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If you had a million dollars what would you do?

My friend has a million dollars to invest, who, what, where would you invest? I should add he's debt free, owns 5 homes free and clear, he has a million cash and asked me to do.

What are your thoughts??

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Someone who has accumulated that much

shouldn't be asking just anyone where to invest. Clearly, he knows more about money than most people. He should find someone who has more where they invest.

"Besides two chicks at once?"

"Besides two chicks at once?"

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Man, I already cut my veins open trying to save only a grand

Man, I already cut my veins open trying to save only a grand more than just once a semester, how the hell could I expect to save a thousand times fold?!

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I'd buy you a monkey

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

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I would buy a million dollars worth of various bartering type

items and allow everyone to assume that I have spent it all. Items like ammo will do very well long term. A ton of whiskey that is currently in the $20-$30 a bottle range and various other bartering items like cigs and other crutches that people would want when the world is going to shit versus actually dealing with life itself.

If the collapse doesn't happen and there isn't a need to barter these items then I will have alot of whiskey and ammo to enjoy the rest of my days lol.

I wouldn't invest it anywhere nor would I buy into any sort of business.

Another thing which would be a great waste of time and make you look really crazy is to turn the million into nothing but 1982 ( they made copper and zinc during this year but it is easy to tell the difference ) and under copper pennies lol.

Imagine showing off your million dollars in pennies. I wonder what that would look like.

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I'd fix my teeth, finish my

I'd fix my teeth, finish my house and then buy a small house in the city.

After that.... Get another job


I'd fix my teeth, finish my

I'd fix my teeth, finish my house and then buy a small house in the city.

After that.... Get another job


looking for an investor to help me produce this

Click on the readmore buttons on this page to see more pics/data

I have been using this is my house for almost 2 years now and I love it

Let me know what you guys think

I would be willing to give large concession to anyone who can make this a commercial product reality

I have a full working model in my home, which I have been using for appx 2 years now, and I love it!

I would buy

a toilet made of pure gold...and never clean it


I'd go upside down in real estate in 2008


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I have close insider information on a good investment.


..at least that^s what all the self-help videos are saying. ;)

Otherwise, maybe your friend^s neighbor.
If he knows a good person, interested in operating a franchise, they could work together, neighbor and investor.

Buy land

build a few tiny houses. give people free rent to work the land..whatever is grown, half would be shared and canned, the other half sold for profit but at a lower than market cost.
buy some chickens, maybe a cow/bull or 2
and invest in lead

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What would you do with the other $990,000?

Just kidding. I'd build a new shop.

As for me... (Mike, long time since I have seen your name...

I've missed you here :)

1. Tithe to someone I trust to use the money righteously.

2. Pay off debts/ fix up the current dwelling.

3. Replace current locale with something farther away from cities and more spacious. (and more amenable to self sufficiency)

4. Invest in other things needed for self sufficiency.

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I'd invest in

Ben Swann's soon to launch reality TV show - and the Uncle SAMta film project. Media is where it's at - huge potential financial returns And the potential to sway new audiences to liberty...


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I wouldn't take it to begin

I wouldn't take it to begin with, because that's not enough to never have to work again, and really just a tease. After taxes what do you have left? Buy a house, what's left? Certainly not enough to live off of for 60+ years. 20 years ago investing $1 million could allow you to live forever with a ~$50k annuity. Not anymore, and what makes a person think $50k/year is going to support a person in 20 years? $50k/year for me still wouldn't make me comfortable enough financially to get a mortgage (something I wouldn't even do in the first place). I would still only live in an apartment. The way inflation is going...

I would need at least $10 million, and I wouldn't invest it in shit.

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First of all, if you are

First of all, if you are worried about inflation, it is to your benefit to borrow now because the cost of dollars is so cheap, and you will be paying off your mortgage/loan in devalued dollars in the future (because they will be worth less then).

Secondly, say you only have $500,000 after taxes. You could easily put that down as a 25% down payment on a $2,000,000 rental property that has a 7.5% cap rate (VERY CONSERVATIVE) This would give you $150,000 to live off of every year for the rest of your life. That is the most conservative example out there. Once the loan is paid off and the rents go up and expenses go down, that figure shoots through the roof.

That's too risky. The markets

That's too risky. The markets could change anytime. Only take out a loan if you already have to and know for sure 100% you will be able to pay it back. Staying out of debt is the best policy

With a fixed rate loan, where

With a fixed rate loan, where is the market risk? Rents could easily triple the mortgage payment in my example, even at 50% vacancy (unheard of) you are still making money.

I don't do debt. It's a

I don't do debt. It's a fraudulent way to do business. If you don't have the money for something, you don't need it.

And no to the second part, as I don't do debt. I also have no desire to run a business. I am the type that likes to work for people, not to have people work for me. I am not a leader, and my problem with life is that I am also not a follower [of other people's ways of doing things].

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Without debt

we would still be in the stone ages. You usually need to borrow to create producer goods.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
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A system of debt always

A system of debt always fails. It requires a growing supply of money due to interest, and I don't know of anyone who is going to lend for free. It always starts small, and trickles its way up into governments. When have you ever seen a personal lender that is a decent person? They're always criminals.

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That's a shame.

That's a shame.

Invest in communities.

Multiple loans to sustainable farmers in an economically depressed area/s.

A Cattle Ranch with some

A Cattle Ranch with some Bison roaming around, and horses.


for long term real value. Gold and silver are nice too. Depends on when and what kind of value he wants to have and when he wants to redeem the utmost of that value.

If I had a million dollars, I would triple the size of my ammunition factory.

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And the classic response


Used to love this movie until I realized that its 99% based on reality.

Pay off any outstanding debts first.

Pay off any outstanding debts.
With what was left:
100K to precious metals
guns, ammo
Put some away for kids college.
Go back to college myself.
Land to start a small farm. 50 acres or so.
Invest in Rental Properties. Lean towards more business properties than personal.
Turn current house into rental property, buy new one a little more secluded.
Invest in local businesses or start my own.
Keep some cash. Maybe 100K
....should be out of money by now.
Don't do what most people do and quit your day job until you have enough money coming in from investments.

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Forget investing, he/she should have some fun...

after they move out of the United States and buy some gold, silver, food, water, toilet paper, and ammo.

Oh and maybe a charitable contribution or two to the troyusaguy foundation may do some good.

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He should donate to bank account 253xxx

Joking aside commodities such as precious metals and land are always good fall back choices. Things that will retain there value over time is always better versus things that will claim to make you a million dollars tomorrow. I would say put the greater portion into things that will keep value and use some of it to make risky bets and live life a little, have fun.