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Why you should move to Shanghai to teach English

I am sorry if this is against the rules. I read through them and didnt see anything prohibiting a post like this so if it is against the rules dont banish me, just let me know and i wont do it again.

As some of you already know, I am a New Jersey resident living abroad in Shanghai. Currently my boss is looking for some native English speakers to help teach kindergarten English.

1st let me tell you the #1 reason u should move to Shanghai.

1. The girls. Not only are they 10x hotter than the girls in the US, they all desperately want foreign boys as their boyfriend. If you are Caucasian you will have hot girls staring at you and lusting over you everywhere you go. Getting a girlfriend is as easy as saying hi to one of them.

If you have no social life in America, come to Shanghai and you won't have that problem anymore. You will meet tons of people who want to be your friend or gf without lifting a finger and almost everyone speaks English well enough that you dont have to invest the time to learn Chinese before you come. I still dont know much mandarin and ive been here 2 years.

The other reasons why you should move...

2. The US economy sucks and you cant get a decent job anywhere. You can work part time and make way more than enough money to not only live but travel around China and do just about anything because everything here is so cheap! $2.50 for a full meal at mcdonalds!

3. Exploring new places youve never been and learning a new culture you never experienced.

4. It looks great on your resume to say you worked in Shanghai.

5. This job is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed and have the money you need to pay off all your college debt quickly while still having a ton of fun.

6. They will pay for the airfare.

7. No experience required.

so now if your interested go on your smartphone and get the app "wechat" and add me "wizzletoff". If wechat dont work for you get "qq international" and add me "2912046771". You can talk freely to me through the app using text or voice and ill tell you more about the job.

I pinky promise that my next post will have a more liberty-related topic. =)

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Why White men need to date Asian girls

Why White men need to date Asian girls


You have to give white men credit for one thing,...

we're the only group in America that can be belittled and we still don't give a rat's rear.

One more reason why white men should date Asian women, they're beautiful, inside and out.

Sounds great and all..

but what exactly is good about a meal at McDonalds for $2.50? We haven't set foot in a McDonalds in ten years or more. How about some good examples of real food and maybe some alcohol cost.

Teaching English

I was lucky enough to live and teach English in China for 2 years..... Chongqing.

My experience was great.

Some objections to living in China expressed by some I can say for sure they are legitimate.

First off I had to sign documents stating I would not speak out or protest in any form against the communist party but hey at least I knew where I stood there unlike in the USA where it is a 2 party system.....ROFL!! 2 party system

The people for the most part were more than friendly and may people wanted to talk with me just to practice thier English skills.Also there were some who made me realize that discrimination wasnt just a word but a feeling you have inside because you are different and have no other reason not to like you.

Living was cheap cheap cheap..... I had a 2 bedroom penthouse fully furnished for what amounted to 140 USD with a maid cleaning once a week and every 4th week would wash the walls an windows for an extra 5 bucks a week...100 rmb a month.

Once my reputation for being a decent teacher spread out in the community I was offered private teaching lessons @ 100-150 RMB per hour and also went into the public schools to re enforce the Chinese teachers english lessons thru pronunciation. My youngest student was 2.5 years old my oldest was a doctor in the PLA.

Yes the women were flopping in front of me but I was a gentleman at all times an never stepped out on my wife, I take my promise very seriously even though it was constantly a temptation.

You should really learn some basics of the language so at least u can ask questions and answer some simple ones and be able to speak what you want..... being able to speak "thier" language earns you much face... respect from the locals.

When I can re-aquire my passport I have every intention to go back to China to live out the rest of my life and leave this corrupt country in my rear view.

Games games and even more games, simple songs are what is needed, the parents want to hear thier children speaking English and interacting with you.

What I can say is that June Cleaver indeed does still exist and she is in china as alot of the women hold family values as an utmost priority....that being said there are also tons of gold diggers waiting in the wings to do the exact same thing as these American women do...wanna trap you buyer / dater beware. You dont want the reputation of a womanizer or they will avoid you like the plague.

When the US consulate took my passport my PLA doctor friend talked to some government officials and I was offered sanctuary..... It indeed was a temptation but as my parents are aging I could not bear to not be here if something were to happen to them if accepted I would never be allowed back into the States.

Also know that to many school bosses/ owners you are nothing more that a prestige or status symbol as to thier wealth as they can afford to own an American teacher. Unfortunately you will only know this after it is too late. Best of luck and hope you can find a good boss who will do what they have agreed to because there is no labor board to complain to.

When I go back to China it will not be to teach english it will be to run a business that will capitolize on the wealth of the population and enhance my own as I will be living in the economic center of the world.

Good luck to any who will partake in the endeavor.

Xiao en

Sounds like you had a great time..

especially if you want to leave this particular "corrupt country" and head back to China, which I guess isn't corrupt.

I'm getting a TEFL cert

I'm getting a TEFL cert but don't yet know where I will go. Is homeschooling illegal for foreign visitors there?

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Can I bring my Dog?

She likes Chinese. ;-)

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant


The Chinese might like her :0

Or is that Koreans...

I'm very interested

and would love to hear more about it.

I'd say this is a liberty related post.

Sounds like an awesome option for personal liberty. It's fantastic that a few people here picked up on it. For every comment in support of the idea there's probably a half dozen lurkers picking up on it.

One thought though, the USA and China are heading into economic war and if hot war breaks out...well just keep a suitcase packed.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Sign me up.

I'm a single 31 year old white guy. I loved going to Hong Kong when I was in the navy, I would love to be near there again. Also, I don't have much faith in the future of this country, so something like an Asian getaway seems perfect.

No train to Stockholm.

Teaching English in China

I am in China now, it is my 11th visit here, I have spent time in more than 20 cities here. Anyone considering working temporary in China, for example as English teacher (and I have met many of them, not only young people but even professionals who came here to look for new experience and adventure) should consider several issues:
1) almost every university in China is hiring English teachers, so you do not need to work in a kindergarten or some obscure place - bigger your school, better treatment you will get and it is important for your reputation and your future credentials.
2) salaries may vary but it also depend on a location - e.g. big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing may be more expensive to live (food, transportation, restaurants, etc.). For example, the salary of an English teacher at China Three Gorges University (located on the banks of the Yangtze river near the great dam) is about 6000 RMB = $1000, including a spacious apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen, AC, balcony cable TV etc.
3) climate may be an important factor: Northern parts of China are much cooler even in the summer, while the South is quite hot and humid. You should remember that the schools and universities may not have any heating for the winter (e.g. Yichang, Xian, Guangzhou - no heating, but in Beijing yes).
4) sometimes the employer may offer free Chinese course I and would really recommend taking it. You may find out that being on your own in a Chinese city may be extremely difficult - most of the people do not speak any English and it will be up to you to develop a proper communication skills.
5) there is no problem with healthcare even a dental care, except it may be time consuming (due to long lines). However it is not expensive at all. Maybe a warning - dentists are a bit painful here but you can fix your teeth at a good price without breaking your (Chinese) budget.

Finally, it is important to mention good food. There is no need to cook at home and once you develop your own taste for local food, you can have good meals in restaurants (for about $20 per day) including beers.

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
---Kalu Rinpoche

Go for it!

Everyone should experience life in other countries, and get to know other cultures, make different friends and see new places. Just do it.


A bit outside the norm but a nice post!

With the U.S. is in decline, there seems like no better time to look at all options on the table.

You should seriously consider doing a quick Youtube video. Especially if you get any benefits for referrals to the company you work for. It reassures Daily Paulers it's a legit offer and also could put you on the good graces of your employer for showing the school in a positive light.

As someone stated in a post earlier,going to the other side of the world is a big leap for most Americans. I'm sure a 3-5 minute video would give people an opportunity to see what an average day looks like for you.(i.e morning commute, women, nightlife, classroom, women, food, scenery, women LOL)


why do you eat cat food? o_0

sounds like fun tho. good post.

Don't you need the TESL cert?


TEFL or TESOL are preferred

TEFL or TESOL are preferred but unnecessary

FiresofFreedom's picture

Sounds awesome considering I love asian women-asian culture.

I do have a few questions though. I trust the Chinese government as little as I trust the American government, I understand they probably leave white people alone for the most part as long as you don't get in there way; are there any sort of overbearing regulations in place? What is the story with guns and will I be allowed to have any? Also, do they drive on the opposite side of the road in china, if that's the case I couldn't drive my truck there, huh?

Chinese Regulations

Regulations in China are commonly violated by everybody and it seems nobody bothers to enforce them anywhere. However, you will never know what are those regulations because it is almost certain you will be there totally illiterate so you will be violating these rule as well and nobody will bother you.

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
---Kalu Rinpoche

It is a communist country

It is a communist country yes, but honestly its not any worse than the US. You can wear a Jesus tshirt around in public and no one will care but dont street preach or you will get fined or arrested.

Also i notice officers checking random peoples IDs often in the subway system. No sales tax and everythings cheap.

LOL! Are you joking? Guns

LOL! Are you joking?

Guns in top-down, command and control, brute force China? What, do you think you're going to just hop on an international flight with your guns???

FiresofFreedom's picture

Did I say anything about bringing them on a plane?

I merely asked what there policy was over there, I understand that the Chinese government has relaxed the laws in certain sections of the country to promote business and visitors;I wanted to ask. However, keep going on with your know it all attitude were all really impressed.

Yup, no guns... =(

Yup, no guns... =(


about trees? Haha. Not that I would ever think about teaching a class under the influence of anything, but just curious what that type of situation is like in Shanghai. Or are stimulants more widespread in this area?

China and America have a lot

China and America have a lot in common... both are out to squash your freedoms.


I never understood, how can you teach a if you don't know their native language? If a kid has a question, what do they do?

Well for children you just

Well for children you just play lots of games and have lots of activities. The teaching assistant will translate for you. The older people know enough english you can teach then english with just what they know, usually you have to keep your vocabulary under a 3rd grade level but you get used to it

How does a baby

How does a baby learn?

Immersion, my friend. Ask any immigrant in the US that learns from watching TV.

What you think you know about learning language is wrong, that's why so many Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Brits, and Aussies have trouble learning 2nd languages.

and you might add

that different kinds of stimulation to the young brain
enhance the development of the different parts of the
brain that process those stimuli.

Exposure to a range of smells, sounds, tastes, situations/problems
and such is important to development. In the case of language there
are a couple of areas that process it and it is pretty well established
that those exposed to multiple languages prior to puberty results show
enhanced development of those parts of the brain.

That means the ability to learn languages and other related skills later
in life is enhanced. Also, the onset of dementia from Alzheimer's seems
to be delayed for multilingual compared to monolingual people.

Your #1 reason is lame, and

Your #1 reason is lame, and I'm being nice. You're the reason guys like you are looked at like losers by locals and by folks "in-the-know" back home.

If you're a clean, intelligent, decent, humorous person, trust me on this, you can meet women anywhere in the world. Women especially dig foreign men, just ask any bloke with an Aussie or English accent in the US.

I used to teach English in Japan in the late 90's, and even though I experienced many things you mention, the thing that has helped me out the most in my afterlife was the job experience.

I had to design my own curriculum, teach anyone from kids to executives at Fortune 500 companies, and talk in front of audiences from 1 - 50 people at a time. It was madness sometimes, but I look back at it as a great experience.

What skills did I come away with? Effective whiteboard usage in front of large audiences, public speaking skills, curriculum and course planning, interpersonal skills, and probably the biggest was ego-less communication skills--which many young American males need help with.

So for you to sit here and say, "the job is so easy you can do it with your eyes close," says a lot about your work ethic, character, and maybe what type of school you work for--meaning one day they might decide not to pay you! It happens, trust me.

Believe this, you get what you put in.

Many jobs in the world afford people the ability to slack, exploit, and put in as little as possible... but that doesn't make it good for you. These types of companies are detrimental to your mind and character.

If you're working just for money, you're a whore... and that money that you're working for over there ain't that much after 30, trust me!