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We are SPIRITS Having a HUMAN Experience

We are all spirits having a human experience. In the spirit world, we live in spiritual colonies depending on our resonance as similar vibrations seek one another out and form their homelands.

We came here for a physical experience and to learn how to work together.

Also, you see peoples' true self very much here.

There are higher and lower spirits incarnate here. Older and younger souls.

So, looking at everything happening around you... think to yourself, what can you learn from this? How can it help you plan your next incarnation and what do you want your next incarnation to look like? There are also other planets to incarnate on.. of higher and lower density.

Source: "The Spirits Book" verified that nothing in the book contradicts anything Christ taught.

Reincarnation of Elijah as John the Baptist, "He is the Elijah that has come".

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Trust yourself

Makes me think of this.

Back to Sunday school you go

Actually we are told we are going to have bodies again in the final resurrection which suggests we are not just spirits but are indeed both body and spirit.