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Survive 2008 Poll - The good Dr. needs a boost 4hrs to go (as of 19:50 ET)

Hey all, you know what to do. Dr. Paul is at 30%, the Mitzy is at 42%. Click the following link to vote now in this online elimination poll.

I'm sure most of you have already hit this site before, but they are still running the elimination. Only two republicans left, Dr. Paul and Romney. Let's pull the good Dr. clearly to the top!

P.S. I got link from researching the guy that did the shout out to Dr. Paul on Hardball. He was from CNSNEWS.com. I took a quick look at the website, and saw this poll at the top in a banner. I gave em a click, simply for having Dr. Paul's picture on the front page with the "front runners" [yeah, whatever ~ only one front runner for me!]

Yours in Liberty & Freedom,