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Correcting One of the Top Four Traffic Ticket Myths

I wanted to take a moment to respond to one point in an article featured on LewRockwell.com:


RE: "MYTH #2: Don’t sign the traffic ticket!"

I feel obligated to point out the obvious which is probably one of those little tiny details that go unnoticed by nearly all people except rare special flowers.

Let us establish a fact about signatures. When you voluntarily sign something it evidences title or capacity. Ok, let's pretend for a moment that doesn't mean anything or is information that can not be leveraged well in the current injustice system. When you voluntarily sign something it is evidence of an identity you are operating in. For stupid simple sake ... I shall state a voluntary signature evidences identity.

I do have a personal opinion about whether it is good or bad advice and my advice depends greatly on the circumstances. If you possess a driver license, have a license plate on your car, and handed an officer a license and registration there is probably no useful argument or benefit that can come from refusing to sign. If you are feeling lucky and desire to roll the defiant or rebellious dice just add "under duress" beneath your signature and your point is surely made.

On the other hand if you are exercising any natural and fundamental right to travel when the cop asked you for a government identification you probably told him your identity is none of his "business" or he would already know it. You might have already informed the officer a reason he or she doesn't know it already is because you aren't doing and have no intention of doing any "business" with them. :) Under those circumstances there may very well be a benefit refusing to voluntarily sign and evidencing any name, capacity, or title you are operating under or as. Let them prove it in accordance with rules of evidence since they have the burden of proof.

Whether any act refusing to sign which results in being kidnapped or having your possessions stolen pans out in the "just us" justice system remains unclear and in the best case scenario dependent on where it occurs and judges in those jurisdictions. Whether there is or is not any tangible benefit depending on the circumstances is a matter separate of the fact a voluntary signature evidences identity.

I also recommend checking out CopBlock.org because they have compiled some useful information about identification:



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wolfe's picture

Myth #2 is wrong.

People don't tell you not to sign to avoid admission of guilt.

They tell you not to sign because it is in fact an agreement with the officer/court.

You are agreeing that in lieu of being arrested, booked, and caged, you will show up at a later time in court that is more convenient for you both. (In many but not all cases, this is the meaning).

Once that is understood, then you can make an informed decision to sign or not sign. If you do not sign, you will be arrested, jailed, and guaranteed found guilty (because they will need to recoup the expense of kidnapping you).

In some counties, they no longer require a signature now just to avoid the issue. However, if they no longer require your signature it is because they have passed some other law that negates your right to refuse.

The only things you need to know are:

1) "Shut up, do as your told, but refuse any request to search of any kind."
2) Get a lawyer.
3) Never plead guilty.

Its an extortion racket. You will not make things better in the world by making them hard on yourself. So just do the bare minimum, volunteer nothing and protect yourself.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

No way,,,

1- Obtain claims of capacity
2- Inquire the claims and enumeration of the Principal to their agency
3- When they have no lawful agency by their own admission notify them of this fact.
4- posture as no threat, be friendly, but be assertive of the facts unfolding
5- Attempt to get admissions of their criminal intent on recording by questioning if their intent is the exact excerpts of code defined felony and misdemeanor criminal acts they are or are about to commit
6-If you must sign a contract in order to avoid being kidnapped make sure to not assume and ask them what will happen if you don't sign their contract, get their threats on the record and notify them that extortion and kidnapping will not be tolerated and is a breach of the peace. If one must sign put under duress on the 'contract' (proof of extortion) or any other relevant notices that will be proof later on as to exactly what happened without the colorable titles.

Never get an attorney
Appear specially until you have been there enough times to notify them they are all the single largest threat to the security of the people that exists today executing an on-going criminal conspiracy to defraud the people and reduce us to absolute despotism and slavery.

Align all questions of capacity and understanding of the judge as to steer the entire situation directly through every single conflict in law they have institutionalized and ask the proper questions in such Socratic method as to have them repeatedly logically conflict themselves over and over until they look like a complete ass and they don't want to play anymore. Usually it is kicked out within 1min or if they know you they just make the cop leave so that they have some OTHER reason to dismiss the case.

I would never do what you suggest wolfe. If you get a BAR certified attorney, you have given up all opportunity to uphold the law thus given up your opportunity to help shape law consciously. Divine inspiration can do wonders for shaping law if you live within its protections. Why would one want to hand that opportunity over to someone contracted with the very group that destroyed the protections of law?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

wolfe's picture

Sounding like a nutjob...

Does indeed sometimes cause the judge to take pity on you and let you off the hook... about 1 in 10000 times. Odds I don't care to take.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

May the chains rest lightly

How about 6 out of 7 seven times I have had the case dismissed. My successes span 3 states.

What's really nutty is people not holding their feet to fire to make sure they have lawful agency to an identified Principal and making sure that all elements of a valid cause of action are enumerated by the Principal who is liable for the action. Without upholding these two prime facts we are being steamrolled by criminals. We need to make sure the law upheld. We cannot accept just having them decide everything because they destroy the law when we allow them to do that.

No nut job stuff here just real man sh*t.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I'd like to know the percentage of

people who win a court case over a traffic citation.

During my last fun experience in court they played a recording for us reminding everyone that if you plead "Not Guilty" and lose your case you will be assessed the fine and substantial court fees. (Didn't give an amount)

Yeah, it's a hassle to go to court and could cost more than the original fine.

I think if everyone fought these silly (You didn't do anything unsafe) tickets we would stop the municipalities from using them as revenue instead of concern for our fellow citizens.

Garan's picture

I've won (sort of) 4 or 5 times.

..not necessarily any challenging legal arguments.
However, with the help of attorneys and a few appearances of my own, I've had fairly good success at dismissals, waived fees, and such.

If you just show up, some courts will hire private attorneys just to usher people through, quickly; offering deals or simply giving a 'continue for dismissal'.

Really, all I'm saying, is it is worth a try.
..and people should do what they can to discourage the issuance of traffic tickets, in my opinion.

I'm doing my civic duty. I have a traffic court record to prove it. :)

Vi Coactus

'HAM'. Have you ever heard about Vi Coactus? From my understanding if you write V.C. before your signature it means you've signed out of necessity or under duress.
Definition. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vi_coactus

Enjoy the ride.


I have not heard that expression before. A maxim of law commonly cited for duress is:

Actus me invito factus, non est meus actus. An act done by me against my will, is not my act.

An act done by someone that is not their act is a rule to distinguish ownership or possession of action. "[A]ct done by me" versus "my act." In addition, I concur with PHREEDOM's point to keep it as simple as possible.

How Much More Simple.......

Imagine if one wrote V.C. before each time they admitted to their "name" as JOE/JANE DOE. This's is very simple if the writer understood the concept of I do not consent, it's under duress and it's out of necessity. Nice and simple in my view. Let the so called "sheeple" learn as they go along.

Under Duress is more clear.

The sheeple will have some idea of under duress means and the more they see people challenging the duress of the current situation the more likely the sheep will shift with the herd.

IMHO we need to always keep the language as simple as possible so that others can have some idea what is going on. The courts really don't want other people getting wind of the fraud because they know they are screwed. The search should be for the simplest most straightforward language possible at all times so that the most number of people can get it.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...