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While everyone's focused on immigration, congress plans on giving IRS more power (video)

TAMPA (FOX 13) -
The IRS has been caught up in scandal, and Congress is still investigating allegations of misconduct.

But Congress could still give the IRS more power and resources to investigate taxpayers and collect.

Federal lawmakers are considering plans that would increase fines for tax preparers, increase questions for taxpayers regarding the deduction for home mortgage interest, revoke passports for some who owe back taxes, and allow private debt collectors to pursue people with unpaid taxes.

To fund things like highway projects, Congress is looking for ways to bring in more revenue without raising taxes, so it is considering ways to crack down on tax deadbeats.

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In any competition....

if you pressure your opponent, he loses. There are more of us than them. So stop willfully paying your taxes. Make them audit you. On line #7 of the W4, file and exemption.