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"Powerless devices will not be permitted on board the aircraft." - TSA

What a bizarre new requirement. The statement that gets me is:

Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.

What if the device is out of batteries??

Here's the story:
TSA will check to see if your device turns on for international, U.S.-bound flights

As part of new security protocol at foreign airports, the United States Transportation Security Administration will require cell phones and select electronic devices to be fully charged with the ability to be powered on when going through security screening. The TSA says that devices that won't power on will not be allowed on flights headed to the U.S.

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Can someone explain to me how anybody is buying into this


So let me recap here.
In order to fly to the US- your electronics have to power on - otherwise you may pose a security threat.

However, if you are an able bodied terrorists, you can forgo the flight into the US AND JUST WALK ACROSS THE EFFIN SOUTHERN BORDER, GET PICKED UP BY DHS AND THEY WILL GLADLY DROP YOUR ASS OF IN ANY CITY YOU WISH TO HARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, nobody, anybody, somebody please explain this crazy, make believe world we are living in please.

It's a basic

marketing technique. You can't have your jingles and posters fading into routine. Gotta' keep changing it up, make them have to mull over your message.

Defend Liberty!

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Body bombs... I'll tell you

Body bombs... I'll tell you something I learned from a PhD in Reno 12 years ago. He stated that (at that time) there were chemicals that one could mix together, place in a balloon and swallow which would explode some 4 hours later. How is TSA going to address that "threat"? Make us all have an EGD (camera down the throat) before stepping on a plane?? How much farther does this rabbit hole go??

Beware the cult of "government"...

Cell phones is old news for Theater Security Artists

Cell phone devices is so last century. CIA has developed anal and vaginal bombs. In ten years there will be compulsory anal and vaginal checks if you want to fly using commercial airlines.

It is in small increments, drop by drop, the freedoms and common sense are lost.

Engage in Secure Exchange

Free phones for the TSA!

Free phones for the TSA!