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A precious metal loss with a silver lining

A Wisconsin man's rare coin collection went missing after consigning it with a company to be appraised and eventually auctioned. Of course that is unfortunate and there is always uncertainty when seeking justice through the courts. The 'silver lining' in the story though comes from what the man was planning to do with the proceeds from auction.

The collector said he planned to sell the coins at auction and use the funds to buy a SWAT vehicle for the Wisconsin police department where his son works.

The total police state is prolonged for just a little while longer...

Read the whole story here.

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F'n Moron

The money is better off going through a needle into a meth heads arm.

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They were to call it

The Bratmobile.


The Sheriff probably had a federally granted MRAV; he just had to ask dad because those deputies were giving him a hard time about his vanilla supercharged police cruiser.