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Most powerful method to spread Ronpaulism - through metaphors

I've written about 30 or so metaphors explaining Dr Paul's idea. All the articles are shown in www.ronpaulistmanifesto.com

Here is an example of it. If you like it, please visit my site.

Last month a Cincinnati man was sentenced to 102 years in prison for using chloroform and a stun gun to knock out and then rape three teenage daughters of his best friends.

This may not sound a big deal, until you know that this guy is a computer science Doctor. He has a good job. He’s happily married and has two nice kids. He’s so ardent and helpful and respectable that people trusted him with their garage passwords so that when they are away he could help taking care of the empty houses.

This highly respected man breached the trust on him and raped the children that regard him as the benevolent uncle Wu. The lure of teenage virgins was too great. He succumbed. With the help of those passwords, he raped the 3 virgins.

What has this got to do with the constitution? Well, it has everything to do with the constitution.

Our forefathers don’t trust the passwords of their garages to anyone, uncle Wu or Uncle Sam. They care too much about their daughters that they want to protect them from being harmed by misplaced trust and authorization.

When congress voted to relinquish the right to declare war to the president, it was giving Uncle Sam the password of the garage. It was an expediency that could bring great harm to the children.

The founding fathers knew better. They would never allow such expediency. The 3 branches of the power of the government must be divided.

Any congressman that’s inclined to vote to relinquish his/her solemn right (to guard vigilantly the welfare of the nation) should be kicked out mercilessly by the voters.

No president should acquire the power that belongs to the congress. We voters need to be vigilant and vote only the guy/gal who understands the limit of constitutional power of the president, or our beloved daughters would be in grave danger. In the vast city of Washington DC, very few are qualified. Ron Paul is one.

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