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Where is Rand's Op-Ed for the 6 unarmed Palestinian children killed by Israel so far this year?

See this video for proof of Israel shooting in cold blood, two unarmed children, one of whom was walking away from troops.


So when will we see an op-ed by Rand regarding the RECENT killing of two unarmed Palestinian teens? Non-Jewish life is just as precious as Jewish life Rand! 4 other Palestinian children have been killed by IDF so far this year. We know that the IDF was responsible for all six deaths. Rand doesn't know that Hamas was involved with the killings of the Israeli teens. We can't just take Israel's word for it, given its track record peddling bogus intelligence. Weapons of mass destruction and "secret meetings in Prague? anyone?

And given what these people go through, they have the right to use weapons more severe than rocks. I know most Americans would not choose non-violence if China or Mexico was occupying their land and building Chinese or Mexican only "settlements." Oh wait a minute, maybe the Mexicans could get away with it, cause they are lol, but you get the point.

I will call Rand's office Monday and try to express my outrage at Rand's selective and pandering outrage over Jewish suffering. Enough is enough!

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Rand is not Ron

It is times like this that makes me wish Rand was a clone of Ron.

Alas, he is not.

On the other hand, I think Scott Horton has said good things about Rand Paul.

The problem is that the deck is soooo stacked against ANY criticism of Israel that critics are attacked as "anti-semite"(That AIPAC money!). Funny how those who say terrible things about Iran's government are never called "Anti-Persian racists".

Part of wishes that he would drop all "self-censorship" and say how he feels.

However, we should remember what happened during his maddow interview. He took a pure property rights position on the civil rights and got eviscerated by BOTH the left and right for it.

The American people have been conditioned to be collectivists and lovers of the Welfare-Warfare State.

What Rand and Ron share is that they are BOTH a threat to unchecked National power.

The strength of the of the liberty movement is that we do not have to put our ends in one basket.

TMOT likes to use the phrase "Ground Wars" for our fight for liberty. This is about more than this or that election, despite what the Government-backed Media tells us, it is about the future of our society.

If this is a "Ground War", then we must attack on any and all possible fronts.

The powers that be want us to put all our faith in Rand, or completely disown him for not being libertarian enough. I do consider Rand a legitimate avenue in the fight for liberty, but not the only avenue.

As 2015 and 2016 approach, it is important that our movement not fracture like other movements(Communists,etc.) into infighting.

We should all support each other in the fight for liberty on every possible battlefield.

The Statists will not limit themselves in their attacks on liberty, why should we limit ourselves in its defense?

The Statists do not fight fair(as any liberty activist will tell you), and they play the game of divide and conquer.

It has, also,

been reported in Haaretz ,Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo, predicted a week before the Israeli teen killings, that “What will you do if in a week three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?,” Here's an excellent article about this tragic occurence, from a logical Muslim perspective, where he questions the cognitive thinking of Western Christians on their blind faith in Israel. http://mirajnews.com/article/opinion/kidnapping-jewish-boys-...
Also, where is the outcry for this Palestinian American boy who went to Palestine to attend his cousins funeral, that was burned alive by barbaric Israelis, and was grabbed and beaten by undercover Israeli forces? http://www.imemc.org/article/68330

Hillary will probably use the

Hillary will probably use the Republican Pandering to Israel to make an "America First" foreign policy on the campaign trail

Good way to sweep Rand's supporters out from underneath him.

Why does Rand have to do anything to satisfy you?

Where's your op-ed? I haven't seen it either.

What a question

Elected official of government. Why would we ever expect them to do anything (moral). To satisfy a voter?


How can you defend Rand Paul's support of a racist supremest IzraHell. He has long speeches for the kid that was razing the Palestine villages that had invaded other people's property and suffered the consequences. oh he has long speeches for them. But the revenge killing by the rabid supremest racist's burning a child alive. Not a peep. But you say what again?

Its none of my business what a US Senator does or not?

You best check yourself!

Oh yah he is still playing political football like when he endorsed Mitt Ronmey over his own father. Just at the critical time to dash the hopes of many people who were and had been fighting for Ron Paul.

Just how many have to die in his game of Monday armchair political footbal for it to become anyone else's business?


When Rand went to Israel

He didn't meet with Palestinians nor did he check out
Israel's world-leading medical marijuana research.

Yet he's against both of them...


Not true, Rand met with the

Not true, Rand met with the Palestinians and the Jordanians, too. The media didn't report it very well.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Stand corrected

He was physically in the West Bank, at least, He did meet
with Abbas but it's not clear where - looks like
in Jordan.

I don't know if the media not reporting it was why it didn't get covered - don't
really get the impression Rand wanted it covered.

Nor those wack job zionist evangelicals that arranged the trip.

After all, they want the Jerusalem Temple to be rebuilt, which
they think will precipitate the end-times war and Armageddon
and that they will be taken up with the Elect - so peace with
the Palestinians doesn't really dovetail with their agenda.

Please, Lord - give the rest of us a break and take them up *now*...

Only thing I found that gives anything concrete about his interaction
with the Palestinians:


Jessie Benton, convinced

him, that if he wanted 'any' chance of getting the GOP nomination, he had better pander to Israel, to please the (apostate) evangelical Zionists. He is now caught in the 'satanic allure' preached by these apostates. His soul is being pulled to the evil side, and once, he becomes full blown Zionist, it will be very difficult to escape. Watch, when the '16 election train starts up, if we make it that far, it will be a contest on who loves Israel more, and Rand will be set to hang with the rest of the pandering fools.

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Scary thought

Rand's op-ed won't change things over there.

No one's thoughts will.

I've got a more interesting question.

Who cares? I'll tell you who doesn't, the people who vote in elections in America. Once you come to terms with this, Rand's lack of an Op-Ed for this is kind of easy to answer.

I sympathize with the intent of the OP here, but practicality holds a trump card over ideological purity. America at large doesn't like us thinking folks, so the only way to get a friendly politician in office serving our interests is to play the game.

Oh, and I down-voted this article, so instead of casting your whining aspersions to the four winds about people down-voting and not saying why, you can just direct them my way.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Let Rand Stand!

If Rand wants to stand with Israel somebody hand him a
Galil and let him go stand there.

Maybe we could get Ted Cruz, Hillary, John McCain, Peter King,
Chuck Schumer, Glenn Beck and other deserving folks to stand there
with him. Might as well get Netanyahu there, too.

I'm thinking maybe border of Gaza - together in a nice, tight group.
Well-silhouetted against the sky for dramatic effect. Everyone in matching
bright white tee shirts with crossed Israeli and US flags across the front
and back...

Great, umm, photo op.

Another PHONY CNN story with crisis actors!!

Those 'actors with masks' were not struck, as shown in those videos, by 'live', real rounds! I can assure you!

You do not volitionally lay yourself onto the ground when struck by live ammo, the type which travels from a chamber pressure of 20,000 to 30,000 lbs: and well above hyper-sonic speeds: and which deforms .223 style ammo, similar to the type shown in the picture, upon impact: and likely would not have ended up in the backpack in pristine condition for the CNN camera to share world-wide... right afterwards!

No. Let’s see the body, the wound, the proof.

CNN international has come off their recent 'creation' of the overthrow of Libya, resulting in the NATO/American led destruction of a debt free country who was opposed to Al Qaeda, who were without connection to the IMF, who were free from USA Lordship!

Don't fall for CNN’s fake and vulgar news.

But neither should you fall for the fake peace accords which have been fraudulently underway for the past 40 years, between Israel and Palestine!

The common people of Israel and of Palestine have prayed for peace for decades!

The little Baptist churches in Palestine have members who march in the funeral processions of the killed serfs of this global warfare! The common folk of the entire Middle East cry, just like grassroots’ Americans when their children get hurt. They have hospitals... they hope for peace!


The leadership lording it over Israel and the USA have been seeding violence for that same time, all to support US Global and specifically Middle Eastern hegemony... all for the end of Globalism.

It is and remains: long live the CFR and the return to international banking Lords over international serfdom!

Unlike the greatest Congressman in history, the educator and statesman Ron Paul, overcoming this monster through, what you must realize is the deepest and most horror filled of chess games, is all that Rand is about!

For I hope the last time I must say, I know the family. Rand did not stand by his father’s side, for his entire life, for naught!

Let us focus on our duty for time and resources are both precious and rapidly dwindling. Use the strategy. Do not vilify it. Rather, it is our duty to do our part in the precincts, in the halls and fields of America… for we are the grassroots so vital to freedom.

I think you're right. That

I think you're right. That father was way too excited to be talking about his "dead" son. Also, if the boy was truly walking to or from from school with text books, why is he wearing a full face mask?

If it really happened, I apologize for thinking this way but it reeks of a false flag operation.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Israel has not denied the

Israel has not denied the shooting, nor the killings! And it first claimed the teens were a threat and had to be killed. ONLY after the video was released, which clearly showed the teens were not a threat, did Israel claim that the video may have been doctored. Israel is now investigating. Furthermore, the UN and many human rights groups have acknowledged it. You guys are reaching. If there is any false flag, it's more likely an Israeli one.

Raw video was

released by the family - several hours worth, unedited, that included
the shootings, the Israelis haven't come up with any evidence that
shows anything was doctored.

Although they did try to bully the business owner whose security
system the footage came from into removing it - might make it
inconvenient the next time they decide to kill a few kids holding a
couple of rocks or something...


Great reply.

Great reply.

Where is AtlantaIconoclast on

Where is AtlantaIconoclast on the man who was killed in the Congo last week? Huh?

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Huh? You miss the point and

Huh? You miss the point and prove my point. Why is Rand writing an op ed about a death in a foreign land? And why haven't I heard about this Congo death? The answer to that last question should make you understand my point. Why is Jewish life treated as so much more precious by Rand? I don't think Rand needs to op-ed about the Congo man, or Palestinians killed by Israel, not to mention Jews in Israel. Is that clear? I want him to be consistent and to stop pandering.

You want tilting at ALL windmills wordwide with equal vigor..


"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

You didn't even bother to

You didn't even bother to read my response I guess. I don't think Rand should waste time op-eding for deaths in any other nation! You missed the point.

He's writing about this death

He's writing about this death because he is trying to pass a bill to end some foreign aid...somewhere...anywhere!

Rand Paul and Zionist backing

I assume everyone here remembers the treatment Ron Paul got in Iowa and the Zionist media constructed blackout of Ron Paul.

Like it or not, nobody can get elected without the Zionist media.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Because he would be

Because he would be committing political suicide. What don't you get? Hello McFly!!!

if that's the opinion...

...of principled defenders of truth and liberty nowadays then aipac and pnac have won. Ron Paul retires and we all go from principles to politics. What happens when not much changes under president Rand? Another forty years of wandering in the desert of obscurity until the next statesman with balls comes around and says it how it is regardless of politics? I'm starting to see a pattern of contained opposition of state power.

I'm not going to be all Ra Ra

I'm not going to be all Ra Ra Rand here. Yes...it would be great if Rand could (and I say could) be the next great defender of Liberty but let's come back to reality for a moment and look at what happened to his father.

We cannot put our hope in a politician. The change has to start with the people. My advice is to look at his voting record. That's where it counts.

"We cannot put our hope in a politician."