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Maybe The Most Dangerous Novel You Will Read This Summer

EXIT 13A - A Control Tower Diary.

Here's what Jack Cashill says:

"For all the seriousness of its subject matter--namely, air safety--this may be the funniest, most politically incorrect book I have read since the thought police took over the publishing industry. Although set in and around air traffic control towers, Exit 13A speaks to the cowardly abuse of power by authorities everywhere. Not necessarily a book to read on your next flight, but otherwise put Mr. Shields' book on the top of your list.
- Jack Cashill -- Best Selling Author, Journalist.

Jack Cashill and the author of Exit 13A have something in common: They both believe that TWA800 was shot down by a missile and the US Government covered it all up. And, the author once worked in the same JFK radar departure sector that TWA800 was last "seen" in. Jack will appear on July 21, Monday at 9:00 PM EDT, on the Shields Report WVLT radio (Philly/De/South Jersey, 92.1FM or WVLT.COM. DPer's are welcome to call in 856-696-0092. The Shields Report:
Comin on strong - Stayin on long.


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