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1977 Mcgovern Us Senate Committee Proposed Low Fat

1977 McGovern US Senate Committee proposed (without evidence) that healthy diet includes 6-11 servings/day of grains/cereals.

Awesome video about pemicam, talks about vegetarian secatary who wrote guidelines for high carb/low fat diet in 1977 and THE WESTERN WORLD ADOPTED THIS DIET.


I persoanlly have come to the conclusion we all different, no diet fits all, about a 1/4 of the population can handle a high carb diet really well, but high fat diets being bad is a lie, just be careful mixing the 2 ie high fat & high carb otherwise you could be a walking heart attack.

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Here is some links to videos I found, enjoy ;)

this chick is bit full on, but trust me she knows her stuff
first video http://youtu.be/xtqlM0AQk6I second video below


a lecture by Volek

and by Phinney

Remember if going Ketosis then you need to be committed and not cheat, this is brain and body burning fat.

If not willing to be in Ketosis, but want low carb diet, then you need to by trial and error up your carbs to sweet spot, should not be more then 100g a day, where brain burns glucose, but body runs off fat.



Our bodies have 2 primary fuel sources, fats in the form of ketone bodies and glucose.

Your brain burns 600 calories a day and will always choose glucose as its primary source of energy. If the brain is not fed then you get cranky real quick.

You also have storage tanks called glycogen and can be found in the muscle and the liver. You store excess glucose in these storage tanks, and the rest TURNS INTO SATURATED FAT, the stuff you told not to eat.

If you starve your body of carbs you then deplete your glycogen storage tanks, after that your brain starts to get real moody.

It takes 3 days for the brain to cut to fat (this is what happens on a fast when your brain switches to its own fat stores, except you trick the body into fast mode without fasting)

If you eat more then 30-50g of carbs over a day then it can kick you out of fat burning mode right back to glucose and you have to start over for another 3 days.

It can take your body around 3 weeks to build up the enzymes etc to process fats effectivily (remember your whole life has been on glucose, so be patient with body, for some this can take months, if struggling, leave out dairy til much later)


Your body can only process so much protein in one sitting, the protein you need depends how active you are. YOUR BODY WILL TURN EXCESS PROTEIN INTO GLUCOSE, not a very efficient process either. Its important you up your fat intake to 70% of your calories.

To start with in first 3 weeks, don't count calories, eat till you full, eat excess calories, your body is under stress with the change, it does not need to be starved at this point. Drink a spoon of virgin coconut oil in your tea, do this often throughout day, this has MCTs which primes the body to fat burning mode (cut coffe down to 1 cup a day in morning, not around meal time) DO NOT DO HEAVY EXCERICE OVER THIS 3 WEEKS, maybe in first 3 days to deplete the glycogen that much faster. Remember eat eat eat fat or it might start canabolizing itself lol turning muscle, conective tissue etc into glucose.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT... get a blood glucose tester that can test ketone bodies, you are wasting your time with ketone sticks.

Your breath will stink, but when your body sarts to burn fat this will go away, this is why ketone sticks don't work because when in fat burning mode, your body will stop getting rid of it in urine.

IS THIS A BIT EXTREME, well lets face it, you are walking into diabetes and this testing will scare you right out of eating carbs lol. You can get hypoglycemic if suffering from insulin resistance, perservere because this will heal you.

SLEEP, in summer wake up earlier rather then goto sleep late, cut out all light etc, sleep cuts fat - PERIOD.

for me the definition of KETOSIS is when the brain burns ketone bodies and not glucose. A third of brain can only burn glucose, but dont worry your body can get this from protein. You will feel very focused when in fat burning mode because for once your energy supply is stable and not up and down with a damaged insulin spiking dropping your blood sugar making you crave sugar again in a vicious cycle.

Good stuff.

Good stuff.

Volek and Phinney are excellent resources

check them out on youtube.

you can eat saturated fat off meat, buy meat that is grass fed, kerrygold butter is from grass fed cows.

buy chicken that are free to roam as they eat insects and have higher omega 3 and their eggs.

meat is not bad, its corn fed, anit-biotic and all sorts of rubbish shoved into meat that is bad.

start making bone broth.

love the bone broth..

every bone goes in the freezer, cannot throw them away anymore.

Does it take a long time to

Does it take a long time to make bone broth? Mt wife says it does. I wonder if it really has to.

bone broth

I'm just getting into this, about to make my first batch, you can do it with pressure cooker to be quick, but why bother when you can throw it into a slow cooker. I'm doing this because of all the minerals and stuff found in bones, get from clean grass fed source.

I found this.

These are the times I(Wellness Mama) simmer for:

"[A]rticle is a warning from the National Institutes of Health about heterocyclic amines. Compounds that occur when meats are cooked at temperatures above 300 degrees. These heterocyclic amines are listed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a probable carcinogen."

So, to reduce cancer risk roast bones at 300F. Optional.

Low simmer:
Beef broth/stock: 48 hours
Chicken or poultry broth/stock: 24 hours
Fish broth: 8 hours

I(Paul_S.), Use broth to make pasteurized veggies soup (Cook at 140-160F). Cooler cooking preserves delicate flavors and aromas and releases nutrients.

Now I have instructions, I'll make my own broth, next time.

Free includes debt-free!

Love Kerrygold cheeses and

Love Kerrygold cheeses and butter. Great stuff.