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Outlook on our Economic Future

Thought you patriots would like another opinion of what the Doctor is preaching...


The part I liked...

There is apparently an upside to the rottenness to come, according to Celente – if Americans dare to reinvent for the 21st century the free thinking and civic courage of their past. This good cheer as Rome burns is buried somewhat in Celente’s report for 2008, but what it suggests is that, catalyzed by crisis, a fair number of Americans – a minority, likely, but still to watch – will begin this year a transformation of consciousness.

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That is a good read!

It only makes sense for these things to begin happening. There are too many things culminating around this time period for this to not be an exciting time. We have the Mayan 2012, The Last Pope prediction from I believe the 12th century, we have the "tenth planet" that supposedly is coming around for the first time since The Exodus (Wormwood from Revelations maybe?), UFO sightings are constant and especially when you look at NASA film that captures UV, You can see the last world power BEAST from the Bible before your eyes in the United Nations, which will offer a way out of our troubles through submission by the US to them, you see the Real ID coming and RFID chips soon to follow, you see our economic collapse due to paper money nothing to back it up.

I am a full believer in becoming self reliant in this day and age. My dream is to come up with as much land as possible and start building a living system. Low-Cost but nice post and beam constructed homes, dome homes, earth ships, etc etc etc. In my dream we all work together to work the gardens and the animals. We live and eat well and we help feed the masses with what we have left. We have our own water sources, windmills and solar for power, and we're not afraid of a little hard work.

It is easy for me to think like this sinced I do come from a very small town in Oklahoma and I've been raised by like-minded people who taught me that hard work and self reliance is the only way to go. One of the most important lessons I was taught is that Credit and being in debt is bad, it makes you a slave. If you can't buy it, save for it. Instant gratification leads to slavery.

So if there are any like-minded folks out there who would rather become self-sustaining, low-stress, hard work advocates maybe we should start thinking about ideas. I would like to feed and shelter those I love and those who have the same ideas about the true path man should take. Leave the glitz, glamour, and media behind and live day to day with God in control. The Beast is going to do what the Beast wants to do, but you and I don't have to be part of it. The cities are going to be on lockdown and feel the brunt of what is to come.

Just food for thought, or the mad ramblings of an okie?..LOL Have a great day all!


This is one of the most chilling predictions I have read. This is what I feared is coming for a while now. Things just aren't right. It seems like things are being manipulated.

Most disturbing is how the masses can completely ignore and not sense what is about to happen. I have tried to talk to people about the coming economic collapse and they just don't care.

Shameless self-bump

This is important.. read it dammit!..... LOL

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Living in an Urban Area

I fell asleep thinking of this. I hope this doesn't happen. It makes me want to move to the middle of nowhere.