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Gun control extremist group “Moms Demand Action” Kicked out of Target!

San Antonio, TX - Gun control extremist group “Moms Demand Action” (MDA) was kicked out of a San Antonio Target store at Loop 410 and Blanco Saturday. They were planning a “peaceful protest” in their recent campaign to force businesses to discriminate against law-abiding gun owners, but their protest was over before it could even begin.

MDA was hoping to obtain signatures from Target customers, asking Target to ban guns, but a Target store manager stopped them, and asked them to leave.


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Good for Target

To my knowledge, which is limited, Target, and many other retailers, do not allow petitioning or protests of any kind within their stores, or on property they control.

This is an example of a private property owner, through their representative, the manager, exercising their rights in demanding exit of the protestors and petitioners.

The relative merits of the organization organizing the protest and petitioning are an arguement for another day.