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Why you should vote for Nobody

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Bitter smile :]

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I love the NOTA method

Ron Paul was the first president I ever voted for. I am turning 34 tomorrow ( 4th of july baby woohoo ) and I can't see anyone worth voting for or supporting.

Yes there are some better than others but during the 07/08 election there was something amazing about what we all did. That excitement isn't going to come alive again anytime soon.

I am for state and local voting and would love to REMOVE the federal government COMPLETELY. A step in the right direction at least.

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Happy Birthday 1lIl1


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My brother is also a fourth

My brother is also a fourth of July baby but he'll be 45 tomorrow :)
Happy 34th Birthday my fellow lover of liberty and I hope you have a great one!

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I can think of one....

Justin Amash. Why do you think the establishment is trying so hard to take him down?

Nobody 2016 A President We

Nobody 2016
A President We Can Trust

Southern Agrarian

Every state should have on

Every state should have on their ballots "None of the Above" as an option.



NOTA is always an option in Libertarian Party internal elections, and we've been trying for years to get it added to local elections, with occasional success.

Interestingly, NOTA always gets a few votes, but rarely very many. Once in a while NOTA wins, and we go back to the drawing board for a new slate of candidates.

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vote none of the above!

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Do you ever wake up in the

Do you ever wake up in the morning, and think "Dang, I wish Ron Paul had not run for President, and I REALLY wish I had not supported him and voted for him"?

Yeah, me neither. Liberty Candidates 2014! and 2016! etc. Not the ultimate solution, but another battle ground to fight in.


I don't wake up with regret; hell I don't regret my service or even the getting multiple gunshot wounds on Friday the 13th Nov 2004 in Fallujah.
And I did vote in the primaries for RP in 2007 (and that was the last time I ever voted). I am glad he didn't win though. The establishment would have sank the ship on his watch and "libertarians" would have been blamed. Same goes if he or some other REAL statesman runs in 2016.