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Watch This: CNBC Goes Undercover To Test Generic Drugs. They Have Pfizer Test Them And Pfizer Is Busted!

Prescription roulette: Are discount drug sellers safe?

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It's the FDA

The Feds are getting way too involved with the relationship between my doctor and I.

My mailorder insurance co/pharmacy?? (whether they were supposed to tell me or not) said that the Feds gave my doctor a 10 question test before my Rx could be prescribed. He answered one question wrong and that's why my script was cancelled.

This was less than a week before I was going on a 3-week vacation and I was unable to get my migraine meds for my trip. A lot of fun that trip was.

Why is the government compromising the orders from my doctor that includes my consent?

I assume this is a new Obamacare regulation. Really really disgusting.

But I'd say the real story is

But I'd say the real story is don't take statin drugs such as Lipitor! Cholesterol is good for you!

Supply And Demand

When the government sets a maximum price for a drug, everyone pays the maximum price. It's the same thing Ron Paul described when Medicare came in and did away with free care for the needy.

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Different pills for different folks

It turns out Pfizer makes multiple versions of Lipitor, the top-selling drug in history. Donnelly said the chemical composition of the drugs is identical. "Whatever product Pfizer makes is going to be a top shelf product."

The price, however, is decidedly different. And the owner of one of the facilitators we visited says that is proof his business and others like it are providing "a much needed service" to thousands of clients who could not otherwise afford their medication.

"The fact is that these medicines are manufactured by Pfizer itself and sold to millions of people in other countries," said William Hepscher of The Canadian Medstore in an email.

Hepscher said he takes care to make certain the overseas pharmacies he orders from are licensed in their home countries.

But Pfizer's Donnelly says buying drugs this way nonetheless carries considerable risk.