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"a well-organized Hispanic militia sacked the small town of Sarita, Texas."

"Sarita, TX has been recognized in the past for its leftist views. Business Insider ranked them “The Most Liberal City In Texas“. Some immigrants are said to have used this to their advantage, crossing the nearby border with the belief that Saritains would not report them to the Border Patrol. This tolerant mentality has proven to be a double edge sword, and one that could served to be their undoing.

Late Thursday night, over two hundred armed La Raza militants stormed the sparely populated town, forcing the original residents out and claiming the abandoned properties as their own. The potential death toll is unknown at this time, though several members of the community are reportedly missing."
- See more at: http://nationalreport.net/illegal-immigrants-forcibly-occupy...

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Show me the Beef

If this is true where is the Texas National Guard? Where is the Governor of TX? Where are the Texas Rangers? Where is Glen Beck with his soccer balls?

Did a little due diligence (one phone call). I called the Corpus Christi TV station at 2:00pm CDT Sunday and they reported that it was a hoax story that they had broadcast on yesterday.


this may be a satire site...


Maybe A Member of La Cha Cha La Raza Wrote This Crap

This guy probably works for Rick Perry...


Low iq post from a low iq

Low iq post from a low iq poster

This is simple invention....


Most dry an humorless hoax piece ever

I would have headlined it with La Raza Overtakes Texas Town, Gives It Back Saying "What A Dump".

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

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Searched "sarita la raza hoax"

This came up: http://www.albuquerqueteaparty.com/home/breaking-news-illega...

Downvoted the post.

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Fake article from satire website

This doesn't belong in war/peace forum, does it?