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Sickening police crosswalk trap - Cop Fishing: Revenue Collection Trap

The Somerville Police Department has devised an ingenious method for catching dangerous criminals.


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If they are legitimately trying to make it safer in crosswalks

then it might be OK to do this. But we all know this has nothing to do with safety and everthing to do with revenue generation. So this just adds to the long list of reasons that I have almost no respect for cops anymore.

If the local law is stop for pedestrians in crosswalk...

... then that's the law. If they don't like the law, have it changed or repealed.

It looks like many drivers don't stop for pedestrians there.

I don't like the "undercover" cop there, but if they don't use a cop in civies to help enforce it, do they wait till someone almost hits a civilian?

In our town, they have a local merchant place a sign in the middle of the street: "Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk (Michigan Law)" This seems to work pretty good.

Not defending cops, but Americans need to STOP at crosswalks...

Not happy about cops trapping people, and in fact, one of my only tickets was given in one of these traps almost a decade ago now.

HOWEVER, after moving back to the US from England, I was shocked at how many car drivers IGNORE pedestrian right of ways. It's tremendously dangerous and there does need to be some kind of enforcement going on. Again, not a fan of traps, but I also have little sympathy for American drivers in this instance. They need to learn to share the roads with other types of commuters.

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Did you notice that the cop car violated the exact same law

they are enforcing? While Officer Portly is still crossing the street (at 1:22), the cop car crosses right behind him in pursuit of the Jeep.

Additionally, the cop is driving directly into oncoming traffic.

Google is government.

Sickening is right


that was kinda funny

The camera guy should have put up a sign expressing his freedom of speech saying cops on crosswalk.

Police, please stop protecting and serving me

I can live my life just fine without you!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown