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"Why Pornography is Bad for You"

And people think God is being mean when he makes rules regarding sexual pleasure.


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I haven't forgotten you Magwan. I'm working up a real good

answer to some of your questions. I'll post when I get an hour or so to sit down and write. I'm a busy mom of 9, so that is rare indeed.:)

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Did you fail health class?

Did you fail health class? Condoms aren't 100% effective, therefore your behavior is careless.

Nope, nudism isn't normal. That's why it's reserved for places like San Francisco, and private camps.

Who says anything about legislation? Society will always have the right to have standards and shun filth based on those standards. Non-aggression only applies to government. Society still has the right to drive preverts out if their towns via lynch mobs.

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Concerning nudism; I

Concerning nudism; I understand that it is reviled by 90% of people that any of us should see the bodies we were born with, and that we all have, but that's because our species is dominated in quantity by idiots. This is why democracy is one of the stupidest ideas on the planet. Why would you want the intellectual inferior 90% to make decisions for the species? I prefer people be responsible for their own lives and govern themselves, that way they can only @#$% up things for themselves. If 90% of our species are terrified of boobs, vaginas & dicks, great, its about what I'd expect from intellectually inferior primitives who worship sun gods and believe their pillows are one-way transistor radios linking them to a giant wizard who lives in a castle in the sky.

In a world dominated by superstitious primates, I can tell you I am thrilled to be "abnormal" according to the majority. Down votes just reaffirm this.

We're not primates, we're

We're not primates, we're people. Not animals, not mammals. People. If you want to be naked, do so in your own home, some nudist camp, or go live in the deep wild with the animals. Exposing your naked self to those who don't want to see it is a crime. Period.

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Keep telling yourself we

Keep telling yourself we aren't primates overmind. When you can explain to me why whales have hip-sockets and tiny, unformed hind legs, I might listen to your mystical garbage.

In the meantime, I would never dream of violating someone's property rights by walking around nude without the owners permission. That would be a crime, you are correct. Freedom means the right to be an idiot who is terrified of boobies and pee pees. Every man is the king of his castle after-all. On the other hand, I'm well within my rights to walk around nude on my property, even if one of you zealots accidentally has to behold my impure flesh. In a free society, you'd have to avert your eyes and then go pray to be spared from the fires of hell, or build a privacy fence so you'd never have to see a penis again (besides every time you take a leak).

But then, we don't live in a free society, we live in a gang dominated society where mini-tyrants get to initiate force against me via the government, and tell me what I can and cannot do on my land that I own. If I don't comply and hide my penis while on my land, I could be caged by men with guns. I guess that seems like a victory to you? If so you must be thrilled, because zealots have been scoring victory after victory in our gang dominated criminal society since the dawn of civilization. Funny how tyranny never turns out as nice as they hoped it would.

We're not fucking talking

We're not fucking talking about whales, we're talking about HUMANS. Whales are fish. I don't give a shit what "scientists" claim. Fish swim, birds fly, and animals walk on land. 3 simple classifications, and then there's humans. So we have 5 different things on earth. Humans, animals, birds, fish, and plants. And tomatoes are a vegetable, not a damn fruit.

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Curious, what are Hypos?

Curious, what are Hippos? They spend most of their time swimming. Most "scientists" consider them to be related to whales, but I think you must have insight. What about penguins? Most "scientists" and people with eyeballs consider them birds, but they sure don't fly... they mostly walk and swim. What about humans currently in airplanes or who are scuba diving? Are they like shape-shifting lycanthropes who are birds whilst in planes, and turn back into humans once they land? Or is it that they have to fly of their own volition? Technically a human turns into a fish when he swims?

P.S. Isn't cussing a sin in the eyes of the Supreme overlord of the galaxy? Doesn't he consider all sins equal in his eyes? So when you typed out the F bomb, wasn't that the equivalent of sodomizing a dude? Now who is the pervert... pervert.

And this is where I must defer to an old adage:

"Never argue with idiots, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Creatures are what they are

Creatures are what they are based on where they are at that specific time. People are always people, no matter if they're flying or swimming.

Prove that fuck is an evil word. Again, why do you keep coming off that I'm all religious and shit?

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Fuck is an old term that

Fuck is an old term that comes from churning butter. You'd fuck the butter. For obvious reasons it became a derogatory term for sexual intercourse, and then people became convinced (probably in an effort by their parents to scare them into not to saying it) that the word was used against Yahweh.

I applaud your belligerent defiance of the categorization of species however, simply for its pure brute stubbornness. I took you for religious because of your attitude toward sex. I thought only religious people hated and feared sex and considered it evil. You no longer come off as religious too me; just sexually broken with some room for improvement concerning your understanding of the NAP.

Seriously, where do you get

Seriously, where do you get this shit that the religious fear sex and call it evil? What the fuck? Just because they refuse to engage in it until they're married? WTF?!

I'm not broken. Thanks. I understand the NAP. I still think that societies can get together and drive people out of their towns. It's plenty aggressive of an individual to insert their self into situations and communities where they're not welcome. I'm sick of everyone trying to make a damn melting pot. Keep your cultures separate. It will help preserve them, anyway.

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Where do we get the idea that

Where do we get the idea that the religious fear sex? You're being serious or is that a joke? Ever heard of a bridle sheet? What's the average christian view of masturbation? All those things you call "sick" or "evil" normal non-insane people call sexual preferences. oral sex, bondage, butt sex, gay sex, threesome sex, DVDA, S&M, swinging, midget orgies, the sky is the limit. You don't get to deem any of it unacceptable to anyone but yourself. You and the gang of thugs you raise don't get to initiate force against anyone for the weird crap they are into because you don't own them. You can lead a boring life filled with nothing but missionary and repression, whatever floats your boat.

If you do understand the NAP you clearly don't consider it the law if you think people can initiate force to drive people from their homes. It is "not" aggressive for people who think differently than you do, to live near you. You don't understand the NAP. You don't get to choose what "America" does, you only get to choose what "you" do. People can blend all they please. Your right to repel those you feel undesirable from living near you extends no further than your freedom to speak your mind and deny doing business and associating with those you don't like. The second you decide to initiate force, you have become a criminal. I don't like criminals in my town, and unlike you who want to be able to use lynch mobs to push your twisted fake morality onto others, society actually DOES have a right to raise a lynch mob to deal with criminals.

No victim, no crime.

Show me where normal people

Show me where normal people call the things you list normal behavior (except oral sex...I don't know where or when that's ever been taboo). The only thing I admit is that Hollywood is trying to push such things as normal, but that doesn't mean that it is. And they wonder why TV and movie ratings are plummeting?

I didn't say it's aggressive for people who think differently to live near me, retard. I said it's aggressive that they insert themselves into situations where they aren't wanted. If they keep their bedroom crap to themselves, no one cares. But most deviants seem to make their bedroom behavior their identity, and go around talking about it. Therefore, they're being aggressive, and such communities have the right to drive out those people.

Twisted fake morality are people thinking it's normal to be tied up, gang banged, peed on, etc.

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I said you don't get to

I said you don't get to decide any of those are unacceptable other than for yourself. I didn't say that they were what would be considered normal; at least not in polite society. However what people pretend to be into publicly, and what they "are" into privately are rarely the same. There's a reason that porn is a multi-billion dollar industry, and weird fetish stuff out sells "normal" porn.

"I didn't say it's aggressive for people who think differently to live near me, retard. I said it's aggressive that they insert themselves into situations where they aren't wanted."

Like Christian homophobes showing up to a gay pride march and screaming about hell and damnation? This wouldn't be an act of aggression either. An act of aggression would be for one of those people who doesn't hump right, according to your approved list of sexual preferences to show up onto your private property against your will and refuse to leave. If they aren't violating anyone's rights, they are not committing aggression. Please be careful with the term "retard." You're not equipped to use it properly without getting irony all over yourself.

I don't think tied up, gang banged and peed on people are expressing any morality at all whilst getting their jollies, other than the morality to be free to live as they please without sex-hating zealots trying to force their stupid ass totalitarian opinions on them. Sex isn't good or evil. Its preference. To say that some acts of sexual pleasure are evil is as stupid as saying some tastes in food are evil. They may be abnormal according to a majority, or unhealthy, but so long as we are talking about willing adults here; evil?

I think people who have sex with fat people are disgusting, but I don't go around calling them agents of the devil, amoral or threaten to drive them out of town with a lynch mob for doing it. Whatever floats your boat is your business, not mine.

Speaking of retard; why do you insist on continuing to down-vote my post, and up-vote your own? Are you trying to trick me into thinking you have some sort of consensus so that I should be too ashamed to disagree with you any longer? I already know you prefer yours to mine.

Just listen to your

Just listen to your language...homophobe? Since when do any of these supposed phobes display a fear of sodomites? They're merely warning them of their sins. Stop using this disgusting PC language to try to label those that are normal, speaking out against abnormal behavior, as having some kind of mental defect.

Retard, people have a right to drive such behavior out of their towns. The only way they would know, is if the retards acting in such a way are going around telling people about it, which is pretty common for deviated preverts to do. If people go around talking about the abnormal and sick shit they do in their bedrooms with an in-your-face pride (pride parades, cough), then they are the aggressors. If people kept their shit to themselves, no one would know the difference and the world would be a lot better. But that's not how libtards work. They go around shouting from the mountaintops crap like "I'm black" (no shit, we have eyes), and "I'm gay." Who gives a shit? Those types of people are pathetic piles of crap, and are so empty inside that they need to make their sexual actions or their skin colors their identity, instead of their ideas, good deeds, and talents.

I don't vote for official assholes in the political arenas, so I surely don't vote on posts here. I respond to them with words, in a non-coward fashion.

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Tons of Christians are

Tons of Christians are homophobes, don't kid yourself. Tons of Christians either have urges or are downright gay, and that terrifies them, so they lash out against homosexuality like its "evil." Why do you think they call their program: "Scared Straight" genius? Wouldn't having to have the fear of hell pumped into your primitive mind by other idiots be the definition of a "fear of gay sex?"

I find the louder someone screams about the evil's of gay sex, the more likely they are too be caught banging a gay prostitute in a sleazy motel.

When you say "drive out of their towns" this implies the use of force. People have a right to refuse to do business with those they don't like in their community, give them shitty looks and insults, or any number of peaceful ways of disincentivising their unwanted neighbors in the hopes that all the fun people will move out of douche-ville where only "normal" activities are allowed. They do not have the right to use force however without becoming criminals who deserve to have justice brought against them.

Just because you say "retard" before making a stupid and incorrect assertion does not make your point any less wrong.

"If people go around talking about the abnormal and sick shit they do in their bedrooms with an in-your-face pride (pride parades, cough), then they are the aggressors."

Again, your small mind is having trouble wrapping around the NAP. Freedom or speech and expression is not Not NOT aggression. You do not violate anyone's rights by having a parade and telling people you like to dip your dick in other men's turds. You simply disgust your neighbors who will then treat you like shit if that is their desire, making your home town an uncomfortable and undesirable place to live.

However repressed groups who are sick and tired of fucktard christian zealots calling them evil monsters may at times, get angry and decide to throw such parades or shout from the mountaintops that they are, in fact, that undesirable characteristic which idiot-zealot christian primates hate, just to piss off the dip-shit homophobic, shit-for-brains zealots who are constantly going on about their bible thumping stupidity and making threats of hell. No one likes Christians who do this, except other Christians. And if you want to be a holier-than-thou douche, always telling everyone else whats wrong with their lives, don't be surprised when those people have parades where they hip-thrust their scantily-clad cocks at their boy-friends bung-holes just to get a rise out of you and your god-boy church buddies.

Its good to know that wasn't you down-voting me and up-voting yourself. Miraculously, it suddenly stopped.

You watch too much TV, and

You watch too much TV, and your small brain can't differentiate between hating a behavior, and being afraid of it. A phobia is an irrational fear. People that are afraid of things like spiders, water, and heights, don't know why they are, thus it's irrational. People who don't like deviated preverted behavior know why they don't; because it's abnormal. Deviated preverts used to be thrown in the tard hatch. Even from a psychological standpoint, there was something clinically wrong with their behavior.

Nope. My mind is wrapped plenty around the NAP. People who go around talking about offensive shit like what they do in their bedrooms are the aggressors. Time has proven over and over again that they can't be trusted in communities that have children present.

Sodomites and other deviated preverts are the primates. They choose to lower themselves to the level of animal. Actually, they are lower than animals, because animals aren't gay. If they were, they wouldn't survive. Animals that have offspring don't give these supposedly-gay animals, like these ridiculously theoretical lesbian seagulls) their offspring. People that actually have willpower to live clean lives are the opposite of primates. Zealots are idiots that go around telling the world how they pack fudge, whether it's casually around work, or at some ridiculous parade with rainbows and sick fags dressed in leather. No one cares, and the world would be a better place if they didn't go around announcing it, because the people you claim are zealots would stop being so loud with their "preaching." For people that claim to be such high-road-takers, they never do. If they did, they would shut up and keep their shit to themselves, so they wouldn't be "lowering" themselves to these "zealots." Anyone that defends any of this behavior as normal is an idiot, and doesn't deserve to have a point of view in any of these discussions.

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I watch 0 TV. And I know how

I watch 0 TV. And I know how you people like to lie to themselves about what they fear and hate.

You don't get the NAP because you clearly don't know what aggression is according to it. Its not an interpretation or an opinion. The NAP is quite specific. Saying that gay men are dangerous to boys in general is as stupid as saying straight men are dangerous to little girls in general.

"Sodomites and other deviated preverts are the primates. They choose to lower themselves to the level of animal. Actually, they are lower than animals, because animals aren't gay."

Another belligerently stupid and misinformed opinion from the overmind. Animals display homosexuality quite frequently. There are over 1500 known species that engage in gayness and 500 well documented and researched species.


Homosexuality is nature's cure to overpopulation. What you primitives call "unnatural" is as natural as can be. The only thing that is "unnatural" is your dumb-ass christian-based opinion on what kind of sex people can have. Genius, if people "want" to do it, its because their biological instincts are geared that way. Overpopulation causes many forms of sexual desire that don't result in children.

Japanese Macaque monkeys are notorious for their frequent homosexuality in Japanese zoos. This is because of the dense overpopulation and tight living quarters. Goes a long way to explain why there are so many gays in cities.

While you're correct in that non-christian sex is probably not normal according to the fucking stupid 90% of cattle out there, who cares!? The majority of people are too stupid to recognize why communism is bad, why would I trust their opinion on what sort of sex is acceptable? The way I figure, if I'm engaged in something that the intellectually inferior majority don't approve of, I must be on the right track.

I would say you should be glad that you weren't the one selected for extinction by mother nature (assuming you aren't a closet gay), but then I remembered you have no sexual desire. Therefore, you're one the freaks designed by nature to die off. In fact, nature wants you to die off miserable and unhappy because it didn't even provide you with a non-reproductive fetish. Normally I would attribute nature as random chance, but your biological chastity belt is ironic to the hilt. The sex-hater enjoys the ultimate mouthful of his own bullshit.

But fuck all that right!? Who cares about science, you didn't come from no monkey! You ain't no animal right! You came from magic dust when the cosmic overlord decided to magic you into existence! Sadly he forgot to include a working brain.

You obviously do watch

You obviously do watch TV.

Retard, again, aggression is going around shouting about what you do in your bedroom. Period. Don't like it? Too fucking bad. Society can dictate such things. Some people feel it's right to kill others, to rape, etc. Must we coddle their beliefs because they feel they did no wrong?

Oh look, a trendy linked to a wikipedia article and is rambling on about overpopulation. It MUST be true. Cities are liberal zones, which is why people that act like that flock to them. Nope, there's nothing natural about a creature having sex with the same gender. If there was evolution and it could magically sense overpopulation, it would logically just make sterile animals, or asexual animals.

Nope, I didn't come from a monkey. There is zero evidence of anything evolving over time. Evolution doesn't even attempt to address plants. It only focuses on beings. It's clearly agenda-driven pseudoscience. What retards like you quote is not science. Science is a method. It's not making observations into a theory, not testing them, and passing them off as fact. It's making observations, making a theory, documenting the expected outcome, TESTING the theory, and then verifying that the initial theory repeatedly and perfectly leads to the expected outcome. It takes time for the simplest things. Do you think scientists have the tools and time to have tested the supposed billions of years of the supposed history of all living things in a lab? I can respect a person that at least remains agnostic on the issue, and doesn't claim to know, but you look like a retard when you use mere theory and try to pass it off as fact, especially with a topic that's so complex and important.

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And this is why the priest

And this is why the priest has ever been the enemy of liberty. Jefferson always hits the nail on the head.

No one has the right to deprive individuals of their rights, that includes zealots. This mentality however demonstrates in no uncertain terms why our species has been dominated by tyrants since we figured out how to plant seeds. Liberty is only possible when people figure out any act which deprives someone of their right to life, liberty or property is a crime. Period. Groups of humans do not gain magical rights just because they speak to their pillows and imagine they have spell-casting deities justifying the horrible shit they do to others. You and those who think like you are the enemies of liberty, plain and simple.

As for rubbers, they work pretty damned good, though there are no guarantees in life. But hey, if there was no risk, life would be boring. It would be like sitting around a golden city with no balls for eternity. No thank you.

The risks involved with waiting for marriage are far worse than catching the clap. You might wind up stuck with someone who sucks in bed for the rest of your life. Or you may be tempted to get married vastly too soon for the wrong reasons. Not to mention, boring.

Not that I hold any illusions of talking you out of your terror of boobies and reproductive organs. If you want to throw your life away, who am I to say no?

If sucking in bed ruins a

If sucking in bed ruins a marriage, there's an obvious lack of communication.

Every reply I've gotten here are people conjuring up some concept that I seem to want to use force on people, or have a law to allow government to use force on people, for some ideological purpose. Where did I say this? I am no enemy of liberty. I just have an opinion and judgment, and I'm simply voicing it.

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"If sucking in bed ruins a

"If sucking in bed ruins a marriage, there's an obvious lack of communication."

Not true, you may have great communication with your wife, but perhaps her tastes are just completely different from yours, and neither of you can please the other because of these differences. If you married before you explored her a bit, well I guess you're just stuck pal. Not to mention, if you didn't play the field a bit, you may not even know what you like! If you're looking for an unsatisfied, boring sex life and separate beds by 30, I highly recommend saving yourself for marriage.

"Every reply I've gotten here are people conjuring up some concept that I seem to want to use force on people, or have a law to allow government to use force on people, for some ideological purpose. Where did I say this? I am no enemy of liberty. I just have an opinion and judgment, and I'm simply voicing it."

Right here:

"Who says anything about legislation? Society will always have the right to have standards and shun filth based on those standards. Non-aggression only applies to government. Society still has the right to drive preverts out if their towns via lynch mobs."

What do you think government is!? Its a group of humans organizing themselves into a gang and then initiating force against others to push the "majority" opinion, rights be damned, onto the minority. How is this differant than your lynch mob initiating force against what IT considers "perverts?" Ive got news for you, I engage in many of the things that would be unpopular to your Lynch Mob. Swinging, nudism, causal sex oh my. That means you and your gang of lawless thugs would be initiating force against me as a gang because you did not approve of my preferences and freedoms. You would be violating my individual rights, making you and every other thug in your lynch mob a criminal.

The NAP is not a restriction on the "government," nor is it a moral code; morality is for each individual to decide for themselves. The NAP is a foundational principal of law which defines what crime is, nothing more. Any act by a group or individual which deprives another of their right to life, liberty or property unjustly is a crime. Period. The only way you loose your rights under the NAP is to deprive someone else of theirs unjustly. Hence if your lynch mob decided they didn't like that I have casual sex and wanted to string me up, I would be well within my rights to use/or hire help to use lethal force to defend myself and my property against the morality police. i.e. you and your mob.

In short, you don't get to push your morality on me by force in a free society, only in a totalitarian one. Maybe that's why every theocracy in the history of the world has been a horror filed totalitarian nightmare. The priest is the enemy of liberty because they simply can't get it through their @#$%ing zealot heads that they don't own me.

A person with no experience

A person with no experience has no idea what they like in bed. When it comes to things like tastes, it's not hard to figure out such things before getting married. Just because people don't have sex before marriage doesn't mean they don't talk about it. It's like people who disagree on having kids still getting married, and then wonder why it didn't work when they get divorced.

If you want to act a certain way, live around people of like-minds. Don't expect society to accept weird things. This is why gays move to places like SF.

I never said anything about being hanged. I said about a mob driving someone out of town. What is this newer complex people have of wanting to force their way into situations where they clearly aren't wanted?

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Ya, there's no substitute for

Ya, there's no substitute for experience. Getting married before you have had sex with your partner is just stupid. Its like going grocery shopping while you're starving. You make bad decisions because everything looks delicious when your hungry. Well when you're a sex starved young man who has been masochistically depriving yourself of one of the most wonderful pleasures in life because of your dogmatic belief in a cosmic overlord who just hates when people enjoy themselves, you're bound to make stupid decisions when picking your wife. Christians get divorced at the exact same rate as normal people do, and I bet those who waited, have it even worse, or at least cheat more. I engage in nearly every deviant sexual behavior that you secretly wish you could (and hate yourself for it), and I guarantee you my marriage is x1000 more awesome than yours and I will never cheat nor worry about being cheated on. My wife and I work as a team.

I will live wherever I choose, so long as I have the means to own property there. thank you. If you have a problem with my "weird" ways, you may attempt to change my mind with reason, however that failing, if you decide to initiate force against me, I suggest you bring a lot of firepower, because you're certainly going to be facing it.

You say you didn't say anything about "hanging," but what happens when I decide I don't want to leave? What will your lynch mob do when I tell them to shove their torches and pitchforks up their butts and inform them that anyone who steps onto my property against my will will be turned into a fine pink mist? The fact that I have casual sex will eventually drive your morality police into the use of force, because you have no regard for my rights. You are a tyrant at heart, otherwise you would understand that freedom is my right, and you have utterly no say in how I conduct my life until I deprive you of your rights. Likewise, I have no right over yours.

The difference between us is that I respect the law and would never dream of trying to tell you how to live, or where you can live. You on the other hand, believe that your belief in a Flying Spaghetti Monster with a big list of all the things you're not supposed to do somehow gives you justification to make demands on my life as if you owned me. You don't.

What the hell are you talking

What the hell are you talking about now? Why do you say I wish I could be involved in the sick types of activities you talk about, and somehow hate myself for it? Nope, not married. I have no plans on it. Not interested in sex, either. It's just not important. Relationships with so much emphasis on sex are doomed to fail when one or both people are unable to have sex anymore.

When do I say that I want to force to do or not do anything? Seriously. It's amazing where you come up with this shit.

Again, what is with YOU types of people and wanting to be around people of dissimilar minds who don't want you around? Seriously. It's like these morons suing the scouts, or people who won't bake them wedding cakes. Yeah, you might force your way in, but you still won't be accepted.

What demands am I making of you? I'm simply here relaying my opinion and have not even mentioned God.

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So you're not married and

So you're not married and have no interest in sex. I suspect you have a whole boatload of issues that are not my business then. On the other hand, your utter inexperience and participation with common human biology certainly disqualifies you from having any authority to offer advice to anyone, let alone have understanding of the common human condition. That makes your input on love and marriage pretty much worthless.

"Relationships with so much emphasis on sex are doomed to fail when one or both people are unable to have sex anymore."

How do you know? You have no practice experience or even normal human appetites to suggest any level of understanding in this area. I have a very sexually oriented marriage and its not going to fail now or ever. Our escapades have gotten far more tame since we had children and it hasn't done anything to damper our love or commitment to one another. Again, theory is no substitute for experience, which is why you're just dumb if you get married before having sex.

I live where I live. I can hardly considered it a priority to psycho analyze the beliefs of my neighbors before moving in, though I expect there are times when that might be wise. For me, I could care less what my neighbors think about my beliefs on politics, religion or marriage. I already know they are probably going to find everything I believe, especially liberty, to be alien and immoral. I am pretty much accustomed to being "abnormal" because most people are insane. Hate everything that is good, and love giant merciless governments to rule their lives. Whatayado?

"What demands am I making of you?"


"Its the right of any society to form lynch-mobs and chase out the perverts."

If your definition of "pervert" is anyone who initiates force for sexual gratification, such as a rapist or child molester, sure; though you may wish to amend your statement with "sexual criminal" and note that we'd still need to establish guilt via due process before any "lynching" took place. On the other hand, if you're definition of "pervert" is someone whose sexual preferences don't fall in line with your backwards medieval cult of self-loathing sex-o-phobes, we have a problem. Feel free to kick anyone who actually enjoys life for their sinful ways of... making use of our natural biological reward structure off of your personal property, but keep you lynch mobs to yourselves.

An opinion is never

An opinion is never qualified. It's subjective. You act like I'm spewing facts. All I'm doing here is sharing my OPINION. I've said this numerous times before. I have no issues. I'm better than everyone, and no one can meet my standards, and I'm so good that I'm not going to let someone try, fail, and get hurt.

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Now that was a worthy

Now that was a worthy comment.

Are your children taught that it is bad to masturbate?

Because if the answer is yes, then I guarantee you that they do have a guilt complex.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

Really? Do you have evidence

Really? Do you have evidence of this?

Any real evidence? Do you have the blueprints he used to create us?

And dont claim they dont have a guilt complex because thats bull. They will be wondering everytime they have sex or are in a sexual situation if 'its ok with god' or if god is judging them. It causes extreme anxiety and guilt.
Take it from someone who went through it. When I was younger I never really believed in god, but since everyone around you believes in a fantasy, as a child I would always question and think what if? If he is real is what I am doing ok? Or even just question what will happen if I tell someone I dont believe in their fantasies and wont take part in them anymore.
That alone was enough stress and anxiety, let along being involved in their first sexual interaction which is nervous enough, now they have to wonder if god approves and will condemn them to hell for something, that according to believes, god made him desire.

If they abstain until

If they abstain until marriage (which is what they're being taught to follow), then why would they be wondering whether or not their behavior is okay with God when they are having sex with their husband or wife?

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