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Is it far-fetched to make the claim that it isn't Ron Paul the media is against...

it's the Republican party. They WANT the Republicans to look bad, and if they highlight Ron Paul, it will hurt the Democrats.

I'm sure someone has already made this claim.

Sorry if I'm slow on the uptake.

This occurred to me after watching the gross love affair between hillary and obama...that CNN just creamed all over

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No. Ron Paul is a true

No. Ron Paul is a true outsider and the establishment doesn't like it. CNN is propaganda for the progressives but not necessarily for Republican or Democrat.

The conspiracy has been confirmed

Did you see the report the MSM (or whatever you wish to call them) gave Ron ZERO coverage during January - while showering his opponants with coverage - which ties in with Lew Rockwell reporting a high level commentator told him he wouldn't believe the pressure being placed on media people NOT to report on Ron Paul unless to show he is "quirky".




The Establishment hates Ron Paul because his honesty and integrity expose the rest of them for the moral reprobates they are. Their own conscience cannot bear the sight of him. His very presence condemns them. Their personal greed and ambition cringe at the very thought of Ron Paul. If Dr. Paul became President, the Gig would be up! They know it, and they will fight like mad to keep stranglehold on American politics.
-Pastor Chuck Baldwin-

Of COURSE it's not Ron Paul

Of COURSE it's not Ron Paul the media is against.....It's US! If you think they are against Ron Paul, all you have to do is ask yourself how they would be treating him if he was sounding like Romney or Huckabee or Giuliani. They would be welcoming him with the same open arms that they welcome these creepazoids. It is the IDEAS that they are against! The IDEAS OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! It's just disgusting that anybody; any group of people; any media in this country could be SO openly against the ideas of the U.S. Constitution and the ideas of freedom and liberty. Unbelievable. I mean right out in the open!

There is no republican party

any more, and there hasn't been for a long time....
Both parties are really just globalists. We abide by UN resolutions. The school systems are signed on as well as the churches. Rick Warren and all his church brothers have signed on with the UN in the name of peace. As a matter of fact, his P.E.A.C.E plan echo the uns charter. The Southern Baptist are listed at the un's site as well.......... They are all the same. Really now, what differences can you list in the stances / platforms of all the candidates if you put them all side by side???. Once elected none of them would forefill promises made unless it already served to further their global,socialistic, commmunistic goals of controling and monitoring every thing.

They are against America

and against the truth, and against the people.

Plain and simple, everything else is smoke and mirrors.

This battle has been going on long before this presidential race, many of us here have been observing it for years, while some are only recently "awake" and may have trouble seeing what's really happening.

Now they are building up Romney to lose to Hillary, but we and Ron Paul will be in this thing to the end and we may get our message out to the masses and flip the script on them.

By the way - if you think McCain is going to be the nominee you haven't been listening to the enemy - Rush, Hannity, Levin, Ingraham, all are mercilessly exposing McCain to galvinize their flock of sheep to enthusiastically support the last conservative standing - Romney! They would never support McCain, Ingraham right now on the radio is joking about a poll that said 54% would NOT VOTE if McCain was the nominee. How is this guy winning?

People are so easily manipulated - it's disgusting!

Romney is a trustworthy conservative with a consistent record!?!? Since when? Since Giuliani wasn't catching on,
and Ron Paul forced them to start talking like conservatives,
and since Fred Thompson didn't get traction,
and Huckabee was exposed and started to self-destruct
- so POOF! Romney is a true conservative with record to be proud of!

Then the media takes him down in the general election, and the Democrats win with 51% of the popular vote.

Ron Paul all the way, they are ripe to be beaten.

Not to mention

Romney's Bain Capital bought Clear Channel Communications, the employer of many of these shills...


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

I see your point, based on

I see your point, based on the CNN debates. CNN appears to lean more Democrat, and your right, I think they are fully aware that Dr. Paul appeals to all sides of the aisle.

No matter what their motive, however, they are still wrong in the way they have conducted themselves.