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Making No-Knock Raids Ineffective Through Innovation

In my humble opinion, the most beautiful side of promoting liberty is in the medium of innovation. By coming up with effective ways to compete with State functions, the populace can shrink the government without having to rely on the promises of politicians - the trustworthy bunch they are.

For example, while I've always been somewhat reserved about Bitcoin, I've come to believe that it is a wonderful thing to happen to the market. If a large enough number of people transitioned their faith from the Dollar to the digital currency, the free side of the market could finally begin to have meaningful influence on the monetary policy of, not only the united States, the entire world. Competition is a lovely equalizer.

Speaking of innovation however, I should return to the subject of this post - making no-knock raids ineffective.

No-knock raids are employed because they provide the element of surprise. For instance, one doesn't get on a bullhorn and say - "We're about to perform a no-knock raid! Here we come!" Like many times is the case, however, its strength is also its weakness.

Every residential house that I've ever been in the exterior doors lead immediately into the living quarters. There's an easy way to fix this. Build a "waiting area" just inside of the exterior doors the width of a standard hallway and about 3' or so deep where another keyed door is placed.

In a situation where an individual (or group of individuals) were breaking in through the first door, it would immediately alert the residents to the intruder(s). Not knowing whether or not the intruders are potential robbers, they can prepare themselves for the worst. Many thieves would likely flee after making a loud noise only to find another door - thereby making this idea a great deterrent to crime and, in turn, further reducing one's need to call the police.

Ultimately, in a no-knock raid scenario, this would strategically place the police in a position where it would be greatly beneficial to their well-being to announce who they are before crashing through the second door into a room of scared people with weapons now trained on the entrance.

A simple fix that could be easily constructed for probably a couple hundred FRNs and a visit to the lumber yard.

Innovate. Demand less State.

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Taking one step backward,,,

Taking one step backward from this situation brings the big picture into focus. It is fun to fantasize about building a breach proof door and moat for our castles. But it is a sad indicator that we as a country have come to even half seriously believing it should be necessary. Hiding from life, the government,the police and the outside world is not how I want to live. It is up to each of us to do our part to make moats and castle doors unnecessary.We need to slay a few dragons, the ones that have made us think this way.


We definitely should slay dragons and of

course we know that if they really want to get in, they can. However, gaining even an extra minute at night when people are sleeping and vulnerable is important. Additionally, almost all of the efforts are effective against burglars so one really has two reasons to take action here. Lastly, this post was a breath of fresh air since it was action focus and not complaint focused.

I agree...

I agree, the idea of "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best" has a lot of merit and I subscribe to it. But we are responsible for taking actions beyond hoping for the best,talking about it and that is what this site is about. Being a survivalist/prepper in your own way has unfortunately and sadly become more necessary.


There are some excellent ideas down below...

The next step is to find the next problem to fix. Then, find a solution, and repeat.

Vote with your ingenuity. Help make the State small.

An effective and cheaper alternative


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Lock your screen door...

When I was a teen, the cops showed up to raid the local "nickel bag" dealer.

We were within earshot of the cops all huddled behind a berm, going over their plan of assault.

Ok, so cop A opens the screen door, cops B and C hit the door with the battering ram and then cops D, E, F and G rush in.

So they run up to the door, cop A grabs the screen door and...
It's locked!
They all just bunched up like the "Keystone Cops"!!!
It was freakin' hilarious!
Then they all scurried back to the berm to regroup.

During that time, the weed found its way out a back window.
Into the hands of a swift footed friend!

The dealer then just opened the front door and said, "Hey. What's up?"!!!
They got him for possession of paraphernalia.
One bong.
Hardly a good return on their investment. :-)

But yeah. Lock your screen door!!!

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I think

It's important to note that its not their investment. It's our investment, forced upon us with guns and the fear of being unnecessarily locked in a cage.

Great story! I'm thinking about

getting a tempered glass storm door to slow anyone down.

I like a drawbridge and moat better

I can even fish in the moat.

I like...

I like alligators, a drawbridge that rotates sideways and a bowl of popcorn to enjoy the entertainment.


really strong

Or, go about it in the other way.

With enough force, even an extremely rigid door, lock, and frame will find the point of failure. Upon failure, that rigid door will swing wide open like in the movies.

Idea 1: If you make the door weak enough, the battering ram will punch a small, splintery hole. Another ram, and another. Nothing but splinters, as the door gradually caves in. This gives you time.

Idea 2: Mount the door on heavy springs, rather than rigid mounts. Battering ram comes in, the door moves, and springs back, wasting the energy.

Idea 3: Have a front door that opens out/slides over.

Idea 4: Have a decoy front door that goes into a closet.

Idea 5: Have a statue/cutout of a burly thug with a pistol in your entryway.

Idea 6: Fill your door/door frame with ball bearings. Upon break-in, your house turns into a scene from Home Alone.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


Good stuff! Ideas 1 & 2 could look like this


The stronger and more rigid your door and frame, the more efficiently it transfers force to the lock and hinges.

A twisty, springy, splintery door gives you, apparently, ten minutes.

Imagine if they'd done #6.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!



Love these!

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

The purpose of a

no-knock warrant is stealth. If the police have to use chain saws, they would wake up the entire neighborhood. It's a plan.

Your run of the mill

Your run of the mill residential track home or apartment can be penetrated by police in many ways. The doors, the windows, the walls, even the roof. None of these 'barriers' are effective at preventing unwanted entry. Even if your doors/windows are adequately secured a sledgehammer and a skillsaw/sawsall will penetrate a wall in a matter of minutes. If you really want to be secure, fortify your home with the expectation that those that wish to enter without your permission will use every means available including burning you out if necessary.

There is a lot that can be done to increase your chance to safety:

-Use concrete with reinforced think gauge steel for exterior walls;
-Use heavy duty steel doors with multiple bolt style locks;
-Make your home fire resistant;
-Make your home blast resistant;
-Make your home bullet resistant;
-Make your home energy neutral or have a good stockpile of necessary energy;
-Develop a in home water supply;
-Have a good food store or renewable source;
-Have adequate early warning systems;
-Have adequate self protection;
-Have a good CCTV security system;
-Make the exterior walls of your home unreachable by automobiles/MRAPS;
-Have a intercom system to communicate with those outside should the need arise;
-Have a warning system in place, should your home come under siege--you can warn the intruder of your capabilities and unwavering resolve to remain secure and unmolested;
-Have safe rooms/bunkers for true emergencies;
-Have an escape route;

The main problem is that all modern homes are designed to be easily entered. Take security into your own hands if you truly want to be secure at home.

How about rouladen window coverings, too?

They would keep out the flash-bangs. When I lived in Germany, all of my German neighbors had them. They are metal shutters that roll down over the outside of the windows, and are activated from inside the house. At sunset in Germany you hear the sound of the rouladens rolling down all over town.

Another approach (or add on)

Think for a second why the police are using a battering ram - it's to concentrate the force in a small area. So to reduce the effectiveness of that tool, we need to look for ways to absorb and spread the force. I'm thinking that some kind of rubber cladding on the exterior of the door would definitely help. I don't think you could paint the door enough times with the rubberized paint (like for truck bedliners) to give it much protection. Anyone have any ideas on this that might work?

Blast Door

The first thing I did when moving into this house was replace the main entrance door with a pre-hung, six hinge, blast rated steel door.
The jamb is solid steel (3/8 inch deep x 6 inch wide) and anchors to the rough opening with 8 inch counter sunk lag screws.
The lock mechanism is a three-point dead bolt that adds a top and bottom bolt,connected with linkage to the side jam lock.
It was real pain retrofitting, though. it's a 40 inch door. The opening was 37 inches. And brick to boot. Took a while to get it plumbed right.
And, it looks like a regular fire rated door from the outside.
Sure, they can TRY to get in with that ram, but they won't.
Then they'll try to blow the hinges, thinking they are the normal three set, or four set. Only to piss 'em off even more.
I found mine at an auction of a bankrupt LP gas facility.
Best 200 bucks I ever spent!

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So when they see your door,

So when they see your door, why wouldn't they just go in through the windows?

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Loud speaker

Add a loud speaker that continuously plays "keep a knockin but you cant come in", and LOUD. Have it setup like an alarm system thats triggered by a break in. When i say loud, i mean ear piercing!


Good find...


A big mirror right in front

A big mirror right in front of your entrance with a giant tank of pressurized sewage behind it.

Cops run, see armed men running at them in the dull light. Cops open fire, rupturing the sewage container and spattering themselves in human shit.

They came to mess with your shit, and they got what they came for.

Id serve time for that.

First time I actually laughed

First time I actually laughed out loud at a DP comment!!



Invest a little more

Put bars in the walls and interior door and have bars that will slide shut where the exterior door was. Wow a perfect pig trap! lol

Formerly rprevolutionist

I like it


Gilligan's picture

Excellent idea ...

... now I just gotta convince the wife!

Google is government.

We need MORE thinking like this!

Given the recent news coming out of New York, your idea could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Big Brother is constantly planning, assessing potential threats BEFORE they happen and then devising a potential solution.

It's time WE did the same.

Bitcoin, Tor and the new Hyundai anti-speed camera tech are all steps in the right direction.