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Why Don't These Americans Know Why Do We Celebrate 4th of July?

And people wonder why people blindly follow ideologies, without knowing what principles USA was founded on... Note, most of them speak fine English


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This looks like Miami...

so ignorance of things American is not surprising to me. What is depressing are the white/anglo/American kids who couldn't even come up with the right century...I'm blaming a few things for this: 1. Public schools, 2. lack of parental involvement, and 3. total apathy about everything on the part of most under the age of 30.
Videos like this always seem to depress me. I wonder if we should even try to rescue this Republic...is it even save-able, or should it be at all? Perhaps a complete, total re-boot is what's necessary.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

My wife immgrated here

It took seven years. Went through health physicals and had to learn English. She had to understand and know about the constitution and dates of American history and know the Bill of Rights. Then she became a American citizen In 1968.Nowadays all you have to do is know who the Kardashians are. Now you see why Obama is president. Things just changed in America. America has reached the fourth turning again. I was born in the end of first turning. Time for a reset. People will wake up again or fade away.

Money talks and dogs bark

The Fruit of Revolution is Revolution

Apprehending the principles of revolution will not be a balm to our present predicament because the principles of revolution are, in their essence, unbounded. If the American Revolution was justified, then so was the secession of the Confederate States, and if the secession of the Confederacy was likewise in accord with these principles, then so is any other revolution further down the line, and so on ad infinitum.

Revolutionaries generally fail to recognize that there is no built-in stopping point; they want to use revolution to break the present system, but typically they want to stop the machinations at a certain point. But there is no stopping it, once the machine is set into motion. Once we imbibe the principles of revolution, once we do away with the notions of duty, of citizenship, and of obedience, there can be no stability. Everything born of revolution has the deep cracks and fissures of a future revolution.

In the case of the American Republic, a civic religion or, rather, a civic idolatry has been used to counteract the revolutionary principles that otherwise would press the people inexorably to subsequent revolutions. Washington, D.C., replaces the seat of the Church; the flag replaces the Cross; the President becomes the earthly head of the counterfeit church; statesmen replace priests. But falsehood and idolatry are no substitutes for truth, and the whole façade is built on sand. It cannot last, and the fissures of the next revolution are already visible.

Parents have not been passing on our heritage

to their children.



Two words:

Public Schools.

Don't forget

Predator drones...LOL.

I think many questioned were born in other countries

and migrated here. It would be like asking an American who moved to Paris about the history behind Bastille Day, which celebrates the beginning of their Revolution.

RP R3VOLution