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Sad but true

Well we all know that Dr. Paul's views are vastly superior to those of any of the other candidates. Those who have met him and know his record also know he's an amazing person. But it won't get votes and it won't get media attention.
In the last 20 debates, Dr. Paul has been out there with the same message...over and over. Of course it's the RIGHT message but that's not the way our sound bite culture works.
I think the highlight of last night's debate was when he took Romney and McCain to task for nitpicking over details of the Iraq war. It really separated him from those two loonies and it got everyone's attention.
I believe Dr. Paul needs to go after Romney and McCain specifically in the debates and create some sparks! It will get him more debate time and it's his best shot at keeping his profile in the media. And sad as this is, the country doesnt want someone they see as a "pushover" in the oval office. If he doesnt do something soon, he won't even be invited to future debates.

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But it's being noticed. Even my liberal friend in NYC was watching this with his parents and he told me exactly what we said -- the others were acting like idiots and Ron Paul came out with the only intelligent answers. And I swear I did not coach him!

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middle ground?

Dr. Paul is obviously not a "mud slinger" like McCain and Romney, but people also want "personality" and some fire in their chief executive. Now we all know the kind of man he is from following his campaign so closely, but for the MAJORITY of Americans who get their news from the MSN and make their choices based on op-ed pieces in the paper and from debates, Dr. Paul has got to start standing up for himself. Challenge McCain on economics and his war position, challenge Romney on his flip flops. People will respect it and the media will be hard pressed to ignore it in the "post debate analysis."