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Could The U.S. Stop China or Russia From Cornering the Silver Market?

Many are familiar how the US shut down the Hunt Brothers attempt to buy up most of the available silver in 1979/80.

The silver market remains tiny.

What would happen if Russia or China started to boost its silver purchases the way
they're stepping up their gold purchases?


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China Could Drive Silver Upward

"China’s silver consumption already accounts for 70% of the global total for industrial use, and its middle class isn’t even close to reaching its spending potential."


"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Enough for me.......

Congressman Ron Paul’s 2011 request to audit Fort Knox remains unanswered.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

The US doesn't even hold any silver

The US silver stocks are long gone, from the days that Lyndon Johnson bragged that they could be used to suppress the price

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the US as in the US Government couldn't do it. They are credit rich and money poor and you can't uncorner a market with printed dollars that Russia and China are in the process of stopping to use. They don't need the USD anymore really and a slow decoupling is better than an immediate one until they stabilize their oil and energy trades under their own currency OR with Gold. I imagine manipulation in gold price could still occur between them to keep prices under rein if it was used as a money for energy.

Just rambling. I don't think the US government, without Rothchild's money backing it, could bankrupt any country of value any longer. It's not like the US Dept of Aggression has any kind of machinery that would take them out any longer either without recourse that would demolish the entire world as we know it. Hence, one of the reasons we keep attacking little sh i t countries that do trade with China and Russia.

all it would take is one big

all it would take is one big time billionaire..
Don't need a government to corner this market.

That's pretty much what I was

saying regarding the USG needing Rothschild backing to get anything like that done. I agree.

rothchild would be against it

rothchild would be against it because once the silver volcano blows up rothchild would lose damn near everything. The Genie would be out of the bottle.

I don't disagree necessarily,

but I think it's a bit divergent to the point. I was using that kind of money as an example.

However, since Rothschild Family is worth literally Trillions of U$D, I think it would only put a spotlight on the transaction and I doubt all the fortune would be lost. And, it might piss off the Morgans and Rockefellers pretty badly as well. So what kind of pot stirring would occur from that? I am just musing here to entertain your input as I was using Rothschild as an example of the kind of old school money our government needs to do anything that would require real money (such as sucking up the world's silver supply) and not printed TP we have to use to get bread and fuel.

Prior to the rise in banking, the land owning gentry ruled

Then banking came along and was quicker and easier to amass fortunes
Perhaps a shift away from banking will take place, towards the resource owners - ie commodity producers

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correct but a billionnaire can be pressured by the gov't

harder to do with China or Russia

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So isn't it inevitable that Russia or China

will plunk down a few hundred billion to get all the silver?

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I don't know

How ready are they to start GlobalThermoNuclearWar? I have a feeling a rash move like that would start war to end it all. As much as the Banksters want to say gold or silver aren't true money I simply feel it's the truest money that is available to any person, at least at the moment...

Also, the slow decoupling and constant PM acquisition seems to be in the making from all the articles I've been reading. Plunking down a few hundred billion over 25 years?

How much would it benefit Russia/China if they together even had 50% of the global above ground silver and they took it all and started a global lease that would not accept USD?

there is only 1 billion

there is only 1 billion physical ounces of silver that can be traded/bought. It would only take about 21 billion to buy every ounce of tradable silver.


but if one person were to make such a move (like Bunker Hunt did) they will attack with margin calls, claims of market manipulation etc)

A foreign government can by pass comex and delivery shenanigans and just buy physical silver on the open market for cash
It is an astonishingly small market in dollar terms

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my point is that 21 billion

my point is that 21 billion is chump change to Russia or China. You don't need hundreds of billions.

Aren't there alot of variables to this though?

For instance, if some mega billionaire or group of billionaire's tried to buy up the global supply of silver, isn't it possible that both Russia and China could refuse to have their 'stash' remitted to such action?

I've read somewhere that Russia has an unimaginable, unreported, stockpile of silver.

Would never happen!

It's counter productive as all industries (most are located in China) would come to a screeching halt. Silver is needed for tons of electronics, cars' catalytic converters, mirrors, etc...

Why wouldn't china do the same with silver as they are doing

with gold? ie hoarding their domestic production and importing even more?


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They might be doing that.

They might be doing that. But I doubt they'll do it to the extent to where the POS skyrockets. Simply Because silver is needed for industrial purposes.

Gold is monetary metal due to it's scarcity. And used for jewelry due to it's malleability and because it's nonreactive. It's only consumed in jewelry so I can see them hoarding gold to no end.

Mao Tse Hunt!

or Bunker Huntov

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China Needs Silver for Its Solar Energy Plans


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