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MY WAR on Advertisers has begun. Who is with me?

I am boycotting all advertisers that advertise on shows that blatantly ignore RP

I am starting with The Daily Show. Watch last nights show and you will understand. Anyone record it? I need a list of advertisers.

I am a professional at online marketing.

I just got off the phone with Brenda Williams who is in charge oif PR for anheuser-busch.com financials. They are the parent company of Budweiser who is currently advertising on the daily show site.

When she thought the call was hung up she said "oh my god no" They are scared.

I am about to hit a bunch of board members with this email.

Hi All,
It is with a heavy heart I must stop drinking Bud.

You are supporting blatant lies and suspression of free speech. I watched The daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. You advertise on their site. Jon said there were on 5 presidential candidates left. There are of course 6. He mentioned everyone except Ron Paul. He basically inferred Ron Paul is not in the race by complete ommission. Even though Ron paul has trounced Giuliani in nearly every election.

I find this blatant suspression of the fact abhorrent in a free society. I love my Bud but I am afraid everytime I drink it now it will remind me of how you are funding manipulation of the electoral process. This I cannot stomach. Other Ron Paul supporters feel the same way. Unfortunately the networks will not listen to us so the time has come for us to stop paying their wages by not buying your products.

I am truly sorry. You make a great product. Maybe you will have more sway with their producers than we do.

I wish you all the best.

Jim Stewart

PS you should be aware that some people are saying they will make Youtube vids about this issue and make them rank in Google anytime someone types in "Budweiser"

Here are some addies I found.

Thomas.Santel 'A T' anheuser-busch.com'
Thomas W. Santel
President and Chief Executive Officer
— Anheuser-Busch International, Inc.

'David.Peacock 'A T' anheuser-busch.com'
David A. Peacock
Vice President of Marketing — Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

Francine.Katz 'A T' anheuser-busch.com'
Vice President of Communications and Consumer Affairs
— Anheuser Busch, Inc.

I can't post at other RP forums so if someone can repost this wherever that is fine with me.

I am a gun at SEO. My goal is to get RP on The Daily Show again.

Who is with Me?

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How about "A Week of Buying

How about "A Week of Buying Nothing".

Nothing at all. Nada. Just sit at home after work and read a good book. Keep the TV off.

They'll get the message.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Slow effect

I guess the reason I don't subscribe to that theory is the time it will take to have an effect. It is easy to shoot off a few emails for people but changing lifestyles is harder.

Also when you have a bunch of nagging emails at Board level that get forwarded to their underlings things start to happen quickly. I know from experience this works.

You need to put yourself in the mindset of a corporate entity. Any threat to the brand has to be dealt with fast otherwise heads roll.

Jim Stewart

It is about a perceived threat.,

Most people think the way this will work is by not spending their money on the advertisers. That is not the plan. That will take to long.

It is about these companies seeing a perceived threat to their brand and acting pre-emptively to mitigate any damage.

The way we make that happen is by going directly to the inbox of Board Members.

Start a ripple effect within the organisation.

Jim Stewart

If you want to make this work.

Start off by emailing the people above. Be polite business like or humourous if you want.

If someone can give me a list of other advertisers I will hunt down the appropriate people to email. Also if their are local advertisers for the daily show please can someone tell me. I only get Aussie ads.

Jim Stewart

Count me in.

I am done playing their game. It is time we make them play ours. There are a lot more of us than them.

All they care about is money - so that is where we have to hurt them.

This is about the revolution, remember?


Even if you bankrupt all of them there will only be more....

Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.

It is not about bankrupting them

If you email these company directors and their employees they are obliged to take notice.

The Brand is sacrosanct.

The Brand must be protected.

The Brand is their key asset.

Threaten the Brand you threaten the business and the livelihoods of the Brand Managers.

You then put the directors in a position where they have to protect shareholders. Either stop advertising on the Daily Show (case in point) or ask their producers to recant last nights story which claimed only 5 presidential candidates left.

It's about getting the advertisers to talk to the producers. It's not about bankrupting them.

Jim Stewart

I'm in

Who drinks Bud anyway? Screw corporate beer, microbreweries and true imports are where it's at.

Support the little guys, rejuvenate small business, take back our country, all at the same time. As has been said so many times here, vote with your dollars. Might cost a little bit more, but I'd say that is a damn good bargain, and your palette will thank you too. :)

It's about causing a stir at the board meetings

By tackling advertisers you make them devote time and energy to it. It gets forwarded internally Brand Managers have to pay attention. You are taking their attention away from selling more stuff. These people are VERY busy.

If all they have to do is change their advertising or put some pressure on Jon Stewart et al to make this go away they will. But there has to be a large volume of emails. Don't turn off the telly. Go head to head with them.

I have done this many times. Gone direct to board level if I have a problem with a business. IT WORKS.

Do the ads change at a local level on comedy central?

Jim Stewart

If Ron Paul

starts advertising with Fox, CNN, and/or MSNBC, is he to be added to the Boycott list too?

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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I am not boycotting network ads. Just individual shows ads

There is a difference. Sales Managers sell shows not networks.

And I think you are being trite. This is important.

I want every Brand Manager out there to think about who they are associating their brand width.

The networks are too big.

I If someone recorded last nights show
PLEEEEASE let me know who advertised. I need to contact them all. I'm downunder so I only have Aussie ads.

Pressure the advertisers to pressure the show producers.

Jim Stewart

I'm with you.

Currently, I'm boycotting Best Buy, CNN, Faux News, and MSNBC.

I would be happy to add Bud to the list.

If you send out any other letters, let me know. I will be happy to join in.

McCain's wife owns...

Anheuser Bush Company. Did you know that? You're hittin' a double whammy.

McCain came back from Vietnam, found out his wife (who was a model) had been seriously injured in an automobile accident--she did not tell him while he was in Vietnam...as not to upset him. She was recovered but this is how the reports go...'she was left 4" shorter and had gained lots of weigh.'

Several months after his return...he met his current wife (while still with his 1st) began an affair and divorced his auto-wrecked 1st wife to marry the Anheuser Bush babe...his current wife. She is about 20 years his younger.

He was 45 when they met and she was about 25.

So...that's McCain's marital history and his married to $$$


Let's send all their brand managers into a spin.
Regardsless of who is behind the companies they have a legal obligation to their shareholders. If there is a threat to revenue they have to act. Regardless of who they support.

It's not just them
It is every boardroom of every advertiser. I need a list of daily show advertisers if anyone recorded the show last night.

The PR person I spoke to was very concerned.

Jim Stewart


I have to say McCain is an interesting little jerk. A little mono-toned, drone jerk. I think he will get a draft when he can, even though he says no.

I need a comprehensive list of advertisers to avoid from Fox and all the others. We are hardly going to have anyone left to buy from.


made a comprehensive list way back when...and posted it to wiki.

It was a list of Fox advertisers.