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Webmaster - you got ripped off

Whoever you paid to help this site's efficiency must have took the money and run. Go to RonPaulForums.com to see how a this site SHOULD run. Good luck finding the money.

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hopefully they are still working out the bugs???

because this site issss ssssooooo ssslllllooowww!!!!
I already suffer dial up syndrome so what ever was done at the site today
really STINKS for me :[


ronpaulfrorums is run on vBulletin ...an antique.... it better work good it has been around since Jesus. Not to mention it is a FORUM software.

Daily paul ...IS A BLOG ... and as such runs on drupal... from experience drupal can be extremely prickly. The issue here has to do with the server itself. Drupal can use LOTS of processor time and gobble up memory.....it all comes down to tweaking the server and having no problems in the edits to the drupal script. It takes time to tune it ...

Give him a break he has a full time job as well and has done US a great service providing this venue.

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