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Can't We Just Give A Brain Transplant To Rockefeller??

UN Alliance of Civilizations: Psychophysiological manipulation

Old-Thinker News | Jan. 31, 2008

By Daniel Taylor

In the quest for the creation of a "global consciousness", the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund is supporting research into the "Humiliation and Violence Project" at Harvard University.

The Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund is effectively the PR branch of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations organization, founded in 2005.

The HVP (Humiliation and Violence Project) is dedicated to understanding,

"...the process by which images of violence and humiliation effect physiological responses and behavior. The use of psychophysiological (skin conductance, heart rate and impedence, hormone levels, etc) and neuroimaging methods capture activation of the brain and body as individuals interact with media and/or out-group members, shedding light on how individuals' emotions and beliefs may change -- even without their awareness."

The research findings from the project will, according to the AoC website, "...be used to generate policy recommendations for media persons and government officials."

Little information can be found regarding the Humiliation and Violence Project other than the Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund web page.

An interesting bit of information is found in fine print at the bottom of the page: "AOCMF is a Special Project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors."

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