOMEBODY ELSE'S FOR A FRIKIN CHANGE?


Two exceptions exist in this continuing saga of mayhem, El Salvador and Costa Rica. El Salvador is the example of leftist insurgency not getting totally destroyed but rather brokering itself into government and Costa Rica which somehow escaped the modern era of attrocity for an array of more subtle reasons. Guatemala is at risk

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Yeah, here in Texas, it's not so much the Mexicans that they are

against. The Mexicans were here first. They are the culture here. The Salvadorians and Guatemalans are the ones people are bothered about. Even the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans don't want them here. They have a different mind set. They are from war torn countries and many of the adult men were raised without fathers because they were killed. They don't even blink at any kind of violence because they are so used to it.

And us Tejanos sure as hell don't want a chaotic border.

Seriously, the US has fucked up the Texas southern border with its fucking drug war and stupid monetary policies.

I didnt read your post

And I really don’t care what i call you...Isn’t that's what it's all about? Individualism? Any who, people who are offended by others because they call you something has a low level of tolerance. Besides, does it matter what they call you? You know I’m an Asian American, you can call me yellow, chink, oriental, whatever… It may make me think of you in a different light but I don’t hate you per say. We don’t call people racism term not because there are unspoken laws but in respect to others. Maybe we should look for intent and not so much of words. BTW i have a lot of Mexican friends they and I dont care what i call them. Thing is it rarely comes up anyway...shouldn't it be that way?

I'm fromt the Netherlands

... and I'm very happy that it wasn't the Mexicans today!

The real word that confuses libertarians on this issue is


They did it to southern Russia with the Bolsheviks and they are doing it in Central America with the drug lords; they come from the Marranos. It is a co-op of liberty by monopolizing trust, trust comes first before they can have power.

This might end up with a re-organization of Mexican sovereignty and then it is possible Mexico goes into the history books... not good all around.

Read the Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins and find out, because I don't like writing too much about this issue it is a sensitive one riddled with dissonance

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

Not like you aren't sufficiently horrified

but a statistic is being bandied about:

80% of women who attempt a border crossing get raped. Probably by the men hired to conduct her to the USA.


So wonder why the influx of refugee children are mostly male?

What's your choice as a parent: a dead child or a child killed AFTER BEING RAPED.

Starts to draw a picture of the desperation these people face don't it?


This is Seattle's curse on this nation. All of it is coming back with interest.

Karma has everybody's address. More surely than you do, oh you evil minions of the NSA.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Crossing Mexico's Other Border

"Crossing Mexico's Other Border" - http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/crossing-mexico-border/

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

We The People

... as Americans we share the blame for the violence and corruption in South and Central America. The CIA has tormented and manipulated these nations since it's inception.

The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and How to Change the World


America's insatiable demand for cocaine is another root cause of their misery.

Stupid American Gringo

Mexico has been its own source of opportunity for individuals willing to pull the trigger. There is little doubt the cartels created by are own foreign policy in the 20th Century has come to bit us. The flood of peoples is obvious "Blowback". Mexico's power brokers are no different than those from other countries, it in fact may be the same group depending on the class-level of individual(s). You are right though; it is not just the Mexicans, its us the the stupid American citizen too. We continue to disallow Self-Determination in our hemiphere and throughout the world. This situation is our fault for many, many reasons.

Drug Prohibition

I keep telling people that drug prohibition is to blame for all of this, but none of them listin. All they can see is a bunch of people not part of their tribe and they scream NIMBY!

The CIA trained, funded and

The CIA trained, funded and armed the drug cartels and gangs that are now moving freely across the border under the cover of these waves of refugees.

They were specifically trained to destabilize governments and terrorize people in the south. Well, they're here now.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan