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Romney Raises $9 million, goes $18 million further into personal debt

Some 4th quarter fundraising data has been posted. Romney looks like he raised $9 million. He also kicked in $18 million of his own money. He's spending most of it too. He had $2.4 million cash on hand at the end of the quarter.



Giuliani: 14.3 million raised

McCain: $9.9 million raised, he's in debt by $1.6 million

Huckabee: $6.6 million

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Ron Paul dominates Q4!!!

No wonder no one wanted to report their numbers until the last minute. Based on opensecrets.org, an AP article and your findings, here are my rough Q4 calculations...

Ron Paul = $19.5 million
Guiliani = $14.4 million
Romney = $ 9.0 million
Huckabee = $ 6.6 million
McCain = $ 5.4 million*

(*a confilicting article reported $10 million)

Since it's doesn't make the media darling McCain look good I'm sure it'll only be a footnote in tomorrow's news.

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By tomorrow, Ron Paul will have raised as much as McInsane did all last quarter.

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I was going to say... how in the hell can these guys run the economy when they can't run their own campaign cash. open secrets has it listed where they are spending almost as much as they are raising and then going into debt for millions of dollars! How much was RP in debt? $0!!!!!!! someone needs to make a video of this!

Absolutely! If candidates

Absolutely! If candidates are going to borrow money running for president, imagine what type of money they'll borrow AS president!
Ron Paul needs to stick that fact in the face of his opponents! General America will love that one; its on their thinking level.

All men want to be rich.

All men want to be rich. Rich men want to be king.

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WHOA, didn't Romney state in the Boca Raton debate that he majority of his money was from contributions and not his own money!!
He LIED!!. We need to make this viral if we can find the clip!

All of the debates are on YouTube

see if you can find it

Not a lie if you count the whole year. 71% of 1st 3 quarters was

not his money. Go here for #s:


Go President Paul!

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Keep laughing moron!

He has the great business sense to keep on throwing good money after bad! What a great guy! We really need business sense like that in the White House!!!!