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More Republicans Line Up With Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Views

By Patrick O'Connor | WSJ

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul might be onto something.

For all the hand-wringing about whether his foreign-policy views could disqualify him from winning the Republican presidential nomination, recent polls suggest his skepticism about foreign entanglements might not be quite so out of step with GOP voters.

As troubles mount overseas, the Republicans’ once-steadfast support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has crumbled since President Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term, according to the results of a June Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll and a related Journal/NBC/Annenberg Survey.

In the latest Journal poll of 1,000 adults, conducted June 11-15, 58% of the Republican respondents said the war in Afghanistan wasn’t worth it, compared with the 37% who said it was. That’s an abrupt shift from January 2013, when just 37% of Republicans said the war wasn’t worth it. The Annenberg survey conducted days later found similar erosion in views about Iraq.


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Paul's differences not with the voters.

Dr . Paul's number of friends in the electorate are not the problem. As with his father's candidacy in 2012 the Establishment RNC is the problem. Like any dominant power group the Establishment doesn't want its controlling neocon faction to lose its standing in the Republican Party. Unless he makes a deal with the RNC his candidacy will be sabotagrd in 2016 just as his father's was in 2008 and 2012.

And also as in 2012 if the Republican Party doen't offer a candidate who offers substantilally different policies than the Democrat, the lesser of two evils will be ignored again, as Romney was in 2012, by the independents, libertarians, conservatives and constitutionalist Republicans..

These factions are realizing that if the Republicans have no one better to vote for than another Dole/McCain/Romney neocon clone we will be getting just a Democrat Lite who will deliver the same old tired Establishment policies as has been offered in the past by Democrats and Republicans alike.

A very good example of this short sightedness on the part of the Establishment state party hierarchy is Michigan's Rick Snyder. His record to date; state spending increased $7 billion in four years, assisted Democrat House and Senate in the Medicaid Expansion and the Obamacare State Exchange, is raising the gas tax and automobile registration fees, took a perfectly good privately funded international bridge and turned it in a government boondoggle, reduced taxes on business and funded it with a pensioner's tax increase.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.