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"Why Pornography is Bad for You"

And people think God is being mean when he makes rules regarding sexual pleasure.


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Wow, porn/masturbation fear-mongers scare me.

Here is one example why. (Out of respect for peoples beliefs I chose, what on the surface appears to be, a non-religious example)

"From a book called The Manufacture of Madness: "To treat masturbation in girls and women, Dr. Isaac Baker Brown, a prominent London surgeon who later became president of the Medical Society of London, introduced, around 1858, the operation of cliteridectomy."[471] From the book Medical Blunders:

Doctors, for reasons best known to themselves, have often reacted with emotional savagery to the thought of female masturbation.... In the mid 19th century... the practice of clitoridectomy... was so well known that it even had a euphemistic term - extirpation.... [It was] gynecologist, surgeon, and self-styled neurologist Isaac Baker-Brown['s]... catch-all remedy for female 'madness'.... Using his little scissors, Baker Brown snipped the clitoris off scores of women... [some of whom who had done little more than indulge in the aberration of 'serious reading.'

After observing one of his patients become a "happy and healthy wife and mother" he mused, "If medical and surgical treatment were brought to bear, all such unhappy measures such as divorce would be obviated."[472]

According to Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues- “In the United States, the last recorded clitoridectomy for curing masturbation was performed in 1948--on a five year old girl.”

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Half of a Man's penil sensation is removed at birth,

through circumcision.

At least that's what I've read.

Tough Break For Handjob


“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

I like porn

It's much cheaper than dating and takes up much less time.

Plus, unlike women,

Plus, unlike women, pornography doesn't get an unfair advantage over men in family courts.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Maybe, just maybe, if a man would love his wife, and a wife

would love her husband, and together they would love their children---there would be no courts to deal with.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Can I get a unicorn to go with that fantasy world?


By the grace of God, it's the life I'm living.

That's why I'm always trying to spread the gospel message and what God can do for people. One can hope. :)

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

God's gifts are interesting

Half the fun is figuring out when He's actually given you one and when you've done something on your own.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a super happy fun marriage. However, I do have one helluva great daughter and love her to death ... if that isn't obvious from some of my posts. :)

When I grow a garden...

I don't just look at the sky and say "God bless this ground with a bountiful garden". I have to use my brain to choose good ground, use my hands to work the ground, to plant and water the seeds, and to harvest the fruit that it gives. But without the miracle of God's creation (the seed, my brain, my hands, the sun, and rain)nothing would happen. So yes, I have gifted myself, but it was by the grace of God.

I'm sorry you do not have a wonderful marriage, but I am so glad you have a wonderful daughter. I am even happier that you love her so much! May God bless you!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you 1controversialchick (although, for the sake of the libertertarian community, I'd replace husband and wife with partner)...unfortunately the current climate exists because politicians are corrupt and because they wanted to buy votes.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

The current climate exists

because people no longer understand what love is, nor do they want to practice it. If people stop blaming politicians, police, etc. and start dealing with their own sin, things will start changing.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Women get to play the victim role, which is profitable

The climate exists because Women get to play the role of "victim", which is extremely profitable...politicians, attorneys, the media, Hollywood, and academia created this situation and they exploit it. Unfortunately, women (certainly not all women, but a majority) enjoy the ride...they don't have to be accountable for their lives and they get loads of goodies from the "government" (taxpayers).

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Well said

A lot of power in victimhood.

And men aren't really very bright. Don't even recognize what's going on. Girls practice their manipulations on the playground, while the boys are beating each other with their fists.

Anyway, used to be a guy provided money, the wife provided sex. Now they get their own money, and don't have to offer sex. And then berate a man if he looks any where else.

I read on a church forum of a married man who hasn't had sex for 18 years, and was actually reprimanded by his wife for looking down her shirt. Sounds reasonable, right? I mean, just about everything about sex is dirty, nasty, and disgusting.

Meanwhile, countless families are torn apart by lust for money, and nobody cares, because that is the weakness of the poor little ladies, and we can't hurt their feelings.

The conditioning does start

The conditioning does start at a very early age for boys and girls. And, you're right, the stupidity of men and boys allows for the creation of this unfortunate, unbalanced situation.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

LOL... blind ignorance you blaim others for

many comments are so ignorant... like "I've watched porn fo 20 years and this never happened to me". How is that scientific in any way shape or form, lets face it, a typical neo-con don't get in my face comments.

many of these erectile dysfunction issues are being seen by medical practioners as a growing problem and not a church issue and the research has shown this happened about the same time high speed internet came about for a certain age groups. Men who can't get hard for their woman is a big issue, you go see your doctor over this kinda SO CALLED BS, esp if you in your 20s RIGHT.

yourbrainonporn is not a christian website with loads of scientific data with reddit nofap member list going into over 100 thousand poeple, have any of the I CALL BS PEOPEL actually bothered to go on the link and read the comments, many many don't mention church at all, infact many do this to be get better at having sex with woman.

Wow, some of the terminology

I'm seeing here is really turning me on.

Ron Paul Was Right


Let's get to the bottom of this. This BS has nothing to do with concern over one's addictions or happiness. If it was, then the same effort would be applied to fight all addictions, especially those that are more damaging.

Why is it that guy's think they have to beat themselves up over porn? Is that somehow a macho thing to do?

I'm waiting for the videos made by women in which they bash themselves for lusting after material things, and their addiction to money and shopping.

Most divorces are over money, yet you hear little shame applied to such lust. Think of all the families destroyed over it, but very little is said.

Which makes one wonder why the anti-sex messages. Only thing I can figure is it is anti-male. Women want a monopoly over men's sexuality, and they don't want to compete for it, like a man has to compete to make money.

I mean, in business, can you just shame customers away from shopping at your competitor?

And if lust for money is like lust for sex, are advertisements the equivalent of porn? Yet there are billboards and ads everywhere enticing us to buy more! I get a bag of flyers and ads thrown in my yard every week. How is that porn allowed? Maybe I should throw sex porn in people's yards and see how that goes.

Endless double standards, which has nothing to do with concern over one's addictions and happiness. All about control.

DJ, you made so many great comments in that reply...

DJ, you made so many great comments in that reply! But the greatest and most important, "Women want a monopoly over men's sexuality, and they don't want to compete for it, like a man has to compete to make money."

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Any one that watches that

Any one that watches that much porn must be a few cards short of a deck. Lets face it if you have seen one porn movie you have seen them all. Pretty boring and I think more typical would be to bore of the stag movies not a real relationship.

The issue is not porn

It is thought's endless 'pursuit' for pleasure. Pleasure in itself is natural and fulfilling, but it is a momentary experience. What tends to happen is that one experiences pleasure, that experience is kept by thought in the form of knowledge and is reintroduced over time through memory. The mind is only in one state at a time, if it is pursuing pleasure, it is the movement of psychological time, using past experiences to direct it's current activity. It is the movement of pleasure and fear, both are the result of the accumulation of experience over time, both are the result of thought. There is nothing wrong with sex, by why does one think about having sex when one is not having sex? When the mind is the movement of psychological time, it is not present. Although the mind is a living movement, as is the brain, it is the content of its activity that is dead, old. For example, 'I had a great time at the beach today, I want to come back tomorrow', the experience is logged as pleasurable to the senses, thought then proceeds to relive that experience. Why not just enjoy the day at the beach, and that's it? Why not just enjoy a beautiful face, and let it go? To call something 'immoral' is to take the easy route, in that word there is no understanding of the fact. Judgment of a fact does not allow understanding of a fact, it is the same with comparing facts, in comparison there is no being with fact in totality. To understand why one masturbates is not difficult, it is the pursuit of pleasure, and the pursuit of pleasure is not immoral, it is a natural response of thought when stimulated through the senses. The question is, why is thought so easily moved by pleasure? Why must it hold it? Why must it pursue it? Is it not just as important to face the facts of life that are not pleasurable? Is happiness pleasure? Is love pleasure? Or is pleasure too mechanical, too narrow to be equated to happiness and love. Can love be pursued and gotten, can happiness be achieved by certain acts as if its some kind of thing to trade in a market place? Or are love and happiness living movements that can only be discovered by a living mind, not a mind that is old, not a mind that is caught in psychological time; the living dead mind; the mind that pursues pleasure. The mind that is centered on itself is a small mind, a narrow mind, a mind that is burdened with effort and the need to accumulate things and experiences, such a mind cannot know love, such a mind cannot know happiness, for they are living, they are without effort, they come to be only when the self is not


DUDE dude

I get home, switch laptop on, go through daily stuff... I'm litterly a couple of clicks away from watching porn. Over time it gets easier not to think about it, but its always there. In real life, wining and dining a girl is work, takes time getting her in the sack even if you have a sex addiction problem(porn addiction is different), persuit of pleasure takes work, is working that bit of extra overtime worth the holiday for eg. Watching porn is only a couple of clicks away.

Like a crack addict is only stealing one TV away from his next hit, even that takes work, but motivation on the next level.

Wow, I didn't watch the

Wow, I didn't watch the video, but that was well said!

"No desire remains unfulfilled" - Khalil Gibran

Anticipation of pleasure is also pleasurable.

"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

total bullshit

reminds me of reefer madness propaganda with a religious twist.

this guy has psychological issues that have nothing to do with watching porn. normal healthy people can watch porn and not experience any of the erectile dysfunction issues he speaks of. unless you have a physiological problem erectile dysfunction is all in your head. if stopping watching porn helped with his psychological problems then good for him.
i've watched porn for 20+ years and never had any of the problems he talks about. they should call his mental defect "porn madness".

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For me?!

My wife sees it as cheating! She would be gone! 'nuf said! She is better than any other porno film!

Yeah well...as long as she swings from that thang...

giving an enthusiastic Jane warble about four time a day fine...if not...business must be attend to. methinks you probably "cheat" all the time don'tcha? Either that or your vine will become too dry rotted to swing from...besides...there ain't a woman in the world that could keep up...unless your 70 or so...they're all talk until the ring gets wrapped around your assets...then...not so much...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


I would leave the bitch!


big thanks for posting :) I was meaning to do this. These guys helped me big time as I had a porn addiction. There is a big difference between sex addiction and porn addiction.

be free to watch porn, but true freedom is a mind not held captive.


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3 not-so-unrelated quotes ;-)

"Ne faites jamais l'amour le samedi soir, car s'il pleut le dimanche, vous ne saurez plus quoi faire."

"Si ceux qui disent du mal de moi savaient exactement ce que je pense d'eux, je vous promets qu'ils en diraient bien davantage."

"Je note que, généralement, les gens sont curieux de vos conseils et puis ils ne les suivent pas!"


"Never make love in Saturday evenings, for, if it rains on Sunday, you'll be at a loss to know what to do on that day."

"If those who defame me knew exactly what I think of them, I promise you they'd be telling a heck of a lot more."

"I note that, in general, people are curious about your advices only to not follow them thereafter!"

-- Sacha Guitry

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius