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Where is the outrage over Joan Rivers' comment?

Really, I'm not interested in the topic of Michelle Obama. I don't buy the rumor, and even if true I couldn't care less about it. There are provable crimes to go after, not sexual sideshows designed to distract.

Having said that, it's been about a week since Joan Rivers publicly accused the President of being gay, and the FLOTUS of being a transgender, and there has been zero backlash or outrage against Joan. In fact, she did her much publicized CNN walkout, and I just saw her on Letterman, doing an unhindered tour to promote her book.

Can you imagine if Rush Limbagh or Glenn Beck or one of the Koch brothers had said such a thing publicly. They would be top news non-stop. Not that I like any of them, but the media would have a frenzy about the crazy bigotry of the right. Joan Rivers said it, right after officiating a gay wedding, and she's celebrated on her book tour with the slip of the tongue burned down the memory hole.

Interesting how people buy into what the television tells them.

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She's in a coma now, may have brain damage. Maybe the Obama's didn't like what she was saying



I found her

and howard stern's rabid cheering for israel pretty annoying, but they both feed on any controversy that might bring them some attention. i used to like stern more, until i saw that he believes all the MSM crap he hears. rivers btw is in a "medical coma" or life support so it's hard for anyone to get outraged.

She also said that Palestinians deserved to die,

but, when you're one of the protected, I guess you can get away with anything.

Because it's Joan Rivers

She's always around but no one really takes her seriously.

I don't think it was a slip

of the tongue. It was calculated to get her in the news before her book tour. People either want to celebrate her or not encourage her.

Her comment was one of the top (position on web page-wise) links on CNN.com's homepage for a while so people at least considered it a big deal.

But as for outrage, I want to be outraged but I don't want to give her the attention.

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