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A Contrarian View of the Illegal Immigration Frenzy

If you look at history, and see the events that were the most extreme in terms of destroying various countries, I believe you'll see the most terrific renaissances that always followed.

We all know that overloading the social welfare system will cause it to collapse. So it makes sense that accelerating the collapse will bring the end, sooner rather than later. Speed matters.

I think it's important that people see the end and all it's tragedy in the same generation as the rebirth. Fresh memories are the best.

We fight (if often only in our heads) against unconstitutional or anti-American policies. But I believe that the demolition of these principles will cause that hunger for freedom to rise again as it always has throughout history.

Look around. There is a clear and broad conversation coming from every corner regarding the 'loss of liberties' and 'government meddling'.

I have faith in humankind and more so in the One who created humankind with that hunger for liberty.

Ironically, I would not be surprised if the very ones we see as the 'culprits' -- These thousands of illegals -- may be the ones who demand the American way of Liberty, Prosperity and Peace.

Don't be surprised.

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And another different view

I've been to Mexico plenty of times. I asked the question. If it were not for Mexicans crossing over to the other side for prosperity would Mexico have had another revolution? The answer is always yes.

If US colonists had not revolted in the colonies and had been stuck in England would the American revolution have been the English revolution?

Who will be the Ron Paul of Mexico? One of Obama's "Dreamers"?

Who will be the Ron Paul of Mexico? One of Obama's "Dreamers"?

You never know...