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July 3rd 1863 3 pm

Southern Pennsylvania

... a moment of silence

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In Honor Of Those Who Fought,

In Honor Of Those Who Fought, Patriots like their forefathers.

The South will Rise Again!

Most don’t understand that those words were a metaphor for the fight against the Federalist mercantilist tyranny.

Here is the proof, the US Constitution vs the Confederate Constitution which has all the mercantilist agenda stripped out and the Bill of Rights written right in the CSC, not an afterthought as an amendment as in the USC.

Spread the Confederate Constitution around brothers…..When the SHTF we will need a blue print to rebuild…….we either return to the Articles of Confederation or something like the CSC orl we will lose what’s left of our State sovereignty to the rest of the world. It’s the eventuality of the growth of the State…….and the death of Liberty.


Love that string band music

2nd South Carolina String Band, that is. The group performing the song is a regular at the Battle of Gettysburg re-enactment, scheduled this weekend. Check them out if you're in the vicinity.


Hey, Stonewall

If you liked that. Check out this video of the band from last year's Gettysburg event.

Sorry I don't know how to embed.


A moment of silence as we reflect on the turning point in the battle for freedom from federal tyranny and all of the men that gave their lives trying to push back the advancement of Lincoln's despotism. I also have sorrow for the men that were conscripted to fight for the tyrant like so many of the poor Irishmen and Germans that were forced to be soldiers in the Union army.

As for the men that voluntarily fought on the side of the North, I have no sorrow or sadness for their demise. I wish that the murderous bastard generals such as the flamboyant jerk Custer could have met their maker on the battlegrounds in the South but do take some pleasure in the way that he ended up dying (same goes for Hamilton by the way)...

So, a moment of silence to reflect on the loss of the battle at Gettysburg and for the Confederate soldiers and the unwilling conscripts from the North that died there. A Southern victory at Gettysburg could have turned the tide - possibly changed the outcome of war and, of course, resulted in America remaining a free republic for at least a little longer...

And, after the moment of silence, let us LOUDLY speak out against tyranny!!!