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"Why Pornography is Bad for You"

And people think God is being mean when he makes rules regarding sexual pleasure.


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It's not freaking semantics.

It's not freaking semantics. Existence makes me unhappy. I didn't ask to exist. It's therefore not my fault that I'm unhappy. I was created this way.

You can't be serious. It's not immoral to be unhappy. I'm not affecting anyone, and if you come back and say that God's unhappy when I'm unhappy, well, that's just his choice to feel that way, yes?

Yes, I am a piece of shit. Don't argue. You don't know me. I'm not insane. I'm just a piece of shit that should have never been created. I want to contribute nothing to the world, and I don't want anything from it.

I'm wound up hurt? Nope, I'm fine. I stay alone to not get hurt.

Just because I'm a piece of shit doesn't mean I treat others like shit. Again, you don't know me, so you have no idea what you're talking about here.

How do you figure a basic human need is relationships with other people? There is proof of that nowhere. Just because you and others are so emotionally needy doesn't mean that everyone else needs to follow your ways, or they're automatically insane (your words) and neglecting themselves. Shelter is not a necessity, it's a comfort above clothing, an actual need, but still not in most climates.

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Clothing is shelter.

"Existence makes me unhappy. I didn't ask to exist. It's therefore not my fault that I'm unhappy. I was created this way."

I didn't ask to exist either, so we have that in common.

Have you NEVER been happy? If you've ever been happy in your life, even for a minute, then your theory that existence makes you unhappy is out the window.

"It's not immoral to be unhappy."

Then what the hell is "immoral"! To be moral is to be in good spirit. It's that simple. Let's fix something right here and now. In your sentence "It's" is ambiguous and literally refers to nothing. The clue to keeping the terms clear is to keep the string intact by having moral or immoral refer to a person. What we're actually dealing with here is, "I'm not immoral to be unhappy." That is correctly worded but still the claim of an insane mind. Immoral can refer to a person or an action. "I engaged in an immoral act." How do we know it to be immoral? "I know it was an immoral act, because it led to the consequence of my being unhappy." If you get that, you are way ahead of BILL3. :D

"I'm not affecting anyone"

You are someone. You are affecting yourself. Clearly! What you also might not see is that you ARE affecting everyone you meet. You affect me. You affect the cashier at the grocery. You affect your landlord.

"God's unhappy when I'm unhappy, well, that's just his choice to feel that way, yes?"

Yes, I agree,

and elaborating that same principle of autonomy reminds us that it's just your choice to feel as unhappy as you do.

Making the plea for you to please God, never crossed my mind.

"You don't know me."

What? Do you mean completely? I don't even know my own siblings completely. In some ways I know more about you right now that I know about my own brother in California. You've well introduced yourself quite starkly in this post. I know more about you than anyone else on this page. You haven't yet even asked yourself why you've poked your head in here and posted all this stuff about yourself. I have though, and I'll tell you. You've posted comments here in attempts to become happier. That's the same ultimate reason everyone else is here posting. We are all HARD-WIRED to pursue happiness. We are unceasing in that regard. The concepts of moral and immoral cease to be useful beyond the context of such premise.

"Don't argue."

I'll argue all I damned well please. However, I haven't yet written one sentence of argument on this page. I may be a fool, but I'm not foolish enough to argue with a person currently insane. I'm not arguing, I'm simply telling you how it is. Period.

I've spent my own exhaustive time and energy in life thinking myself a piece of shit and being unhappy. These days I do stuff that makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Right now I feel compelled to thank you for presenting me with this opportunity to be a happier person. You've been of service to me. I bet you didn't even know that yet. What YOU do with it is your own business. What I do makes me happy or unhappy. What you do makes you happy or unhappy.

"I want to contribute nothing to the world, and I don't want anything from it."

If I've ever heard a commitment to unhappiness, that's it.

"Nope, I'm fine. I stay alone to not get hurt."

Fine and unhappy? Pick one.

A sane mind can discriminate between fine and unhappy.

You're making progress. You previously said you stay alone to not hurt others. ;)

"How do you figure a basic human need is relationships with other people? There is proof of that nowhere."

Why are you here posting comments? :D

It's actually more basic than thinking of it in terms of need, or even thinking of it at all. I addressed that in previous comment. You have relationships, you always have had them, and you always will. You are simply attempting to minimize them. Hunger strikes don't last forever. With much discipline one might even measurably succeed in breathing a bit less.

"Just because you and others are so emotionally needy"

You are so out of it, you don't even see that YOU are the one desperately hungry and needy.

One thing I don't yet know about you is whether or not you are envious of people who are happy, or if you are in denial of it. Have you ever said this to someone who walked in the room smiling or laughing, "What are you so fucking happy about?" I have. I've done that. It's been a while.

I was insane when I said that kind of thing. I still get insane every day, but I've leaned how to not get stuck there endlessly anymore like I used to...


I'm sure I acted happy when I

I'm sure I acted happy when I was a baby, but that's not actually happiness, in the true sense of existence. It's just reacting to stimuli, like adults doing funny things.

Affecting one's self is a logical fallacy. If you think that I don't have the right to be unhappy, because it hurts myself, then you throw all free will out the window and open the door for allowing government or society to step in and lock up people for doing drugs, or not taking vaccines and other harmful medicine.

A person can be fine being unhappy. Being content does not equate to happiness.

Nope, I'm not needy. Society is needy, and I'm the opposite of how society acts. I'm not envious of happy people. Happy people disgust me. I'm mainly just evil. Born to burn.

Fuck Staind.

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Am I right? :D ...If I'm not, we're both wrong. ;)

This string began with your using the word "Moral".

"Affecting one's self is a logical fallacy."

I screamed at my mother yesterday. Today I feel like shit.

I got blackout drunk last night. This morning I feel like shit.

I hit my child. I'm a piece of shit.

I ran my car into the ditch. I felt like shit for the entire walk home.

I forgot to eat breakfast. This afternoon I seem somewhat dysfunctional.

I cut my finger. I am in pain.

I failed to pay rent. My landlord's an asshole.

I've been unhappy for so long, I've forgotten what "happy" even means.

The nearest thing to "happy" I can muster is in brief moments of "fun" I experience in the form of comic "relief" from my unhappiness in playing the role of an immovably dour curmudgeon.

I am utterly convinced my rationalizations are ultimately logical, and I have lost sight of the greater context.

I think I'm one of the select few that actually sees the greater context. Whoopee, life sucks and then we die.

"If you think that I don't have the right to be unhappy..."

Moral is entirely about being happy. In such context the term "right" exclusively refers to that which is tied to a person's state of happiness or actions that bring that about.

One person says, "Two plus two equals four."

Another person says, "Two plus two equals twenty two."

Who is right in moral terms?

Whoever is smiling!

Both "I am right to be unhappy" and "I have a right to be unhappy" are logical fallacies. They equally misuse the term "right" and present a semantic escape hatch from facing that which is moral.

Escape! Hide! Procrastinate! Avoid! Parallel life is my real life!

"I need a little vacation first to muster the strength to deal with that crap. That crap overwhelms me. I need to recreate myself somehow before doing that crap. I'm totally stuck outside of the notion that doing that crap might recreate me."

Today I am overwhelmed when I think of how overwhelming tomorrow will be. As a matter of fact even yesterday overwhelms me when I think about it. Either way I need some relief right now. Let's see, what means do I have at my disposal? Whatever it is, it's gonna be "right" right now!

"Being content does not equate to happiness."

Ya got that right, brother!

"Nope, I'm not needy. Society is needy, and I'm the opposite of how society acts."

"Society" is an illusion of your mind. "Society" is not even a stable illusion. Your concept of "society" changes at your whim. As such, it's hardly a useful tool of measurement in self-analysis.

"Fuck Staind."

Whoa! That actually associates this string with the OP. :D

Fuck and love can be seen as the same action with differing attitudes. Perhaps the day you love Staind will be the day you will know yourself to be moral. Until then, yes, fuck Staind! Do it, do it, do it! Listen to it! Flip Staind the bird! Vomit on the speakers! Purge! Curse them at the top of your lungs! But keep fucking them! As you listen!

This is you [and me too :D]...

http://youtu.be/VufilzHKTqk ... Fucking hilarious! [I'm serious]

This is therapy...

http://youtu.be/WQPfQvLIseA ... OMG! I just ejaculated! :D

I refuse to read your

I refuse to read your rambling. It's incoherent. Fuck and love are not interchangeable. Fuck is negative. Blech to the music.

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My point was that they are not interchangeable. :D

Wow, look at the downvotes,

Wow, look at the downvotes, yet no replies...

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you got a reply!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

It's not a reply. It's a

It's not a reply. It's a picture. Very mature... Name calling via picture instead of actually making a point to refute mine.

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I think they're all too busy

I think they're all too busy face-palming.

Face-palming what? You all

Face-palming what? You all talk about this non-aggression policy, but don't recognize that going around fucking people, spreading diseases, is totally against that, even if the sex is consensual. When is disease ever spread when it's known about, or cared about? If you don't know you have the disease, and spread it, it's your fault. If you know you have the disease, and have sex anyway and spread it, that's even worse. IF everyone was responsible, STDs would die off, but reality is trending away from that, and numbers are growing.

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I'm just joking around. It's

I'm just joking around. It's how I react to tension, which I can feel when reading your words. I don't think I'm the only one who is reminded of "that preacher guy on your college campus shouting 'sinners' and 'fornicators' at everyone."

I agree with you in that spreading diseases is bad. I'm not sure what percentage of sexually active people are diseased and what percentage are spreading their diseases, but I'm under the impression that it is not quite the epidemic you perceive it to be. I would be willing to bet that a majority of intimacies happen without spreading disease. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Lack of balance in your life is bad for you. Porn is porn.

Take inventory of what you do.

Too much of something and not enough of everything else will throw your life out of whack.

Porn is not bad for you, too much porn is bad for you.

Too much DP is bad for you too!

Moderation in everything.
(or is that everything in moderation?)

"Too much DP is bad for you too!"?????

Since the subject IS porn, you should be aware that IN porn DP has an entirely different meaning than Daily Paul. And too much is probably bad for you.

Not that I know any of this first hand of course.....

Didn't know about the porn dp thing

and don't want to know ;-)

Nice choice of words

When too much porn throws your life out of whack, are you whacked off?

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

I'm getting in a rut with my grammar...

... using the word "whack" too much lately.

I think I'll start using "inconceivable" a lot more.



Funny how this guy was scared straight

...he got worried that there was a problem when he had a hard time getting it up to bang a chick. He said absolutely ZERO in the video about religious or moral issues. Yet, people around here immediately start posting in protest to religious objections to porn. That is not what the guy was talking about. He was talking about a physical addiction.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

More like a mind-addiction than physical

The physical manifestation was his inability to get aroused in the presence of a gorgeous, naked, young lady; when she really wanted him to perform. It got his attention!

His wearing of a cross is the only potentially overt symbol that he might be perceived as religious; but that doesn't keep folks from speculating that his motives might be more spiritual than mentally, morally, and physically practical.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Wow... porn is dangerous.

Wow... porn is dangerous. Let's ban it!

Shit I just realized, guns and large soda pops are also dangerous. Ban them too!

Forks make you fat! Alcohol makes you drunk, video games distract you from watching FOXXX News! Ban em all!

Porn makes you spank your monkey in ways outside of Yahweh's plan for you, so it's GOT to be bad! Why if there was no porn, boys would never want to pound their puds... well unless their parents failed to cast a baptism spell on them, in which case they are agents of Lucifer.

OMG, living makes you die! Ban it!


Who said anything about banning porn?

Thank you! Magwan always

Thank you! Magwan always builds a straw man and starts attacking it whenever someone posts anything exposing evil behavior. :-)

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Yeah I've noticed that too,

Yeah I've noticed that too, it is his way ;)

Thank you for posting this video.

porn does not

get you addicted or make you dysfunctional. you do that.

That is like saying tobacco doesn't make you addicted

It is true that people make the decision to use tobacco and individuals are responsible for their choices. However, it doesn't negate the fact that tobacco affects your brain chemistry in ways that make it very hard to stop using it. Why do people have a hard time believing other things like porn are addictive in similar ways as pharmaceuticals like nicotine?

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

that's right

tobacco doesn't make you addicted. you addict yourself to it and the feeling it gives you. i didn't say anything about it not being hard to quit; all addictions are hard to give up, until you get serious and face the music, then it gets a little easier.

Most people that have sexual disfunction have been shamed

Into it by the church, or by conservative parenting that did not allow for the discussion of sex, sexual intercourse, or sexual pleasuring of ones self. All they were taught is bad, bad, bad, and the result is an overwhelming feeling of guilt. 50% of Christian males and 20% of Christian females suffer from the same effects the young man in the video suffers from, yet those exposed to sexuality throughout their lives; such as those in France, and places where human sexuality is not taught as taboo from birth, do not suffer anywhere near the same dysfunction as their ultra conservative counterparts, blowing the theory of mental issues out of the water. Not to say there are not sexually dysfunctional people out there, just that people that watch porn are rarely in a higher category then those suffering from actual sexual dysfunction. In France nudity is not hidden from children, and it is not treated as some hysterical taboo, and those children do not grow up sexual deviants that have been shamed into thinking that the most natural thing on the planet makes them a bad person.

While the morality of porn is up to the beholder, and those who participate in the films, some porn has actually helped enhance sexuality in married couples, and although I am no scientist it is always interesting watching Americans in general either run from sexuality or jump in head over heals, neither of which would be considered by today's standards as healthy. Remember, anything can be abused, and this is where this young man is confusing major mental trauma from too much alone time with lil Willie during an age span when his testosterone is at an all time high, and the number of times he can release in a day may be 3-5+. 3-5 releases a day, can anyone imagine being turned on by anything after that?

Most desensitization is occurring from a lack of testosterone which is released during masturbation, so while the point is valid that those who watch allot of porn and masturbate lose sensitivity and feel as though girls do not arouse them might want to lay off of spanking the monkey all day every day while it may not be a health risk, if one has drained ones self of testosterone and sperm then Willie doesn't have much to jump and and cheer about.

Like alcohol, marijuana, and other pleasure stimulating drugs, or Mountain Dew for that matter, they all can be abused. Just like self pleasuring(especially in ones teens and 20's) can be over done because of the rapid replenishment of testosterone and sperm, which can cause one to immediately be ready to masturbate after a release.

In the end he confirms the obvious, that those who stop watching porn naturally slow the number of times they pleasure themselves in a day resulting in more testosterone build up, which leads to the most natural form of release and that is human to human. He really de-codes the hype himself when he states most males can "recover", but yet he still uses the "addiction" as the cause, not the effect.

In other words sexual release is a good, healthy, and natural thing. Masturbation also is healthy, but no matter if one is watching porn, looking at dirty magazines, or face planted in the sears women's underwear section, too much is too much and will result in the same things he has blamed porn in general on.

So like anything else, enjoy the porn, enjoy the release, and do so in moderation. Nothing unhealthy about that at all, and for heavens sake if you feel guilty about what you are doing then perhaps a sexual counselor could help rid yourself of that ever bearing guilt laid upon you by someone with a 50% chance of having a real dysfunction caused by quasi morality, and misinformation.

So while he continues to read from websites posted by those who feel human sexuality is taboo, remember there is a 50/50 chance that the person who created the website has a dysfunction caused by lack of knowledge, and a life long guilt trip by those that do not know better.


Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

What's the difference between

What's the difference between jerking it daily versus having are daily? None. The body knows no difference. They say sex is healthy. Well then logic would dictate that so is jerking off.

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