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Immigration reform is a red herring

While I vowed to myself that I would quit writing about politics, I cannot sit idly by as I witness fellow libertarians nibble on the devil's candy.

The deafening call to "secure the borders" is a red herring. How could one believe otherwise? When has the marble building occupiers of Washington DC had the best interests of the People in mind?

They are looking for popular support to push through their agenda. However, good luck getting Democrats to support immigration reform. On top of that, the GOP is beginning to wane in numbers - as the sun is beginning to set on the Baby Boomer generation. Who does that leave? Answer: Independents and libertarians. They want your support to militarize the borders.

How utterly brilliant and ironic. They must say - "Let's get those libertarians to help us push our agenda. What brown people do they hate? We'll use that."

Immigration is not the problem. Illegal immigrants aren't driving this country into the ground, but guess who is - the politicians. The very people who many of you are calling on for assistance are at the root of the problem.

Very few people cry and moan about immigration when the economy is in good shape, and people have jobs. Unfortunately, in collusion with the Federal Reserve, the US Central Government has taken a healthy dump on the economy by recklessly pumping bubbles to line the pockets of their cronies - and continue to do so. If the economy recovered, immigration would once again become a minor issue.

Militarizing the borders is not going to improve the economy. As a matter of fact, it will damage the economy even further. Who do you suppose would pay for those walls to be built, the sentry towers, the barbed wire, the military checkpoints, the helicopters, the unmanned drones, the Humvees, the arms and ammunition, and all the other goodies that they'll likely deploy along the border if they get their wish? You will pay for it.

Sounds like a libertarian idea to me.[\sarcasm]

What's even worse, by advocating a militarized border, not only are you spending your money to suit your fancy, you're also using force to get other people to fund your futile desires. Should I be forced to pay to put a cage around the nation when I disagree?

The State will fix the border in much the same fashion they fixed the health-care system. Expect the worst.

If you've so far failed to discover how the State operates, first, they make enough people think they need it. Then, they force everyone to pay for it. And ultimately, they use the "it" to benefit themselves and screw everyone else.

However, go back to sleep my sheep, the State has everything under control. Surely, this border thing is different.

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Create a Crisis, Then Manage It....

...and I believe I somewhat concur with your observations.

Why else would Michael Savage be brought into the forefront of the AM-Airwaves, replacing the whining "You're-a-Great-American-Sean Hannity?

The "Poster-Boy" of "Borders, Language, Culture" although entertaining, is just another Glenn-Beck-Dis-Info-Agent.
Savage went ballistic when the UK had him "Banned-From-Britain"....he couldn't go shopping at Harrold's in London...Oh my!

Please consider this; as I previously posted in another thread here:

"...it's an insidious plot to destroy the social-services-infrastructure of the USA, and "equalize" the "pay-scale" across the "Americas".

North America, Central America, South America.

Driving the USA into the role of "sugar-daddy" of "the masses".

I can remember, back in the 1960's how Texas college students regularly traveled to Juarez to "get laid", buy pot,and/or drink Tequila.

It's NOT REALLY ABOUT "The Borders", which essentially were NOT "policed" nor "secured" back then.
It's ACTUALLY ABOUT the HUGE "Welfare State" we have become to the world ,utilizing the "theft" of our personal wealth to finance such.
All under the direction of "Global Corporatism"..."

Thanks for posting this, and returning from your "apolitical-self-imposed-exile"...you aren't the only one who's taken that path lately.
Sure...the music-video-jam-session-thingy was entertaining.
It was a perhaps necessary distraction, at the time.
Our enemies haven't been resting, not for a day, here's a link:
Thanks for your consideration of this rather lengthy reply.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


'Militarizing the borders is not going to improve the economy...' these fascists don't give to shit about 'your economy' they make the economy they need. Duh....

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A militarized national border with checkpoints

A militarized national border with checkpoints is like a caricature of what a fascist dictatorship looks like.

It's like what a libertarian would describe in order to scare their children into being good libertarians.

If you asked a libertarian to draw a picture of what totalitarianism looks like, it would be a barb wire fence guarded by a soldier with a rifle.

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Like befree says..

Be careful what you wish for.

I remember when it was a supposedly Really Good Thing
that we had a near-open and non-militarized border with
Canada. Whatever happened to that?

And, as Ron Paul observed more than once, the border that
can keep people out can also be used to keep you in.

I guess we're not quite at the stage of people making desperate
bids to reach Toronto or Havana in makeshift craft. But maybe not
that far from it, either...

Any government service or

Any government service or solution is a red herring

Southern Agrarian

Ron Paul said don't need to secure the borders

Drop the incentives for coming here.

They'll stop coming.


Let me know if you concur with my comments a few doors up in this thread.
The "Border Crisis" is just another magician's sleight-of-hand to obfuscate and distract, but more so it is a means-to-an-end:


CLOWARD and PIVEN in action.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Missed your stuff.

I thought you wanted us to chop down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring....

In all seriousness I think you are probably right. More control is what helps the sheep sleep at night. Just like wrapping a baby in a tight blanket.

"I know you boys like em sloppy". The Lunch Lady

yes it is another ploy to imprison us

good idea, let's wall ourselves in. Then we will need to barcode everyone on the inside so we know they belong on the inside.

Be careful what you ask for.

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Fast forward to the 4 minutes mark :

Fast forward to the 4 minutes mark :


Quote :



CRISIS Exploitation


CLASS Warfare



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The people's understanding of 'citizen' is the real problem

If people understand that the only people who can be here in the US are 'citizens' (or some other 'legally' recognized status) then the result is that 'services and benefits' are equally available to the legal status as terms defined in code.

If people understand citizen to simply be an employee of government then there are no 'government benefits' available to others who simply come here or live here.

'citizen'- the legal person
citizen - the government employee

'citizen' subject to changing privileges and immunities set by legislative code. Enables the system to fill all jails all the time and make all 'citizens' pay for the 'benefit' of no liability for cleaning 'crime' off the streets. Immigration then becomes a burden because now racist power hungry cops go rounding up 'illegals' and 'citizens' must pay for it.

citizen, government employee subject to the People (People=anyone within the geographical jurisdiction operating as a full liability lawful man or woman) where the contractually bound lawful agency is only issued by one or more liable member of the People consenting (the liable Principal to agency of a citizen) to an action to keep the peace that requires allegations of actual injury for valid cause. Titles are for positions not for living breathing men and women.

Common law binds every man to keep the peace regardless of their title(s) (the law is no respecter of persons), so to call someone 'illegal' would mean that no God given rights are acknowledged/upheld and common law rights of due process are considered not applicable. To allow 'law enforcement' to the breach the peace to enforce the 'law' upon someone who has no allegations of actual injury against them, is not upholding the law and enables lawless to rein in the name of stopping 'illegal immigration'.

I have issued a challenge on DP for anyone to show me how immigration can be regulated without breaking the law to 'enforce' those 'laws' but NO ONE has offered a lawful path to uphold immigration laws. Anyone who supports breaking the law to uphold the law can only be seen as a lawless individual and a contributing source of support to the very tyranny we oppose.

I think Americans screwed up at the most basic level of understanding what a citizen can only lawfully be. When one examines the elements that make up a valid contract it is clear that no one we have ever met has obtained all elements of a valid contract for any status whatsoever under the Constitution except those who actually work under its bound capacity. I can see this error in logic carrying itself through into other liberty philosophies and causing massive confusion everywhere all because people have this notion that citizens are the people who are here legally. How can God given rights be acknowledged but only for those who are 'legal'? Such a contradiction expressed by another is very revealing as to their competency in law versus a pavement company to hell.

If we understand citizens as employee of government then We the People can properly bind them to code while the people remain free so long as there is no valid cause for action issued by a liable party. But it seems this level of equality of lawfulness is too correct for most. The immigration enforcement supporters are demanding to have papers to move around which is just more lawlessness.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Friends with Benefits, Ah Yes!

....although rather lengthy your point is relevant, as when one enters into a "Friends-with-benefits-scenario", somebody is getting screwed.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

thank you

for that. I 100% agree with your arguments.

It is so they can force an Article V Convention

Once the convention is underway there is nothing stoping them from dismantling the constitution.
Read this


Totally disagree

I think the only thing our military should be doing is patrolling our borders.

...those walls to be built, the sentry towers, the barbed wire, the military checkpoints, the helicopters, the unmanned drones, the Humvees, the arms and ammunition, and all the other goodies...

are exactly what I want to be paying for when I pay for national defense, along with a navy and a fleet of nuclear submarines. Not crazy overseas bases we established in case the French produce another Napoleon. Isnt that national defense?

Or just shrink down our

Or just shrink down our military to a fraction of it's current size. That way, the government will be stealing less of our money.

Reflecting on history...

name an example of a nation with walled off, militarized borders that you would consider a free nation.

There is a huge difference between closing a border

and defending that border. Come to think of it, isn't that one of the main purposes for a government, to DEFEND the nation's borders?

There is a reason for not allowing people (especially defenseless children) to enter another country, without going through a couple of hoops. Not the least of which is a medical exam.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

And what about these little details on the role of government?

"...in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

A free pass to enter our country without going through a couple of those hoops couldn't insure domestic tranquility, either.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Personally, I don't believe there is a purpose for a government.

Regardless though, what does the State do well? The only things I know of that it does well is create distinctions among people and blunder pretty near everything it decides to do.

Where economic demand exists, people will find a way to satiate their desires. Just like the State can't keep drugs out of prisons, let alone society, it won't successfully prevent immigration either (as long as people still wish to come here).

Perhaps, if the borders are militarized and the US is effectively turned into a giant prison, maybe then people won't want to immigrate here.

Like I pointed out, there's barely a peep from the populace about immigration when the economy is in decent shape, and our economic situation is not due to illegal immigration.

The "Good Intentions Label" is a Weapon...

...as useful to TPTB as the "Race Card".
Just another "Guilt-Trip" concocted by the NWO.

The borders crossed by these "refugees" are pretty-well "militarized".

It does make you wonder, who is behind the cooperative-effort to allow the "refugees" such easy border "penetration".

Our Social-Services and Medical communities are being penetrated, probed, laid waste to, and raped due to this "refugee-guilt-trip".

All as outlined in the Cloward and Piven Strategy.


The guilt-trip-race-card-conspiracy-theory-strategy is now in place to expedite this nefarious agenda.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

"It does make you wonder..."

It does make you wonder, who is behind the cooperative-effort to allow the "refugees" such easy border "penetration".

Simple, the very people folks are running to for help - the Almighty itself. The State finds this issue a great tool for demagoguery.

I propose all latinas that

I propose all latinas that show up at the border rating 7 or higher on the 1-10 scale, be given immediate citizenship.

There's a scene in Ali G Indahouse

where he implements such a policy after becoming an MP. Too bad I couldn't find it on youtube.

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Good points

I agree illegal immigration is a distraction.
And all of the the nation's so-called wars—on drugs, poverty and terrorism—are mute without secure borders. If illegal immigration truly was a crisis, U.S. troops would be guarding our borders rather than those in foreign countries.
That tells me illegal immigration is not a problem with the government and money interests.

Illegal workers only show up in the US productivity stats.

My conspiracy thinking in that regard is that when you look at charts showing increases in productivity for American workers that more than half of the gains are the work done by invisible hands-- illegal workers who are off the books and only show up as productivity gains for each american worker. No government wants to revise that statistic.

Seems to me

it's the politicians and you supporting the controlled invasion.

How do you propose the State secure the borders?


I didn't propose it

But the property owners along the border, and volunteers, easily could. They are prevented from doing so by your friends in DC who want population replacement. It's the same strategy Stalin favored.