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Liz Cheney would eat Rand Paul for Lunch

Edit (Because I needed a better headline)

Iraq: The Chickens Come Home to Roost -Tom Woods Show hosts Scott Horton on Iraq Rand Paul and Liz Cheney

Excellent interview. Scott Horton is sharp as a razor. He's not a fan of Rand, or is he? Horton delivers much deserved criticism of Rand. But not like you may think.


WOODS: Scott, I know you are not a fan of Rand Paul, but I wonder if you were pleasantly surprised by the fact that he was willing in this case to say, I just don’t see how this could possibly be considered Obama’s fault. None of it would have happened if it hadn’t been for George W. Bush. Now, he has bought into the surge worked stuff, and his comments weren’t perfect, but they are more than anybody else in the GOP these days is saying.

HORTON: Yeah, well, and you notice how they didn’t really fight with him about it. He was outright saying, hey, look, Obama’s been more or less, he wasn’t careful, but [Rand] basically accused Obama of backing ISIS in Syria, and Candy Crowley pushed back a little bit out of her ignorance, but you notice he didn’t get in kinds of trouble politically for this all week, and the answer is because it’s true!

John McCain was over there posing on the porch with the Northern Storm Brigade, who were veterans of al Qaeda in Iraq. Obama and McCain, both the entire Republican and Democratic establishments, they’re all guilty of treason up to their eyeballs, and have nothing to say to what Rand Paul said except silence.

They’re lucky he let them off the hook at that. But the problem is, then he turns around and says, well, maybe we should do airstrikes. 'I am open to bombing them.' He still can’t rule it out, even though he is right that Bush created this mess, Obama made it worse not by leaving, but by the intervention that he’s been doing in Syria next door. It’s time to do like Ron Paul and just say, hey, call it off. Just stop it.

It’s my undying frustration that he won’t just shoot straight. He’s always got to split the difference, and instead of being everything to everyone, he’s going to end up being nothing to nobody. It’s a disgrace, especially, I mean, he’s the best Republican, he’s the best senator ever, probably. I can’t think of a better senator in all of American history, but compared to his father he’s falling so far short in really hammering home the message, and I think if someone had truly tried to cross-examine him and say, what do you mean Bush’s war benefitted Iran? What do you mean Obama’s been backing ISIS in Syria? It seemed to me from the way he said it he hadn’t really done his homework. He’s got his talking points correct, but does he really know how to defend those very controversial positions? I don’t think so, and I think that that is also that lack of principle, because if he had the principle, then he would be very serious about being as good as he can possibly be on this stuff so that he can fight about it and win.

What if he was up against Liz Cheney? I think she would eat him for lunch, and not because she’s right about anything but because she’s ready to fight!

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Did he actually tell her to?

Is there a youtube anywhere where he actually says "Eat Me Liz" ?

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thin context

This had virtually nothing to do with anything Cheney has done or said. Next time try bringing something that she has done into the discussion, and not just pundit, pundit, puindit, annnnnd Cheney!

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I think Rand is smarter

and more clever than Lez Cheney.

I do believe that Rand is going to have to go all in on his positions and defend them with some vigor.

I don't believe that the neocons/Zionist will ever support Rand, no matter how many trips he takes to Israel.

I think Rand needs to make the clear distinction between himself and his adversaries not try to earn their support.

Not voting

We'll the last thing that might trick me into voting would be a candidate who made it clear he was going to apply the violence of the state to previous administration officials, lawyers, and insiders who have done any of the following:

committed war crimes by advocating or ordering torture, stolen and/or committed fraud on an unprecedented scale while destroying the economy, lied our nation into war, voted for, signed, or enforced any unconstitutional laws such as the "Patriot" Act or National Defense Authorization Act, authorized illegal spying on anyone, authorized murder with or without the use of drones instead of allowing a suspect to have a fair trial, purposefully allowed a terror attack to succeed, or demolished WTC 7 without a proper permit.

Like I said, I'm not voting.

that was really good...

I learned a lot about the situation. thanks for posting.

Didn't know Liz was that

Didn't know Liz was that kinky. (-:

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Liz Cheney is a man. Sorry,

Liz Cheney is a man.

Sorry, someone had to say it.

Rand Paul is a big reason

Cheney isn't in the senate, he came out against her campaign immediately and was the most prominent Republican speaking out against her candidacy, more so than anyone else. Thank God she failed.


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Yes I know

And I agree. I remember Rand coning out and saying "we need to keep Liz Cheney out of the senate." Liz Cheney needs to take a hike. She doesn't have any political support from the grassroots or any real political stroke other than what her daddy's friends in high places throw her/their way (which shouldn't be underestimated).

I do not for a second think she couldn't play hard ball if thrown in the arena with Rand. She'd lie through her teeth and people would probably eat it up while Rand is standing there trying so very hard to fit in with the establishment hawks. Its pathetic.

I just thought that the point Scott Horton made in the interview about Rand sounding flimsy on his recent answers over Iraq was upsetting, particularly for me as I am a HUGE Rand supporter. He just needs to bring down the hammer and stop being such a little poon so dang much. I get he is 'playing the game' or whatever, but it wouldn't hurt to let us (and by us I mean the Ron Paulers who are probably the strongest of his base) KNOW he means business.

Did you listen to the interview? Im sure all these drive by down voters haven't. This is not an anti-rand post. Criticism is healthy when deserved.

With that being said....... Rand Paul 2016

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I didn't listen to the interview,

but I did read the text you posted. Honestly, I don't consider Horton's opinions of Rand very credible or worthy of much attention, he has a delusional hatred for Rand that gets in the way of him being objective. Listen to him unhinged in the clip below to see what I am talking about.


I think Rand is doing is fine in talking about foreign policy to a mainstream GOP audience and I do not think Cheney would eat him for lunch. It wouldn't be like Ron going up against her but that's fine, Rand has his own approach that works for him and what he is trying to do.

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Totally agree ron_paul_is_awesome.

Thanks for your comment.


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That is definitely something to consider. I haven't ever heard Horton speak like that. Thanks for sharing.... You make some good points. I expect Rand to do well taking on Hillary so I don't know know why I would really doubt him against her.

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Wow, that's where I remember

Wow, that's where I remember the name from. What a jerk.

INteresting how they are

INteresting how they are interviewing a guy from Reason magazine. Nice! It would be cool if the libertarian front can coopt liberals.

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Do you watch The Independents

On Fox Business? It's actually a pretty good show. Matt Welch is a co-host. They do pretty well I think. The show is predominantly libertarian. I know, I know, it's Fox. Mainstream media can not be trusted and all of that. But I'm glad there is at least something out there representing libertarians.

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I've seen it. I'm more of a

I've seen it. I'm more of a Stossel fan. It just sucks that both shows are tucked away on Fox Business. NOt many cable companies carry Fox Business so their viewership is worse than MSNBC! That's pretty bad!

Hardly, Mike Enzi was going

Hardly, Mike Enzi was going to eat her for lunch, so she dropped out. I never even heard of Mike Enzi before she hopped in his race. Liz is a sad little hussy, funny how her dad kind of tried to link her to Rand and Ted Cruz when she was running against a low level establishment guy. Now he's trying to get her up above everybody, taking over Karl Roves little circus scam.

She could eat this entire community for lunch

and stay for dinner.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

to my negger

you seriously want to see this hypothesis tested?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

When shit hits the fan, I

When shit hits the fan, I think the world over would like to have America on their side. That's because Americans are incredibly practical where battle is concerned. Their capability of reducing a complex situation to its bare essentials and see what is important leads them to be better motivated and allows them to really fight for a cause.

But this battle mentality has a flaw IMO. It leads to large ego's where these people believe themselves to be better than the opposition where simplification is concerned. And the very act of simplification can be dangerous to begin with. Such an act is supposed to be done when you are in a pinch, but now the politicians are leading you to believe that every day is a pinch (tomorrow you might be attacked by a terrorist!) and they are leading you to fight each other like sheep.

The result is what we see today, where people have no problem in seeing his fellow man as the enemy, not even acknowledging the other. I've read somewhere that people's emotions can appear and dissapear in microseconds and that some people have the ability to accurately read these emotions from people that are in a relationship. When these people detect disdain in these couple's faces, a divorce can be predicted with almost 100% accuracy.

When we allow ourselves to fight amongst one another, disdain soon follows after. And seeing the political scene in the US, it's clearly dysfunctional and could eventually lead to a civil war. Perhaps it's not a problem to see the likes of Liz Cheney as the enemy. She will most likely never change her mind. But can you really say that for her supporters? Is it wise to see them as the enemy? May I remind you that some of our numbers were neocons in the beginning and that we were not convinced with disdain?

When we are addressing Liz Cheney, who is it that we are really addressing. Is the message for Liz Cheney? Or her supporters? Who are the real enemies and who are the people that should not be seen as enemies?

When one realizes the above, one sees that attacking Liz Cheney is not for winning a fight. It's simply gratification to one's own ego. It helps NOTHING in converting neocons to the right cause. It only brings forward the situation of a civil war. But that's what some of us want, right? We want to fight, because we like fighting. To heck if the eventual outcome to this can only lead to more war.

I would like a politician that does not argue seeking enemies, but argues on principle with the intent of convincing people on the MERITS. But hey, that's called cowardice nowadays.

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I know its frowned upon

But I'm bumping my own post. Posting at 2am probably wasnt the best idea I've ever had.

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that was terrific

many thanks for posting.

"Liz Cheney would eat Rand for lunch, not because she's right, but because she's ready to fight."
-Scott Horton

we've already seen hannity banging rand around. when will he learn he can't be all things to all people?

also of note scott points out that rand needs to do some serious research so he knows more of what he's talking about, to make his argument solid.

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If you liked that interview

Check out some others of Scott on the Tom Woods Show. I know Scott has his own radio show but there is just something about Tom's approach in the way he interviews him.

Anyone who hasn't heard of Tom Woods is MISSING. OUT. He is a treasure trove of information. I place him up there with Ron Paul and Judge Nap. His podcasts provide an arsenal of information to smack down statists in debate.

What Bush and Obama Accomplished

Lies of Iraq, 11 Years Later- Plus Ukraine

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Bump dat

It isn't really a good day without some Tom Woods. Like Scott, he's brilliant and humble at the same time.