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I actually felt happy today.

I'm feeling inspirational right now. I don't but infrequently catch that star and traverse it for only being able to catch it. I have been asking myself lately why shouldn't I feel anything but love and compassion for the little boy in my life who has Aspergers. I have found myself questioning everything about the most-likely diagnosis he is given, yet only questioning everything in defense of my most valued life. But what kind of parent would I be if I chose to ignore who he is in order to think about what someone else may want him to be?

I appreciate you allowing me share such things with you all. They are things I share in order to give credence to them; celebrate them; learn them as if they are my own. There is so much love in the world and yet children go hungry; children go abandoned; children go their own way - without guidance and affection. You have to be real with children. They can spot insincerity. I tell him the way it is; I tell him that one day I won't be here anymore; I tell him that his hands are for helping, not hurting; I tell him that his actions reflect him inside-out and also serve to found your integrity as a person.

When I hear of abortion, I don't understand. Yet, maybe it's not for me to understand. I can't understand because I have chosen it not to be something I ever need to. Pro-Life! Pro-Choice! What about your deepest feelings on the matters of our time find them reduced to association. Collaboration is good, but not for the sake of collaborating. There has to be genuine empathy and dignity in what it is we do. We are not machines. We are capable of so much more than they are. We are capable of fostering eternity in the children we bear and the truths we choose to hide or present to them.

I have chosen to completely shut out the mainstream media, not so that I can go against the grain of what is acceptable but to argue the case that is open for scrutinizing what is acceptable. Thank you for allowing me to share many things with you all. And thank you for sharing with me the things you may have no one else to talk to about.

Peace and Love always.

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It's not a death sentence

Rex Brocki, long time activist and Ron Paul supporter is Auspie as hell and he has a beautiful wife and he was the voice of the announcer at Ron Paul's counter campaign jamboree and now he's writing books about vampires. He's fun and he's brilliant and he's made his own way in life.

Yeah you never know what you are gonna get next but it could be more awesome than we can presently imagine.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I hope you all...

have a joyous and reflective Independence Day!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


for the morning folks.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I was there

somewhere between the tomatoes and the bell peppers


For revelation!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness