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Ron Paul in Victoria, TX!!!

I haven't seen anything about this on here, so I'll put it. I've become really frustrated because I hear about these caravans escorting him home when he flies in to Houston, I hear about all these things and wonder, why do I never hear about this? I'm in Houston, I love the guy, I want to be there. Well on Saturday at 3pm, he will be in Victoria, TX as at a rally. I am going to let him know that I am still here for him, that we are not giving up on him while he comes up for some much needed rest before Super Tuesday. I hope any of you in the area will attend. If you need directions, go to meetup.com, the Houston 4 Ron Paul page.

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Bump! Because I will be there!

Big Rally

This is going to be a lot of fun. People from all over Texas are coming to Victoria. I know several from Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Lake Jackson, Galveston, Houston, and Beaumont will be there.

Count on us going to Victoria

We have a large group going to cheer and support Dr. Paul Saturday. I hope there will be more of you going, as the more there, the better and Dr. Paul just loves his supporters. We have to give him a big welcome and cheer him on for Super Tuesday. Hope to see you there!



there are people from...

lake jackson coming

I'm not in Texas

but here's a bump nonetheless.


have to bump my own thing.. can't believe you guys wouldn't be on board to support him