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Russian scientists raising funds to rebuild Tesla Tower

Two Russian physicists are fundraising to realize their project for wireless energy transmission once proposed by brilliant 20th-century scientist Nikola Tesla. Solar panels and an upgraded Tesla Tower could solve global energy hunger, they say.

Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov, graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, claim they have spent years scrutinizing the Nikola Tesla’s patents and diaries and they believe that with his most ambitious project – transcontinental wireless energy transmissions – Tesla came very close to unprecedented scientific discovery that could be brought to fruition.


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Anyone Technoids On Here

that can direct me to a good theoretical read on Tesla's work?

Surely by now we can understand what he did/was doing. It simply can't be that even now - after Einstein, Feynman, etc we don't know the fundamentals behind his inventions.

I'm an engineer and understand basic electricity / electromagnetism but don't yet get the theory behind his wireless power transmission bit. Where's the 'Idiot's Guide to Tesla'?

Anyway I need a good summer read...

The Tesla Era

Remember, the experiments Tesla and Edison were doing were in brand-new, unexplored territory. Tesla invented the very concept of a transformer, where low-voltage, high-current electricity can be transformed to high-voltage, low current electricity. I believe that that's all Tesla was trying to do - the more the voltage is stepped up, the less current needs to flow to transfer energy.

By that logic, it's almost reasonable, given the knowledge of the time, that if the voltage could be stepped up to infinity, the current could drop to zero.

Problem is, those pesky electrons start escaping at only a few tens of thousands of volts, which throws a serious monkey wrench into those "wireless power" schemes.

Wireless chargers and the like are nothing more than a two-piece power transformer.

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The sad part is we dont have the experience he did

Tesla hooked himself up to his AC current to prove it was safe and lit himself up like a light bulb, and on another occasion he claimed there was more than one kind of energy; that AC could destroy and heal.

I don't believe radio transmissions were ever meant to be so radioactive. I can't prove this of course, but I think Tesla knew something else we didn't. All the technology we have today couldn't give us the answer, we have to go back and use what they did, and recreate all the experiments that birthed this technology.

Tesla created a 60 mile radius of wireless power, without the production skills we have today, and with all our technology we managed recently to power something 8 feet away at best.

We need people going back to the beginning and forget everything we know and start from scratch.

PS: People talk about loss of energy from point to point, including in the article. Tesla's wireless energy had no lag time. It was all instantaneous. His concept radio transmissions can now be proven to have no lag when using the earth as it's transmitter, so we know at least half of that is true. I would think if we can do radio, we can do energy. Which is why I think no one looks into this. If instant energy transmission is in fact possible, it would disprove almost everything we know about outer space and "light years".

Are you familiar with the

Are you familiar with the Newton's cradle gadget?

I think Tesla's system works like that. The hanging beads in the Newton's cradle gadget need to be very inelastic for the device to work. If they have elastic collisions, you will see the whole row of beads move back and forth. I think this (elastic nature) is analogous to AC and there are losses in that kind of system. DC, on the other hand, would be like constantly pushing the beads one direction, but moving that many beads also has losses. In Tesla's system, only the beads at the ends move, and only with sharp impulses. No losses in the middle.

Regarding instantaneous transmission, I suspect that the system is like a phase locked loop and the transmitter changes the phase instantaneously, but not the frequency. PM instead of FM.


I do know back in the 80's in California, they successfully used lines that dig into the ground, i think in Berkley, CA and they could talk to a another trans/receiver in Denver, Colorado and i think Los Angeles, CA, with no loss.

It was a real time audio transmission in 3 locations, faster than all the tv/radio stations at the time which had a lag of 6 to 12 seconds i think.

I saw the video documentation for it a few years ago, If I can find ill post it, ill have to look for it later.

Video documentation

Was the video documentation about Dollard?

As a tower lineman in the microwave transmission industry

I can tell you I wouldn't want to be anywhere close to those towers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from a radiation-fearing anti-nuke, but wireless transmission of power has always seemed like very bad idea to me. Alscapacitively to reclaim power against the upper atmoo understand that I'm a huge fan of Tesla and think that he can never capacitively to reclaim power against the upper atmoqgecapacitively to reclaim power against the upper atmot enough credit for what he invented. His turbine really needs to be revisited, too.

What does worry me is that the project could be used as a weapon. Of the many Tesla myths, one seems to hold some basis in reality. The story goes that, in an attempt to transmit power, he harmonized a Tesla coil with Earth ground. The idea was to send a charge into the earth, which would travel straight through the Earth, depart the opposite side of the Earth, continue to the atmosphere, hit space, bounce back down the atmosphere, travel back through the Earth, rise up through his tower back to the atmosphere above, bounce off of space over his tower, return back to his tower, receive a re-charge from his tower, and repeat the cycle. The purpose was to use Earth itself to maintain oscillating current at a low and manageable level. The story goes that the system worked better than originally anticipated and that the losses were lower than he thought they would be. Instead of maintaining a low level AC, each cycle was increasing the charge more and more. Synthetic lightning started bolting from the ground on the Wardenclyffe site as well as on the opposite side of the globe, the grass started to glow blue-white light, nearby cows were knocked unconscious, and a hydroelectric generator was blown out.

Here's the big problem. When we want to protect our electronics, we plug in a 3-prong outlet, that third prong being supposedly always 0v Earth ground. What if it suddenly started oscillating current? The fear goes that this device could be used to destroy entire infrastructures across the globe in an instant, even destroying data centers inside of hardened shelters. It wouldn't matter if your equipment ran on solar power or you had your own generators. Everything would be toast.

While I think a lot of the stories are far-fetched, this one is plausible enough to me that I would be concerned about it.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

wireless power is coming soon


"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran

People are concerned about cell phone towers, smart meters,

wireless internet causing cancer and skin cancer from solar radiation. Yet with the kind of energy supposedly transmitted by this, somebody in the path of this thing would be lucky to live into next week. I think the only intelligent and possibly true comment at the original article was the one that said something like: "This is a people zapper. Like a bug zapper only bigger."


While I assume it will be harmful to humans, I was wondering if those scientists did any research on that?

Yes, Beta testing resulted

in the Tunguska Event (1908).



lol...Thomas Edison shared

lol...Thomas Edison shared similar skepticism regarding AC current. He wanted DC current. Definitely one of the worst scientists--He was horrendous...