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How The U.S. & The Fed Punish Their Enemies and Their Allies

Four Troubling Events

1. U.S. Fines France’s Bank Paribas $9 Billion for Dealing with Iran

2. Germany Decides it No Longer Wants Its Gold Back From the United States

3. No Explanation as to Whom in Belgium is Buying U.S. Treasuries in the Amounts that The Fed Has Stopped Buying Them.

4. IRS Emails, Hard Drives and Back Up Tapes Go Missing

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The guy said it best.

The guy said it best a couple of ways.

It's like when the mafia families came together and formed a commission realizing that there's plenty of loot to plunderl rather than kill each other.

And, once the FED explains to Germany and others that why bring the whole thing crashing down for you petty little gold when you can make better profits from staying in the game. Besides , we don't really have your gold, so better get back in the game and stay in line.

This can go on for years and have little bubbles grow and pop , and manipulate until the currency war turns hot or there's an agreed collapse allowed to happen.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


The move against Paribas was done to protect the dollar and the forced Germany retraction of their gold repatriation request had the same theme as does the massive Belgium treasury buying

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No Stories on Belgium Buying US Treasuries Since May

and those were all by the alternative media

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