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The Genocide Escalates in Palestine. Israel Apologists in FULL Propaganda Mode.

It is sickening, I have posted a couple very innocuous articles on Facebook about the Israeli attack on the Palestinians and I have been viciously attacked within seconds by the Israeli apologists. Meanwhile, the social media pages are alight with the Israeli propaganda.

I come to the Daily Paul expecting to see some conversations going on about this civilian massacre and nothing... Is the Daily Paul being silenced as well?

9 killed while watching World Cup as Israeli missile hits Gaza beach café (VIDEO) http://rt.com/news/171908-gaza-killed-world-cup/

Gaza death toll over 80 as third day of Israel offensive continues http://rt.com/news/171684-gaza-death-toll-israel/

I have a question for the Daily Paulers; Should we remain silent as bombs rain down on the civilian population of Gaza?

Should we be silenced by the vicious attacks from the Israeli apologists?

is it not our duty to at the very least the truth about the genocide in Palestine?


"Israeli army says the killing of 8 Gazan family members was in error" then ADVOCATES THE KILLING OF CIVILIANS>>> http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.604128

"A high-ranking IDF officer said on Tuesday that the defense establishment would continue to bomb the homes of senior Hamas operatives, adding that even though the IAF realizes that sometimes residents of a targeted building try to prevent the bombings by standing on the roof as human shields, “We will take down those houses.”

“If these people, like those yesterday, try to confront a plane in the air, and the pilot signals [that he plans to blow up the house] – get out, because that house will fall,” the officer, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, said."

The genocide apologists will use sophisticated tactics and arguments to defend the murderous actions taken by the state of Israel and their soldiers.

The argument we are making is simple;

Israel is committing a slow genocide of the Palestinian people to eventually be able to take over the land and have a bigger Israel. T

o accomplish this Israel and their soldiers have turned Palestine into a prison and have made Palestine a hellish place to survive in.

Once in a while, to push their GENOCIDE forward Israel bombs Palestinians and their infrastructure to make sure that they always live in fear and so they are never able to make life better for themselves. Keep the place as a subhuman prison with barely enough water or electricity for any one to feel any comfort.

Control the borders and the goods that enter Palestine to let in just enough food to keep them always busy trying to get food and hungry.

Despite of all of this many Palestinians manage to make their lives more or less normal to some level and to keep their human dignity. We know this because of the magnanimity many of them show in interviews. Most realize that the regular israeli is not their enemy, but that the psychopaths in power are.

The only good news in all of this is that many Israelis are becoming aware, and as upset as we are about this and they know that peace and justice is what is truly in the best interest of all Israelis.

Having said all of the above, pay attention as to how the GENOCIDE apologists will defend the killing of women and children and when that fails, how they start to call names and to muddy the waters in these threads.


No matter what they say, we must always remember the past holocausts and say... NEVER AGAIN shall we remain silent in the face of a state that sponsors a new Holocaust and GENOCIDE.

Please stand up for the truth, and call for peace and justice in Palestine, if we let the apologists get away with their propaganda, it will only be sooner that the world will be turned into a giant Palestine by the elite.

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1) But we subsidize Israeli

1) But we subsidize Israeli war crimes, and the war crimes of Syrian and Libyan rebels, so not sure your point.

2) You have no proof that Hamas was behind the killing of the three Israeli teens, who were by the way, settlers and soldiers. When you drop a bomb in Gaza, it will likely kill many innocents in the surrounding environment. Israel knows this and drops them anyway. Israel had already killed 6 Palestinian children prior to the deaths of the Israeli teens, so by your logic, Hamas should have attacked Israel with rockets BEFORE the latest attacks.

Palestinians have every right to resist, with force, Israeli occupation and Jewish only colonization. If you deny this, you are asserting their inferiority. What other people is not allowed to resist oppression? And they don't hate Jews for being Jews, but for being occupiers and colonizers. Stop being a Jewish supremacist.
I don't know if you are Jewish, but you must believe their lives to be superior. I dare you to respond bigot.

1) I'm against all foreign aid

1) I'm against all foreign aid - but it is a non-factor compared to the underlying problem of hate. Hamas is opposed to the existence of jews based on religious bigotry. Israel views hamas as rabid dogs. It is a war and not one sided as the OP portrays.

2) If you choose to wage aggression against other people you are in a war. It doesn't matter who broke the cease fire. Don't pretend that this is the first time this has happened or that hamas does not openly declared war on israel.

I love the personal attacks, you obviously are not being rational.

The jews and the palestinians have chosen to fight. They are at war. Am I supposed to believe the OP that this is genocide when a few people die in collateral damage. Please.

This site is full of racists who push anti-jew propaganda and I'm fine with your anti-jew racism - but don't expect me to believe what you say when you turn a blind eye to the murder of thousands and millions of African, Muslims, Christians, Turks, Indians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindu by islamists in the name of allah.

Israel Started It, Continued It. That's the problem.

Israel. Is. The. Aggressor. Not. The. Victim.

You don't collectively punish thousands for the alleged actions of two Hamas members who were reportedly already shunned by Hamas leadership and would have acted without consent of said Hamas leadership. The Jewish-Israeli teens were kidnapped [and later revealed to have been murdered]; Israeli leaders knew the next day they were dead and who the two alleged Hamas murderers were. Instead of tell the truth, Israeli leaders conspired in a conspiracy to deceive their nation and the world, they put a gag order on Israeli media and lied to the teens' families while also lying to their nation and the world. Israel then launched a weeks-long bullshit campaign of #BringBackOurBoys (who they clearly already knew were dead) while severely brutalizing, kidnapping and imprisoning Palestinian adults, teens and children, by the literally hundreds, plus murdering Palestinians and bombing Gaza, while riling up the Jewish-Israeli population to commit racist acts of vigilante "justice," which happened, when a Palestinian teen was kidnapped, burned alive and murdered, and others, such as the Florida, USA teenager who had his head stomped by Israeli police. Or did you forget all that? Hamas then fought back in the pathetically-limited way they can; with crude rockets and mortars, the majority of which land harmlessly in the desert or are intercepted by Israel's highly-sophisticated Iron Dome missile defense system. Then Israel started its massive bombardment of Gaza that is still escalating as you read this. Understand?

Start with these, then pay attention to the #Israel & #Gaza hashtags on Twitter.



And after you finish that antiwar piece about how Israel doesn't want Peace, read what Benjamin Nutanyahu said yesterday that confirms just that and shows this entire episode was deliberately created/exacerbated by Israel to halt any Peace.


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Nutanyahu on Friday vowed to fight Hamas and other Gaza terror groups until Israel was safe from the threat of missile attack, and then launched a highly unusual and extremely bitter verbal assault on would-be peace-brokers, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, who have been urging Israel to relinquish security control of the West Bank to a Palestinian state.

Israel is the aggressor. Psychopathic warmongers.

Palestine has no air force, army, marines or navy. Anyone who sides with Israel does not understand the way the world works. Israel are the terrorists, just like the United States.

When did common sense become a super power?

Blah blah blah

You seem to only see propaganda from the Palestinian side.

I've been watching a repeated sequence - hamas increases attacks against israel - israel increases their attacks against hamas.

Hamas has chosen to carry out a war with israel and to risk their neighbors by hiding among them. The "murders" of their own people are their fault - call it blow-back.

Respond to facts bigot. Who

Respond to facts bigot. Who started this? Hamas or Israel? You have no proof Hamas killed those teens. We do know that Israel started bombing Gaza BEFORE any rocket attacks from Hamas in this latest round of violence. So, how can you justifiy Israel's collective punishment? I don't like Hamas shooting rockets, but mostly because its stupid and pointless. But in principle, the occupied has every right to kill his occupier. We had that right when we fought Britain did we not? Answer my question.

I don't care - you racist

My point is hamas engages in a war and people die. War sucks.

I don't care who started it. It has been going on since arab countries invaded israel, since arabs kidnapped and murdered olympic athletes...

However you don't really care about that - you shout your racist anti-jew propaganda and ignore what the islamists are doing around the globe.

Your false outrage is racist propaganda.

No, I see tons of pro-Israel propaganda.

I'm blocked from Israel's official IDFSpokesperson Twitter, the constantly spewing cauldron of deceit and falsehoods. The Terrorist War Criminal Israelis who started this "war" and exacerbated it, hate honesty interrupting their propagandizing. More War Crimes to commit and try to cover with obfuscation, omission, distortion, distraction and misdirection. Go Israeli Terrorists! 0 dead Israelis from 800+ rockets & mortars fired by Hamas. 160+ dead Palestinians from 1400+ attacks by Israel using rockets, missiles, bombs. The majority civilian victims, primarily women, children and elderly. More than 1,100 injured, many severely or critically. Just yesterday Israel bombed a Healthcare Center for the Disabled & Elderly, murdering two severely disabled defenseless women. Israel's racist War on Women waits for no man. I could list more and more and more and more. I suggest you pay attention to the still trending hashtags #Israel #Gaza. Enjoy supporting racist War Criminals. Go Israeli Terrorists!

War on women?

War on women? You need to call Obama and sign up for his campaign.

War is hell. Rockets, kidnappings, car bombs are the tactics of hamas, bombs are the weapons of israel. So what. It is war and hamas has declared war on israel. It is a fight of their own choosing with significant blow-back.

I find it odd that you use the phrase "war on women" in a discussion where you ignore my primary point - who cares about a few war casualties in gaza when the islamists (the ultimate in war on women) are killing thousands. Oh didn't they just kidnap hundreds of girls to stop them from going to school? War on women?

Let's play a game, shall we?

You continue to say "Islamists murdering thousands," which true elsewhere in the Middle East, isn't true in Israel/Palestine. So show me these Israelis in Israel/Palestine dead by the thousands as position-justification to support Israel in its bombardment.

This isn't war either, Gaza has no: Army, Air Force, Navy. Instead Gaza is being brutally pummeled by Israel using its: Army, Air Force, Navy. It isn't a war. You could say Hamas is battling, but to say it's war is either to be completely oblivious to what's really happening or intentionally misleading. I'll give you the benefit and say you're the former.

Israel IS daily committing WAR CRIMES intentionally targeting CIVILIAN homes where women, children and elderly are hiding. So yes, WAR ON WOMEN, WAR ON CHILDREN, WAR ON ELDERLY. The majority of Israel's victims in its latest onslaught. More than 250 civilians homes completely destroyed.

Pure Evil


Israel doesn't always give a "roof knock" warning, but when it does, it drops mortar on roof to say "get out we're going to bomb your civilian home!" This incident was a 3 or 4 story home. Less than 1 minute later: BOOM!

Israeli Terrorist War Crimes: Terrorizing, Bombing, Murdering Civilians.

I'll play

1) I never said thousands in israel. I'm referring to the ongoing slaughters across african and the tribe wars across the middle east. If you look at my post I questioned why the OP was worrying about a handful of war casualties when so many innocents were being slaughtered.

2) It is a war. Hamas has declared it repeatedly and you don't need uniforms to be an army. It is a war with Hamas trying to kill israelis and israelis trying to kill hamas. Only a biased person would point to one side and claim war crimes.

3) You are back to a lopsided view of reality... Hamas has not fired rockets on cities? Hamas has not blown up buses? Just because israel has better defenses (walls, iron dome, checkpoints) and has fewer dead does not mean Hamas and the palistinians are any less brutal or ruthless.

4) Aggression has consequences. If hamas wants peace they can give up on taking Jerusalem for themselves and be left in peace - but they don't they wage war and suffer the consequences of their actions.

Many Israelis want peace - but every time Hamas fires rockets into major cities the mood swings to military action. Call it blow-back or call it consequences. I stopped caring about the Palestinians a long time ago. If they are willing to die and have their people die in exchange for a chance to bloody israel they will do it without my sympathy.

RonPaulWins, won this argument.

Israel is and always will be the terrorist in the middle east. Well, besides the US.

When did common sense become a super power?

Thank You.

But I thought of it more as dialogue, not arguing.

You don't count

We already know you are a sexist and a racist so you've disqualified your self.

You mean the CiA sponsored

You mean the CiA sponsored ISSA, the Israeli lobby supported Syrian rebels, etc? Plus, Israel is on the American dole, using our money to cage Gaza.

I am not an "Israeli Apologist" however. . .

this is a two way street, the Palestinians continually lob missiles at Israel. The fact that Israel has a somewhat successful defense system and manages to protect itself to some degree is irrelevant to this discussion. The fact that Israel can and does RESPOND with FAR MORE SUCCESS in lobbing missiles BACK is also Logically Irrelevant. I strongly suspect that if Hamas stops lobbing missiles at Israel the Israelis will stop same. But, at this point my sympathies are ENTIRELY on the Israeli side as Hamas and the Palestinians and most of the Muslim world is dedicated to Israel's destruction. At this point, I wouldn't fault the Israelis if they followed the Old Testament's Invocations to eliminate their enemies "every man, woman and child and their oxen, asses and goats" in a totally SCORCHED AND SALTED EARTH POLICY as that is the Radical Muslim's Ultimate Sworn Goal for BOTH Israel AND the U.S. Sooner or later, it's going to come down to us or them. Mark my words. The ONLY thing that could stop it is if the fabled "Moderate Muslims" of the world grow some balls and physically put a stop to the depredations of the more violent branches of their Muslim brethren. Just sayin'.

The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle;
pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and
worship without sacrifice: Mahatma Mohandas K. Gan


That is exactly how I rationalize my European relatives who carried out the genocide of the American Indians.

Those Native Indians (who owned their own country/state/region/tribal areas) had to be killed because they were killing European invaders with bows and arrows. Those poor European invaders just wanted free land to live free from that bad European King/Queen/Religion/(put what ever excuse in this blank ____).

Yes those poor European IsUnReal invaders who are being attacked with rocks by Palestinian boys. In return they pour white phosphorous upon women and children with American bombs from American jets.

Now I see your point.



HAMAS didn't fire rockets

HAMAS didn't fire rockets recently, until after Netanyahu blamed it for killing the three teens, and bombed Gaza in retaliation. He presented no evidence for this claim, but that never stops him. He is a Jewish supremacist lunatic. And really, why don't Palestinians have a right to resist illegal Occupation and Jewish only colonization? I never hear the pro Israeli side address this question.


Posted a recent video of Miko Peled on that very subject. You might want to check it out. It's always good to hear what a rational person has to say about the situation, especially when that person has actual knowledge of what's going on.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The Israeli apologists are in

The Israeli apologists are in such denial. Netanyahu is a known liar and supremacist. He is responsible for whipping up his people into a racist frenzy, which caused a gang of Israelis to pour gasoline down an innocent Palestinian childs throat, and burn him to death! He is responsible for the deaths of over 100 Palestinians in this latest massacre. Some day, this monster will reap what he has sown. Yet he gets 30 standing ovations in our Congress. God help our nation when we serve such a despicable man as this.

Not, "we" but,

those who sold us out. ("Yet he gets 30 standing ovations in our Congress. God help our nation when we serve such a despicable man as this.")

Unfortunately, while I agree with your opinion of the man, there are a whole lot more where he is coming from. May God help us all!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Purposefully targeting civilians is a WAR CRIME. 18 children dea

JohnGalt, If one glosses over the headlines it is so easy to agree with you. But if one pays more attention to the history of the Palestinian conflict and, if one particularly reads the strategy documents from Israel, one can not but conclude that the reason for having transformed the West Bank and Gaza into virtual landlocked prisons is to steal their territory. Stealing territory is something that Israel, their soldiers, and "settlers" do against international law every day as they pepper "settlements" amongst the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Turning the West Bank into a "Grid of Control" One in which Palestinians have to show their papers at many road blocks to go to school, or shopping or to visit relatives. Check points (many times just blocks away in the same road) in which humiliation and assassination by the occupiers is a daily occurrence.

But JohnGalt, don't take my word for it; here is a first hand account from an Israeli much more in synch with Israel and Palestine than I am. I really do hope you read it:

Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/is-gideo...

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

The IDF calls the targeted houses ahead of the

strike to warn them to get out of it. They also do "roof knocks," which are another form of warning to the people in that house to get out. Maybe some people are not exiting the houses for whatever reason, or maybe some of them are running up onto the roof and getting killed from doing that.

I am not on one side or another in these fights, but I do believe that the IDF is taking these precautions, for what it's worth.

Where do you expect these people to go?

Do you think the destruction is so very limited to a small area?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I expect them to go away from their house.

Not stick around or stand around on the roof like some of them deliberately do.

So I'm to believe Hamas only

So I'm to believe Hamas only aims at military targets? So those teenagers were in reality adults spying on Hamas? And that Hamas leader who celebrated the kidnapping of the 3 was an Israeli plant.

So far, Israel has yet to

So far, Israel has yet to provide any evidence that Hamas was behind this. And where is your objection to ISRAEL's killing of six unarmed Palestinian children in the months of this year, leading up to the current massacre? Is non Jewish life somehow inferior to you?

All life is sacred to me.

All life is sacred to me. How about to you? Is Jewish/Israeli life sacred to you?

Yes, but I also know that an

Yes, but I also know that an occupied person has the right to kill his oppressor, in this case, a Jewish oppressor. Yes, I said it. It needs to be said. Why is that only Palestinians can't fight back?

No. There is no "right" to kill an oppressor.

That is murder.

Ann in Florida