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Republicans Seek War, Spread Fear & Blame Obama For Everything

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We have to say it, Government is a monopoly on trust alone.

without trusting the many axiomatic presumptions made by the "News" the TRUSTFARM has no credit to create law at all.

"We" has some serious trust issues with "I".

and now here we go again as Govt is creating new normative WAR issues to splice for new WAR phrases in divesting its monopoly on WAR-TRUST to the Money Changers.

"I" gave TRUST to "We" to credit WAR for this exceptional "me"..and I never knew what hit me.

o____O ... oh Boi!

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

Trust is gone...

Congress has less than 10% approval rating, yet diebold keeps electing them.

The monopoly is on propaganda, plausible dependability and VIOLENCE.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Think about it this way, if words were products which word would

be monopolized first?

for a word to be monopolize it would need to be a necessary good first before it could be necessarily bad, like electricity or housing comes before smart meters and smart grids.

It would need to store value before it can be falsified to control value.

Violence nor Propaganda actually produces real necessary value as a premise to controlling the market, it instead is the displacer of real value. with force.

Trust produces real value. It is the first word governments use to get in the business of monopoly... without TRUST, there would be no state.

Without the Jewish Ottoman Land Trust there would be no Israel, nor no world war.

And without the FEDERAL RESERVE MONOPOLY our trust would stop at the state level.. or even better... but that trend was reversed and now we have a people who think the government can produce value out of violence when really they can only extract value with violence by monopolizing the production of real value, in TRUST.

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

Democrats seek War, Spread Wealth, and Blame Bush

Democrats seek War, Spread Wealth, and Blame Bush (Both)

Republicans seek War, Spread Fear, and Blame Carter

Fact is that D's and R's Seek War, Spread Fear and Wealth, and Blame each other year in and year out.

The NeoLibCons in both parties do the exact same thing.

With one exception - they have a pet name to call each other when they toss blame and scrape fingers.

"Republicans" and "Democrats"... these are the phrases they use to disparage themselves.

In My Humble Opinion :

Mr. Lindsey Graham is a disgrace to his country, his family and race, his religion, and all humans in general.

Thou shall not kill, murder etc., is the standing platform for every religion that I know of.

Are humans put on earth to kill each other?

I don't think so !!!!